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Updated February 26, 2021 - 8:56 PM EST
US Bombs Militia Targets in E. Syria, 22 Killed
  VP Harris & Biden's Press Secretary Slammed Trump's Syria Airstrikes
MbS Approved Khashoggi Murder: US Intel Report
  Biden Speaks With Saudi Arabia's King Salman
  MBS: Why the World May Be Stuck With the 'CEO of Saudi Inc.'
  Recent Drone Attacks on Saudi Capital Were Launched From Iraq
Global Military Spending Record High, US Leads
  US Counterterrorism Ops Touched 85 Countries in Last 3 Years
  United States Counterterrorism Operations, 2018-2020
  31 House Dems Ask Biden to Give Up Sole Power to Launch Nukes
GOP Bill Introduced Against Lifting Iran Sanctions
  Bahrain Discusses US-Iran Talks With Israel's Netanyahu
  Poll: Iranians Support Nuke Deal but No Further Concessions
US Sends Another Warship Through Taiwan Strait
  Japan Could Shoot at Vessels Aiming to Land on Senkaku Islands
  Former Diplomat: 'Fix Our Own Messes Before Competing With Beijing'
Satellite: Israel Expanding Secretive Nuclear Arms Facility
item Biden's Security 'Review' Should Bring Troops Home, Not Extend Forever Wars  by Daniel L. Davis
item American Primacy on the Menu for Big Industry Donors at CNAS  by Brett Heinz
item 'Weapons of Mass Destruction': The Last Refuge of the Global Interventionist  by Ryan McMaken
item Britain's Double Standards in International Affairs  by Brian Cloughley
item Trump Gave Up on Forcing Release of Russiagate Files: Nunes Prober  by Aaron Maté
item Afghans – Not American Troops – Must Fix Afghanistan's Problems  by Ethan Kessler

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Dems Pressure Biden on Saudi War in Yemen
Top Democrat Links Palestinians to Anti-Semitism and Hate Crimes
Newly Elected Jewish Dem Wants Biden to Take Tougher Line on Iran Deal
The War at Home
Troops at US-Mexico Border Could Stay There for Three to Five Years, Report Says
Liberal US Jewish Groups Urge Biden to Reverse Trump Settlement Label Policy
US Military May Sidestep Budget Cuts Backed by Progressives
Defense Head Austin Weighs Warship Needs in Pacific, Mideast
Multiple Agencies Respond to 'Aircraft Incident' at Tyndall Air Force Base
Ex-Air Force Contractor Pleads Guilty to Removing Classified Documents
'Anarchist Jurisdictions' No More: Biden Revokes Trump's Order
Chinese Bombers in Strike Exercises After US Escalation in South China Sea
White House Has Not Made 'Final Decision' on Participation in Olympics in China
China Denies Requiring US Diplomats to Take Anal Swab Tests
Pro-Military Marchers in Myanmar Attack Anti-Coup Protesters
Myanmar Police Raid Protest District as World Bank Halts Some Payments
Follow the Money: Myanmar Coup Puts Pressure on Army Businesses
Clashes in Yangon as Facebook Bans All Myanmar Military Accounts
Ghani Meeting Key Afghan Leaders to 'Form Consensus on Peace'
Kandahar Police Accused of Torture, Sexual Assault
Six Afghan Security Personnel Killed in Herat Car Bomb Attack
Republic Team Hopes Taliban Engagement in Doha Continues
Afghan Father Who Lost 3 Sons in War Calls for Peace
Pakistan/India/Sri Lanka
India, Pakistan Militaries Agree to Stop Cross-Border Firing in Rare Joint Statement
Pakistan Won't Support Taliban: Pakistani General
Pakistan Offers Sri Lanka $50m Credit Line for Defence Purchases
Thousands Rally Behind Armenia's PM After He Accuses Army of Coup Attempt
Protester Jailed in Belarus for 10 Years as UN Warns of 'Human Rights Crisis'
German Man Charged With Passing Bundestag Details to Russia
British Military Equipment Maker, BAE Systems, Net Profit Hit by Covid Turmoil
Honduran President Says US Probe of His Alleged Drug Ties Could Scuttle US Cooperation
Multiple Deaths in Haiti Prison Break, Including Jail Director
Syria Gets Vaccines From 'Friendly Country' After Israel Said to Pay for Doses
US Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem Banned From Reporting by Syrian Militants
Iraq Daily Roundup: 31 Killed; Security Operation in Diyala
In Iraqi Kurdistan, Civilians Count the Cost of Turkey's Fight Against the PKK
Security Forces Kill Kurdish Brothers in Western Iran
Palestinian FM: Israel's Use of Vaccines for International Diplomacy Is Immoral
Israel Suspends Delivery of Vaccines to Other Countries Amid Legal Uncertainty
Israeli Board Advances Controversial $11.5 Million Purchase of West Bank Land
New Report by Israeli NGOs Evaluates Impact of Military Invasions of Palestinian Homes on Families' Mental Health
Gaza Is Open Again, to the South. but for How Long?
PA, Egypt Sign Deal to Develop Natural Gas Field Off Gaza
Hamas Releases 45 Prisoners in Gaza Strip Ahead of Elections
Abbas Said to Veto Israeli Vaccination Station on Temple Mount
United Arab Emirates
Emirati Academic Calls for 'Conditional' End to UAE Block on Qatari Media
UAE: Princess Latifa Asks UK Police to Reopen Case Into Sister Shamsa's Kidnapping
UAE's First Ambassador to Israel to Take Up Post Next Week
UN Sanctions Top Houthi Police Official in Yemen's Capital
Yemen: UN Aid Chief Urges Gulf States to Step Up to Avert 'Man-Made' Famine
Middle East
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Party MPs Targeted in Legal Barrage
UN Chief Extends Lebanon's Hariri Tribunal for Two Years
Amnesty Says Eritrean Troops Killed Hundreds of Ethiopian Civilians in Axum
Hundreds of Buildings Burned Around Tigray Town, Research Group Says
Tigray Official Slams Damage by Troops From 'Neighboring' Country
Hunger-Striking Ethiopia Politicians 'Deteriorating' in Jail
Gunmen Kill 36 in Attacks in Northern Nigeria
Niger: Two Dead, Hundreds Arrested in Post-Election Violence
Burkina Faso Military Kills 11 'Terrorists' in Jihadist-Plagued North
Fourteen Killed at Religious Site in Central African Republic: Amnesty
Libyan PM-Designate to Propose Unified Cabinet Under UN Aegis
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'Leaving Aside' International Law: Why Democrats Are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine

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Imperial America, Which Never Left, Is Back

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Battle Lines Drawn on Ending Yemen War

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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Election Day: One Thing's for Sure, an Interventionist Will Win

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Matt Taibbi on the Origins of the Russiagate Hoax

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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The FBI vs.

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