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Updated April 5, 2021 - 9:31 PM EDT
Iran Calls for Immediate, Full Sanctions Relief
  Israel Finds US Interest in Saving Iran Nuclear Deal 'Very Troubling'
India Joins French-Led Drills in Message to China
  Spratlies, Diaoyu, Bay of Bengal: Storm Brewing in Asia-Pacific?
  US and Japanese Leaders May Put Taiwan Security Center at Meet
Ukraine Tries To Drags US, NATO Into Russia Confrontation
  Georgia: New Caucasus War Could Be in Biden's Unfinished Business
  In Call With Ukraine President, Biden Vows ‘Unwavering’ Support
Afghan President Details Plan Head of Key Peace Talks
item Volunteer Military Too Expensive? or Is Global Intervention Too Expensive?  by Doug Bandow
item The Americanization of British Strategy  by Luke Nicastro
item Former Envoy: Al-Qaeda Leader an 'Asset' to US Syria Strategy  by Matthew Petti
item French African-Adventurism and Wedding-Bombings  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Political Logic of Zionism  by Yanis Iqbal
item State Dept Buries Occupation in Word Salad  by Michael F. Brown

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US Closes Once-Secret Guantanamo Prison Unit, Moves Prisoners
Israel Threatens to 'Stop Everything' if Hamas Wins Parliamentary Elections
Lebanon to Swap Medical Expertise for Iraqi Oil
Pope Knocks Military Spending Amid Pandemic in Easter Message
The War at Home
'Angry' Protesters Show Up at Sen. Bob Menendez's House
Congressman Says He's Consulted With Israel About US Capitol Security
Deadly Marine Accident Demonstrates the Military's Accountability Problem
DoD to Spend $241 Million Reorganizing Its Data for AI
Vandenberg Likely to Host Training Unit for New Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles
US Military Withdrawal From Afghanistan Might Improve China's Security, Analysts Say
US Looks to Build on Secret Portions of Taliban Deal to Reduce Violence
Afghan Peace Council to Assess Views Gathered on US Peace Plan
Afghan VP Danesh: Election 'Key' for Any Proposed Govt Solution
Afghan Helicopter Incident: Alipoor Continues to Evade Arrest; 10 Loyalists Dead in Ops
Afghan Forces Retake Key District in Kandahar: Officials
Three Security Force Members Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Kabul
One Afghan Civilian Killed in Roadside Blast in Balkh
Afghanistan's Last Known Jew Is Leaving for Israel
Myanmar Death Toll Edges Up to 550 as Online Crackdown Tightens
Myanmar Anti-Coup Protesters Stage Easter Egg Demo
Myanmar's Military Has Killed Over 40 Children Since the Coup. Here's One Child's Story.
Myanmar Rebel Groups Back Anti-Coup Protests, Condemn Junta Crackdown
France's Total to Continue Gas Production in Coup-Hit Myanmar
Desperate Myanmar Refugees Flee to Thailand and India to Escape Crisis
Two Australians Freed From House Arrest in Myanmar
China/Hong Kong/Philippines
Philippines Accuses China of Plans to Occupy More South China Sea 'Features'
'Weaponized' Covid Restrictions Stifle Hong Kong's Freedom
Former Hong Kong Monetary Authority Says 'Tiny Changes' in Biden-Era Report Reason for Hope, Sees No Threat of Local Dollar Losing Peg to US Currency
Maoist Insurgents Kill 23 Indian Forces in Ambush
UN Human Rights Officials Write to US Expressing Concern Over Militarization in Guam
Malaysia Is Independent, Says Minister Who Called Chinese Counterpart 'Elder Brother'
South Korea Minister Expects China to Play Role in North Korea Peacemaking
Gunmen Kill Pakistani Anti-Terrorism Court Judge and Family
Scuffles in London as Thousands Join 'Kill the Bill' Rallies Across Britain
'Kill the Bill': More Than 100 Arrests at London Protest
Distribution of 'Misleading Pro-Israel' Textbooks Paused in UK
Northern Ireland
Belfast Protesters Hurl Petrol Bombs in Night of 'Disorder'
Eight N. Ireland Police Injured in Clashes at Belfast Protest
Man Charged With Throwing Petrol Bomb After Unrest in Northern Ireland
5 Women Arrested in S. France Over Suspected Attack Plan
Russia Approves Extending Space Cooperation With US Until 2030
Reporters Targeted at Stuttgart 'Querdenker' Anti-Lockdown Rally
Kosovo MPs Elect Lawyer Vjosa Osmani as President
