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Updated April 6, 2021 - 8:55 PM EDT
Working Groups Created To Find Path to Iran Deal
  Hawks Preview Strategy to Oppose Biden's 'Woke' Iran Policy
Big US-NATO War Games To Confront Russia
  Russia Warns of Military Measures To Counter West's Missile Threats
US Sends Ships Amid Philippines-China Tension
  China Warns US Against Acting 'Superior' to Other Nations
  India Joins French-Led Military Drills in the Bay of Bengal
  Japan Sends Destroyer to Monitor Chinese Vessels Near Okinawa
  Alaskans Hope US-China Talks Helps Rebuild State's Ties to Beijing
Afghan Negotiators Review 25 Different Proposals
  Scores Killed as Afghan, Taliban Forces Continue Offensives
Biden Mum on Yemen Action as War Rages
Pentagon Training Syrian Kurds To Call in Airstrikes
item Washington Has Backed Islamist War Criminals in Syria  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Why Is the Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine to Attack Russia?  by Ron Paul
item In South China Sea, Biden Outdoes Trump in Bluff and Bluster  by Mark J. Valencia
item For What Should We Fight Russia or China?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Need a Quote From an Official Enemy? Do Like the NYT and Make It Up  by Jim Naureckas
item Britain's Nuke Increase Is in Breach of Its NPT Obligations  by Bernhard

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Hunter Biden Says He Wasn't 'Keeping Tabs on Possessions' When Asked About Laptop
US Says Ex-Egypt PM Had Diplomatic Immunity From Torture Lawsuit
Western Sahara Polisario Separatists Demand UN Seat, Slam France, Spain
The War at Home
Tennessee Man Faces 20 Years for Translating ISIS Materials Into English
Lockheed Names New Head of
F-35 Program
VA Suicide Prevention Staff Face Burnout as Workload Rises, Watchdog Warns
Military Deaths by Suicide Jumped 25% at End of 2020
Officials Remove Sea Mine That Washed Ashore in Florida
Sexually Transmitted Infections Increasing in the Military
Eighteen Army Instructors Charged With Sexual Abuse Since 2019, Data Shows
US Army Embarks on Competitive Prototyping Journey for Arctic Vehicle
Navy's Top Officer Says Mysterious 'Drones' That Swarmed Destroyers Remain Unidentified
China Creates Its Own Digital Currency, a First for Major Economy
China Says Carrier Group Exercising Near Taiwan, Drills Will Become Regular
Taiwan Reports New Incursion by Chinese Jets Into Defence Zone
SIGAR: Narcotics Remains a Primary Source of Taliban Income
Afghanistan: World Bank Predicts 1% Economic Growth This Year
Myanmar Ousted Leader Suu Kyi and Four Others Charged Under State Secrets Law
ASEAN Leaders to Meet Over Myanmar, Chair Brunei Says
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Warns ASEAN to Be Alert to External Forces Interfering in Myanmar
Myanmar Protesters Clap to Denounce Junta as Region Focuses on Crisis
Minorities in Myanmar Borderlands Face Fresh Fear Since Coup
Myanmar's Junta Releases 8 of 11 People Arrested After Communicating With CNN
New Figures in Vietnam's Leadership Transition
India Grapples With Rising Maoist Violence, Fuelled by Pandemic
North Korean Workers in Russia Defect to South Korea
Three Brothers Killed by Indonesian Soldiers at Papuan Health Clinic: Army and Witness Accounts Differ
Two Bodies Exhumed From Two Separate New Graves in Libya
Malta to Reopen Libya Embassy, Resume Flights
Nigeria Army Finds Five Kidnapped Students
Hundreds of Prisoners Escape Amid Armed Attack
Mozambique: 'Significant' Number of Fighters Dead in Palma Battle
Mozambique Army Says Town Attacked by Fighters Is Now Secure
Mozambique City Overwhelmed by People Fleeing Islamist Violence
Mozambique Attack Survivors Turned Back by Tanzania: UN
US Navy Carrier Group Transits Suez Canal for First Time Since Container Ship Freed
'No Other Home': Refugees in Kenya Camps Devastated Over Closure
Top Benin Judge Says Flees Country Denouncing Pressure
Algerian Government Withdraws Controversial 'Deprivation of Nationality' Bill
Israeli Election Aftermath
Israel's Rivlin Says He 'Can't Currently See a Way to Form a Coalition'
Netanyahu Secures Most Nominations for Premiership After New Hope Abstains
President's Consultations With Parties End; Netanyahu Picks Up Most Nominations
Netanyahu's Chances Boosted by Sa'ar Recommending No One
On Palestine Children's Day, 140 Minors Held in Israeli Prisons
Palestinian Prisoner Released After 35-Year Sentence Extended Over Unpaid Fine
After Day in Court, Israel's Netanyahu Rails at Prosecutors, Alleging 'Coup Attempt'
Palestinian President Abbas Flies to Germany for Medical Check-Up
Israeli Military Shoots Young Palestinian Man Near Jerusalem
Israeli PM's Favors Were 'Currency', Prosecutor Says as Corruption Trial Starts
Pfizer Suspends Covid-19 Vaccine Shipments After 'Banana Republic' Israel Fails to Pay
Defiant Jordanian Prince Vows He Won't Obey House Arrest Restrictions
Jordan's Prince Hamzah Vows to Disobey 'Keep Silent' Order
Jordan's Prince Hamzah Signs Letter Declaring Loyalty to King
Jordan's Army Chief Heard Warning Hamzah Against Talking to Tribal Leaders
Jordan's King Abdullah Turns to Family Mediation to Mend Rift With Prince Hamzah
What the Arab Media Is Saying About the Jordan 'Coup Plot'
Iran Urges Europe to Lean on US on Lifting Sanctions
Iran Arrests 'Israeli Spy', Others in Touch With Foreign Intelligence: Iranian Media
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed; Fijian Soldier Dies of Illness
Iraqi Protesters Block Entrance to Nassiriya Oil Refinery, Cause Fuel Shortage
Turkey Detains Ex-Admirals Over Statement on Straits Treaty
Turkey's Erdogan Says Statement by Former Admirals Implies Coup
Turkey's Canal Istanbul Dispute Explained
Kurdish Leader Demirtas Answers Questions From Turkish Prison
Forty Dead as Violence Escalates in Sudan's West Darfur Region
US Urges De-Escalation Between Sudan, Ethiopia
US Looks Into Reports of Atrocities in Ethiopia's Tigray Region
Russia Extends Punitive Twitter Slowdown Until Mid-May
Russia to Investigate Reported Killing of Child in Ukraine Attack
Putin Approves Bill Allowing Him To Remain President Until 2036
Judge Accused of Corruption Was Kidnapped and Taken Back to Ukraine, Moldova Says
Northern Ireland
North Ireland Sees 3rd Night of Unrest Amid Post-Brexit Tensions
Several Dozen Jihadists, Including Commander, Killed in Mali: UN
Attack in Mali Killed 4 UN Peacekeepers and 23 Attackers
Mali Paid Ransom for Release of Opposition Leader, Says Intermediary
Venezuela Creates Military Unit on Colombia Border Amid Fighting
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