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Updated April 20, 2021 - 9:31 PM EDT
Iran: Vienna Talks 'On Right Track'
  Iran's Uranium Enrichment Doesn't Get Them Close to Making a Bomb
  Israel's Cabinet Concerned US Wants an Iran Deal 'At All Costs'
  Iran Says It Welcomes Dialogue With Saudis After Reports of Talks
EU to Boost Indo-Pacific Presence to Counter China
  China Reacts After US Pledges To Defend Japan With Nukes
  Philippines' Duterte Would Send Navy to Assert S. China Sea Claims
Iraq PM: Progress Made on US Troop Pullout
EU Walks Back Claim of 150K Russian Troops Near Ukraine
Russia: 200 Militants Killed in Airstrikes in Eastern Syria
Blinken: US Can 'Take Action' in Afghanistan After Pullout
Pentagon Adds Africa to Battleground With China, Russia
item The US Lacks Options To Respond if Russia Calls Washington's Ukraine Bluff  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Why Can't We 'Just March Out' of Afghanistan?  by Ron Paul
item Lloyd Austin Awarded Over $2.3 Billion to Raytheon, His Former Employer  by Jeremy Kuzmarov
item America's Intel Vampires Can't See Themselves in the Mirror  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item A Biden-Putin Summit: Jaw-Jaw Is Better Than War-War  by Thomas Knapp
item A Hawkish New Anti-Iranian Group Is Gaining Influence  by Bryan Metzger

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Brian Sicknick Died of Natural Causes After Capitol Riot, Medical Examiner Rules
Biden Won't Bring on Board Controversial Russia Expert
Gaza Records Highest Number of Covid-19 Deaths
Rwanda Report: France 'Enabled' the 1994 Genocide
Fatah, PLO: No Elections Without Jerusalem
After Defeat in Key Vote, Likud Whip Concedes Netanyahu Won't Form Government
Palestinian Electoral Authorities Identify Voting Centers in East Jerusalem but Still Waiting for Israeli Approval
Palestinians Attacked in Jaffa After Uproar Over Israeli Plans to Seize Properties
Palestinians Receive 72,000 Astrazeneca Doses to Boost Stuttering Vaccine Drive
Palestinian President Abbas Raises Alarm Over 'Apartheid' at J Street, Calls for Lobbying Support
Rights Group Urges Bahrain to Free All Prisoners of of Conscience Due to Covid-19 Risks
Bahrain Airline to Begin Direct Flights to and From Israel in June
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Security Members Killed
Iran, IAEA Start Talks on Unexplained Uranium Traces
Saudi Activist Loujain Al-Hathloul Awarded Top European Human Rights Prize
Calls for Boycott as UAE Launches First Exhibition With Israeli Artists
Russia & Neighbors
US Ambassador in Moscow Heads Home for Consultations
US, Russia Security Advisers Discuss Presidential Summit Prospects: White House
Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts US, Norwegian Patrol Aircraft Over Barents Sea: Report
US Warns Airlines on Flights Near Ukraine-Russian Border
EU Condemns Russian Decision to Evict 20 Czech Diplomats
Czech, Russian Envoys Fly Home Amid Depot Explosion Dispute
US Re-Imposes Belarus Sanctions for Human Rights Violations
Georgia Ruling Party, Opposition Sign EU-Brokered Deal
Albanian Man With Knife Wounds Five at Mosque in Tirana
Greece FM in Egypt for Eastern Mediterranean Talks Amid Cairo-Ankara 'Normalization'
France to Hold 'National Consultation' to Define Secularism After Accusations of Islamophobia
Chad Military Says It Killed 300 Rebels After Attempted Incursion
Chad's Deby Wins Sixth Term as Army Fends Off Rebel Advance
18 Killed in Clashes Between Ethiopia's Oromo, Amhara Groups
Amid Violence, Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency in Amhara
ISIS-Linked Group in Egypt Claims Execution of Copt, 2 Tribesmen
TV Series Sparks Anger Over 'Rewriting' 2013 Rabaa Massacre
Egyptian Journalist 'Disappears' on Return to Cairo After Being Deported From Jordan
The War at Home
Facebook Shuts Down Page of Academic Program Sponsoring Palestinian Event
Apple Letting Parler Back on App Store Before Anti-Trust Hearing
Trump Backs Afghanistan Withdrawal, Breaking With GOP Allies
US State Dept Will Issue 'Level 4: Do Not Travel' Advisory for 80% of Countries Due to Covid
Guantanamo Detainees Eligible for Covid-19 Vaccine
Study of 400,000 Female Vets Links PTSD to Heart Disease
US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Bolster Cybersecurity Cooperation With Israel
For Soldier Convicted of Multiple Rapes, Army Will Review 2017 Decision Not to Prosecute Him
China Says It Has No Plans to Replace Dollar With Digital Yuan
Taiwan Says Seeking Long-Range Cruise Missiles From US
New Zealand Says Will Set China Policy, Not US-Led Five Eyes
China Deploys Long-Range Rocket Launcher 'As Deterrent to India'
China's Former Trade Chief Pushes for US to Join Mega Asia-Pacific Deal
Outcry in Myanmar as Military Airs Images of 'Tortured' Detainees
Local Uprisings Emerge to Challenge Myanmar's Army
Myanmar Junta Cracks Down on Celebrations of New Shadow Govt
EU Sanctions 10 Myanmar Junta Officials
Japan Asks Myanmar Junta to Release Arrested Journalist
Afghanistan Meetings Held in Qatar as Istanbul Summit Approaches
US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Discussed at Ghani-Led Cabinet Meeting
Afghan MPs: UN Should Pressure Taliban to Attend Peace Summit
Efforts Underway to Downsize Afghan Govt Institutions
Pakistan Urges Taliban to Stay Engaged in Afghan Peace Process
Air Corridors' Closure Affects Afghan Carpet Exports
Pakistan: TLP Protesters Free Abducted Policemen After Violence
Two Unidentified Militants Killed in Kashmir
Bangladesh Cracks Down on Islamist Group After Anti-Modi Protests
Four Barksdale-Based B-52s Arrive on Guam for Bomber Task Force Mission
Amnesty: 'Alarming Crackdown' on Rights Defenders in Republic of Congo
Dozens Killed in Central Mali Jihadist-Hunter Clashes
Force Majeure Declared at Libya's Marsa El-Hariga Port
Sudan Officially Annuls 63-Year Israel Boycott Law
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
America's Intel Vampires Can't See Themselves in the Mirror: DNI's Hypocritical and Self-Awareness-Absent Annual Threat Assessment

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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