Protest Parties Surge in Bulgaria Election: Exit Polls
Venezuela to Ask UN for Help in Clearing Land Mines Near Colombian Border
Gang Attack in Haiti Neighborhood Leaves Bodies, Homes Charred
Haiti Women Protesters Denounce Violence, Political Instability
Jordan's Prince Hamzah in New Recording: 'I Will Not Obey'
Israeli Offered to Send Jet to Evacuate Detained Jordan Prince's Family: Reports
Jordan Says Prince Liaised With 'Foreign Parties' Over Plot to Destabilize Country
Jordan's King Sends Tough Message on Dissent in Royal Family
Jordan's Prince Hamzah: 'No One Is Able to Speak'
Jordan: Who Are the People Arrested Over the Alleged Coup Plot?
US, Arab Nations Back Jordan's King Abdullah Amid Security Probe
Jordan's Queen Noor, Mother of Detained Prince, Attacks 'Wicked Slander' of Coup
Jordan: Citizens in the Dark After Alleged Coup Attempt
'We Strongly Stand by Jordan's King Abdullah,' Says Saudi FM
Profile: Who Is Jordan's Prince Hamzah?
Lapid, Bennett Said to Reach Breakthrough on Rotation Deal for Joint Government
IDF Receives New Spy Plane It Says Will Help Gather Intel in Iran, Yemen, Iraq
Israeli Defense Ministry Goes Slow on Arab Weapon Sales
Poll: 48% of Israelis Favor Government With Outside Support From Arab Parties
36 Palestinian Lists Approved to Run in May Legislative Elections
Ra'am's Guiding Charter Backs Palestinian Right of Return, Calls Zionism Racist
Settlers Filmed Pelting Palestinian Man With Stones in West Bank
Jewish Settlers Uproot, Destroy Olive Trees Near Nablus
Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Arrest Palestinian Man Near Jerusalem
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed; Fijian Soldier Dies of Illness
Rockets Hit Near Iraq Base Housing US Trainers, No One Hurt
The 'Odor Is Killing Us': Mosul Residents Decry Festering Bodies Left Under Rubble
UAE Announces $3 Bln Investment in Iraq Following PM Al-Kadhimi Visit
Lives Endangered by Landmines Decades After Iran-Iraq War
Iran Spy TV Show Ignites Controversy for Second Season
Middle East
Syrian Kurdish Forces End Sweep in Camp Housing ISIS Families
Turkey Condemns Warning by Retired Admirals Over Bosphorus Treaty
Ethiopia Says Eritrean Troops Withdrawing From Tigray
'We Want Independence More Than Ever': Inside Tigray's Divisive War
Israeli Intel Officials Met With Haftar's Son to Discuss Candidacy for Libyan Presidency: Report
EU's Michel in Libya to Bolster Interim Government
Explosions in Somalia Kill at Least 15; Army Bases Targeted
Nigeria Plane: Blast in Video of Purported Boko Haram Shootdown Is Fake
Sudan: Russia, US Vie for Military Presence in Port Sudan
'Running to Save My Life': Mozambique Attack Survivors Tell of Horror
Republic of Congo Candidate Who Died on Polling Day Won Vote, Party Says
Egypt Says Latest Round of GERD Talks Are 'Last Chance' Before Second Dam Filling
DR Congo Hosts 'Last Chance' Talks Over Contested Nile Dam
Niger Body Urges Independent Probe Into 'Rapes' by Chadian Troops
Algeria Police Probe Teen Protester's Claim of Sex Abuse
Tunisia, Greece Hold Joint Naval Exercises
Senegal to Open Consulate in Morocco-Controlled Western Sahara
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'Made Possible by Viewers Taxpayers Like You': French African-Adventurism & Wedding-Bombings

Doug Bandow
Is the Volunteer Military Too Expensive? Or Is Global Intervention Too Expensive?

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Kafkaesque Politics: The Missing Lessons From Israel's Latest Elections

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Denuclearization Is a Dead End

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Unhappy 18th Anniversary: How an Unholy Pro-War Lobbying Alliance Pushed America Into the Iraq Quagmire in 2003

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War Erupts Inside the Atlantic Council Over Article Questioning Washington’s Hostile Approach to Moscow

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U(nspeakably) S(adistic) Foreign Policy

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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The FBI vs.

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