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Updated March 25, 2021 - 8:47 PM EDT
North Korea Launched Two Ballistic Missiles
Biden Says It Will be 'Hard' To Leave Afghanistan
  US Failed To Collect From Partners in Afghanistan for Military Aircraft
US Army Revamping To Face China, Russia
  US Army Identifies Arctic as Battleground With Russia and China
  US, NATO To Recruit India Into Global Alliance Against China, Russia
US, EU, NATO Take Steps to Unite Against China
  EU-China Deal on Rocks as Sanctions Shake Support in EU Parliament
Report on Yemen Civilian Harm From US Drones
  Saudis Clear Some Ships to Dock at Yemen's Hodeidah Port
Iran Warns IAEA Chief's Comments Damage Process
Iraq Military: 27 ISIS Killed in Two-Week Offensive
item Counting the Costs of the Libyan War Ten Years Later  by Daniel Larison
item A Brief List of Official Russia Claims That Proved to Be Bogus  by Matt Taibbi
item US, NATO Plan to Recruit India Into Alliance Against China and Russia  by Rick Rozoff
item The Return of the Quiet American  by James Carden
item The Native Land of the Hypocrite  by M. Reza Behnam
item Bleak Signs for US-China Restraint in Biden's Washington  by Michael D. Swaine

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Outer Fencing Around Capitol Comes Down
This Is What Happens When ICE Asks Google for Your User Information
US SEC Begins Rollout of Law Aimed at Delisting Chinese Firms
Israeli Election
Netanyahu Vows to Form 'Stable Rightwing' Government (with Kahanists) to Avoid a 5th Election
Israel's Election: Five Scenarios for What Comes Next
Israel's Netanyahu Short for Right-Wing Coalition, Would Need Arab Support
Mansour Abbas, the Islamist Leader Who Could Be Israel's Kingmaker
Palestinian-Israeli Party Now a Potential Kingmaker
Mideast Quartet Discusses Reviving 'Meaningful' Israel, Palestinian Peace Talks
Israel Military Hits 'Hamas Positions' in Gaza
Israeli Police Chase Palestinian Laborer to His Death During Search for Illegal Workers
Israel Lashes UN Human Rights Council Over 'Obsessive and Biased' Resolutions
UK's Boris Johnson Doesn't Rule Out Deploying Troops in Yemen but 'Conditions Would Have to Be Very Different'
Yemeni Muezzin Killed Over Loud Call to Prayer in Taiz
Iraq Daily Roundup: 30 Killed, Mostly Militants
US to Begin Strategic Talks With Iraq, Plan Combat Troop Pullout
'We Do Not Accept Those Children': Yazidis Forbid ISIS Offspring
US Urges Turkey Not to Keep Russian S-400 Air Defense System: State Dept
Purchase of Russian S-400 a 'Done Deal', Turkey Tells US
Turkey Says EU Needs to Stop 'Playing for Time', Take Concrete Steps for Better Ties
Erdogan Says Turkey Wants Region to Become 'Island of Peace'
France's Macron Warns Turkey Against Election Meddling, Renewing Row
Turkey Grants Citizenship to Hundreds of Egyptians Living in Exile
Dubai's Deputy Ruler Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Dies at 75
Russia Has Begun Spaceplane Project, Says Soviet Shuttle Designer
Canada Sanctions Nine Russian Officials, Kremlin Vows Response
Belarus: UN to Probe Torture Allegations During Protest Crackdown
Poland Accuses Belarus of Persecuting Polish Nationals
UK Terrorism Watchdog Defends Journalists' Right to Refuse Police Demands
Thousands Flee as Venezuela Army Fights With Colombian Gangs
Ex-FARC Leader Asks US Congress for Help With Peace Deal
UN Security Council Makes Unified Plea to Haiti: Settle Differences and Hold Elections
Afghanistan Will Stay 'Independent' Despite 'Rumors': Ghani
Extortion Rampant on Kabul-Kandahar Highway
Kabulov: Taliban Delegates in Moscow Insisted on Emirate's Return
ANDSF Fighting Taliban in 20 Provinces: Afghan Commander
China Floats Mideast Initiative, Offers to Host Israeli, Palestinian Officials
China's Foreign Minister Starts Middle East Tour With Iran Deal, Alliances High on Agenda
China Embassy Takes Swipe at 'Fusty' Japan Over South China Sea
Facebook Takes Action Against Chinese Hackers Targeting Uyghurs
Myanmar Junta Frees Hundreds Held for Anti-Coup Protests
Myanmar's Rebel Areas Brace for Thousands Fleeing Unrest
US to Blacklist Myanmar Military Companies After Deadly Crackdown
Myanmar Junta's Civilian Rivals Promise Justice for Rohingya
Biden Administration Will Host Japan and South Korea for North Korea Discussions
Explosion Targeting Police Kills Three in Southwest Pakistan
Thousands of Thai Protesters Demand Monarchy Reform, Release of Jailed Leaders
Gunmen Assassinate ICC-Wanted Commander in Libya's Benghazi
UN Envoy Demands Foreign Fighters and Mercenaries Exit Libya
Eritrean Troops Killed Over 100 Civilians in Ethiopia: Rights Group
'Horrific': MSF Says Ethiopian Troops Executed Four Men in Tigray
Saudi Arabia Making Low-Key Contact With Egypt-Sudan Over Nile Dispute With Ethiopia
Top ISIS Group Leader Killed in Egypt's Sinai
Nigeria, Western Allies Stage Naval Drills in Piracy Hotspot
Armed Groups Attack Mozambique Town Closest to Gas Projects
Congo Republic Election Candidates Say Vote Marred by Fraud
Somali President, Under Pressure to Quit, Gets Backing From Official in Rival Camp
Kenya Orders Closure of Two Somalian Refugee Camps, Gives Ultimatum to UN Agency
US Military
Pentagon Watchdog: Former Navy Auditor Sexually Harassed at Least 12 Female Employees
Pentagon Policy Nominee Colin Kahl Survives Senate Committee Vote
Soldier's Training Death in Korea Was an 'Anomaly,' Army Vice Chief Says
Marine Corps F-35b in Arizona Damaged by Round Discharged From Jet Cannon
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