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Updated April 21, 2021 - 9:39 PM EDT
War in Afghanistan Has Cost Over $2.26 Trillion
  CentCom: 'Harder' to Bomb Afghanistan After Pullout, 'Not Impossible'
Rouhani: 60-70% of Issues Resolved in Iran Talks
  Report: Israel Backing Down on Some Iran Nuclear Deal Demands
  Iran's Uranium Enrichment Doesn't Get Them Close to Making a Bomb
US and Russia: No Ambassadors in Place
  Kremlin Accuses Western Powers of 'Anti-Russian Psychosis'
  EU Walks Back Claim of 150,000 Russian Troops Near Ukraine Border
  Several Dozen US Fighter Jets Land in Poland for Air Combat Drills
China's Xi Warns Against 'Unilateralism'
  Taiwan to Raise 'Temple Militia' of Holy Villagers to Fight Off China
Battle for Yemen's Maarib Derailing US Peace Efforts
item US Should Reject Ukrainian Nuclear Blackmail  by Doug Bandow
item Balance of Power in the Black Sea: Will Montreux Convention Prevail?  by Brian Kalman
item Biden's Afghanistan Exit Will Strengthen, Not Weaken, US National Security  by William Ruger
item Israeli Sabotage of the Nuclear Deal Fails Again  by Daniel Larison
item Biden's Drone Wars
 by Brian Terrell
item The Media Lied Repeatedly About Officer Sicknick's Death  by Glenn Greenwald

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House Condemns China's Government for Hong Kong Rights Violations
US Bombers Could Go Back on Alert if ICBMs Are Curtailed, Top General Says
WaPo Quietly Acknowledges Op-Ed Author's Defense Industry Ties
US Donates $10m in Anti-Tank Weapons to Lithuania
The War at Home
Pro-Israel US Lawmakers Propose Bill to Strengthen US Ties With Israel
Sens. Sanders, Warren Call for 'Restricting' US Aid to Israel at J Street Confab
Daily Mail Owner Files Antitrust Suit Against Google Over Digital Ad Market Power
Senate Confirms Biden's Nominee for No. 2 Official at DoJ
Congress, Not Courts, Should Decide the Future of the Military Draft, Says Justice Department Says
US Military
US Military Nudges European Allies on Countering Small Drones
US Army Bracing for Budget Hit Next Year
Fort Bragg Paratrooper Killed in Training Accident
Two Injured in Army Helicopter Training Crash at Fort Rucker
Joe Biden Set to Approve First Arms Sale to Taiwan Amid China Threat
Europe 'Doesn't Want to See a New Cold War Between China and US'
China Rejects Accusations of Abuses in Xinjiang
China Conducts Aerial Bombing Drill After US-Japan Statement on Taiwan
Report: Human and Budgetary Costs to Date of the US War in Afghanistan, 2001-2021
Turkey Says Afghan Peace Talks in Istanbul Postponed to After Ramadan
Afghan Govt: Republic's Negotiating Team Ready for Istanbul Talks
Afghanistan's Ghani Urges National Unity to Overcome Challenges
Eight Afghan Police Officers Killed in Badakhshan: Official Sources
Two Public Uprising Force Members Killed in Taliban Attack in Herat
Afghanistan Provincial Council Chief Wounded in Zabul Blast
Blast Targets Afghan Intelligence Convoy in Kabul: Source
Pakistan PM Khan Battles Fallout in France Blasphemy Row
Pakistan's Parliament Debates French Envoy's Expulsion
Prominent Pakistani Journalist Absar Alam Shot and Wounded
Duterte 'Not Interested' in Confronting China on Fishing Rights
China Secretly Sends Food Aid to North Korea by Rail
EU Sanctions Myanmar Generals as UN Urges ASEAN Action
Japan's First Global Hawk Drone Completes Maiden Flight
Ukraine's Zelensky to Putin: Meet Me for Peace Talks in Conflict Zone
EU Not Ready for Russian Sanctions but Ukraine to Insist, Ukraine Minister Says
Czech Republic Asks EU, NATO Allies to Expel Russian Diplomats
Belarus Decries Sanctions US Reimposed on Nine State Companies
Northern Irish Police Suspect New IRA Planted Bomb in Officer's Car
Son of Chad's President Will Govern After Idriss Deby Dies
Rebels Vow to Take Capital After Chadian President Killed
N'Djamena 'On Edge' as Residents Stunned by Deby's Death
World Reacts to Death of Chad President Idriss Deby
Death Toll From Clashes Between Ethiopian Amhara, Oromo Groups Rises to 50: Residents
40,000 Displaced in North Mozambique After Assault on Palma
DR Congo Seeks Over $4bn in Reparations From Uganda at ICJ
Tunisia President Kais Saied Planning 'Soft Coup' After Claiming Security Control: Political Party
Israel's Netanyahu Gives Up on Forming a Government
Israel's Netanyahu Admits Ra'am-Backed Government Not an Option, Urges Direct Vote for PM
Abbas Adviser: Palestinian Elections 'Very Likely' to Be Postponed
Palestinians Say Most in East Jerusalem Can Vote, Regardless of Israeli Approval
Israeli Army Starts Military Exercises Along Jordan Border
Gantz Warns Hezbollah of 'Heavy Consequences' if It Threatens Israel
Israeli Soldiers Fire at Palestinian Farmers in Gaza
Israeli Forces Demolish Al-Araqeeb Village for 186th Time
Israeli Police Scuffle With Protesters in Arab Neighborhood
Saudi Arabia
Greece Signs Deal to Provide Saudi Arabia With Patriot Air Defense System
Saudi-Led Coalition Says It Intercepts Houthi Drone
US Sanctions 'Disrupts Google Services' in Syria
First Woman Ever Applies to Run for President of Syria
Chemical Weapons Watchdog Weighs Syria Sanctions
Turkey Summons Swedish Envoy Over Contacts With Syrian Kurds
Turkey to Re-Establish Egypt Friendship Group in Parliament
Turkey Still Opposes Egypt Labeling Muslim Brotherhood 'Terrorists'
Turkey Says Any US Recognition of Armenian 'Genocide' Would Further Harm Ties
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
Top Iran Official: Power Fully Restored at Natanz, Enrichment Renewed
Yemen Launches Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign
UN Experts Demand Release of Dubai's Princess Latifa
Bahrain: Detainees Isolated After Crackdown on Protests in Jail
UK to Remove Provision Shielding Troops From War Crime Charges in New Bill
Tensions Grow Between Protesters and Scandal-Hit Police
Mexico Keeps Some Border Crossing Curbs for Another Month
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