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Updated April 15, 2021 - 9:36 PM EDT
Intel Walks Back Russia Bounties on Troops Story
  Biden Imposes Wide Array of New Russia Sanctions, Expels Diplomats
  Biden Declares National Emergency: US, NATO Brand Russia a Pariah
  Ukraine, Russia Hold Simultaneous Military Drills
  US Cancels Deployment of Warships to Black Sea
  Leading Ukrainian Official Warns Russia of Possible World War III
Taliban Says Biden's Decision Breaks Doha Pact
  Taliban Promises 'Nightmare' for US Troops
  Biden Announces Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan
  White House Won't Say if Special Forces Will Leave Afghanistan
  Afghan Officials Offer Variety of Responses to US Changing Pullout Date
Iran Leader: US Proposals 'Not Worth Looking At'
  Blinken Calls Iran's Increase in Uranium Enrichment 'Provocative'
US Claims Yemen Not Under Saudi Blockade
China Warns of Military Action Against Taiwan
Belarus Commander Warns of NATO Build-Up Near Borders
PKK: Group on Terror List Details US Military Meeting
item The Hawks Who Want War With Iran Are Working Overtime  by Ariel Gold & Medea Benjamin
item Joe Biden Reaffirms Washington's Message to the World: Never, Ever Trust Us  by Thomas Knapp
item Israel Adopts 'Controlled Escalation' Policy for Iran  by Ben Caspit
item Biden and Blinken Blink on Ukraine  by Ray McGovern
item Why Foreign Policy Restraint Has to Be Part of GOP's Realignment  by Arthur Bloom
item Why Is Military Surplus Still Pouring Into US Communities?  by Molly Davis

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UK Peers Block Govt Bid to Restrict War Crimes Prosecutions of Soldiers
CIA Head Says Afghanistan Withdrawal 'Will Diminish' US Intelligence Efforts
US Envoy Presses Lebanon Leaders to Form Govt
China's Li Tells US Firms There's Room To Cooperate, Despite Frosty Ties
US Says Indirect Nuclear Talks With Iran to Resume on Thursday
Watchdog Says Iran Has Almost Completed Preparations for 60% Uranium Enrichment
Democratic Senators Endorse Efforts to Revive Iran Deal
Saudi Arabia Says Concerned About Iran Uranium Enrichment
Biden Urged by Lawmakers to Pressure Saudi Arabia Into Ending Yemen Blockade
Hunger-Striking US Activists Demand End to Yemen Blockade
United Arab Emirates
'Enables UAE's Reckless Conduct': Antiwar Advocates Slam $23bn US Arms Sale
US Lawmakers to 'Review' UAE Arms Sale After Biden Opts to Go Ahead
Trump-Era Spike in Israeli Settlement Growth Has Only Begun
KKL-JNF Board Members: Move to Buy West Bank Land Illegal, Must Be Halted
UN Highlights Rise in Israeli Settler Attacks on Palestinians
'Palestinians Must Be Protected': UN Warns of Rise in Israeli Settler Attacks
Israeli Press Review: Israel 'Playing With Fire' in Escalation With Iran
Hamas Calls for International Intervention to Stop Israeli Detention of Election Candidates
Palestinian Authority Slams UK's 'Subversion of Global Order' After Johnson Opposes ICC Probe
On First Day of Ramadan, Israeli Forces Attack Worshipers at Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israel Said to Muzzle Al-Aqsa Muezzin as Memorial Day Observed at Western Wall
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed Including Turkish Soldier
Turkish Soldier Killed, Child Wounded in Rocket Attack in Iraq
Explosives-Laden Drone Targets US Forces at Iraq's Erbil Airport
Turkish Soldiers Kill, Hurt Dozens of Sheep in Syria, Claims Owner
Turkey Fines Google for Abusing Dominant Position
Turkish Writer Ahmet Altan Released From Prison: Lawyer
Suspects in Destabilization Plot to Stand Trial in Security Court
Woman Given Prison Sentence for Saying 'My Father Is Better Than the King'
Somalia's President Signs Law Extending His Term, 15 Killed in Attack
Five Things to Know About Somalia's Political Turmoil
Egypt Releases Two Journalists After International Outcry
Egypt Seizes Megaship That Blocked Suez Canal, Demands Nearly $1b Compensation
The War at Home
Sept. 11 Victims Call for Release of FBI Report Detailing Saudi Arabia's Involvement in Attacks
Temporary White House Fence Starts to Come Down
Biden Nominates Longtime Expert as Nuclear Warhead Chief
FBI Got Australian Firm to Hack San Bernardino Terrorist's iPhone After Privacy Standoff With Apple
Senior Former US Officials Arrive in Taiwan
Risk of China-Turkey Tension as Beijing Protests Against Refusal to Extradite Xinjiang Accused
China Hesitant Over J-10C Barter Deal With Cash-Strapped Iran: Experts
Taiwan Says Its Chip Firms Will Adhere to New US Rules Blacklisting China Supercomputing Entities
France, India, and Australia Step Up Quad-Style Cooperation, With China on the Horizon
Philippines Files New Diplomatic Protests Over Chinese Boats in Disputed Waters
Japan Seeks German Help to Counter China's Clout in Indo-Pacific
India, Pakistan Held Secret Talks to Try to Break Kashmir Impasse
Pakistan 'To Ban' Far-Right Religious Party After Violent Protest
Pakistan to Outlaw Violent Islamist Group That Rails on Blasphemy
NATO Withdrawal From Afghanistan Likely in September: German Minister
South Korea Aims to Fight Japan's Fukushima Decision at Tribunal
Sri Lanka Bans Muslim Groups Before Easter Attacks Anniversary
'Bloody Paint Strike' in Myanmar as Doctors Charged Over Protests
Greece FM Dendias to Visit Turkey Amid Mediterranean Crisis
Greece, Libya to Hold Talks Over Maritime Border Demarcation
UK to Respond to EU Legal Action Over Northern Ireland by Mid-May
Russian Police Raid Student Magazine, Detain Four Journalists for Protest Violations
Italy's Senate Votes to Give Citizenship to Jailed Egyptian Activist Patrick Zaki
Germany Backs 3 Billion Euro Contract for Euro Military Drone
Sudan Invites Ethiopia, Egypt to Nile Dam Summit
Locals Trapped Inside as Bodies Lie in Streets After Darfur Violence
Eritrean Troops Open Fire in Tigray's Adwa, Kill Three Civilians: Rights Group
Libyan Army Accuses Egypt of Sending Weapons to Haftar 'Disguised as Aid'
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