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Updated April 22, 2021 - 8:58 PM EDT
Montana Votes Against Unconstitutional Wars
Story Alleging Russian 'Energy' Attacks Debunked
  Russian Troops Return to Bases After Drills End
  Ukrainian President Ready for War, Calls Up Reservists
  StratCom Chief Calls for Nuke Upgrade Aimed at China, Russia
US and Israel at Odds Over Iran Talks
  US and Iran Negotiating What Sanctions Need to Be Lifted
  Pompeo Joins House Republicans to Unveil Iran Sanctions Bill
US Keeping Close Eye on Chinese Military
  PM Suga: Japan Troops Won't Get Involved if China Invades Taiwan
  Senate Committee Moves Forward Sweeping Anti-China Legislation
Afghan Summit Postponed Over Taliban No-Show
  Germany: NATO Troops Could Be Out of Afghanistan by July 4
US Ambassador to Belarus Meets Exiled Opposition Leader
Seoul: Declaration Ending Korean War Under US Review
Israel Bombs Syria After Missile Landed Near Nuclear Site
US Yemen Envoy 'Doesn't Know' if US Supports Saudi Ops
item We Don't Need a New Cold War With China  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item A Declassified Case Against Torture  by Matthew Petti
item A Palestinian Prayer for Ramadan: May the Voices of the Oppressed Be Heard  by Ramzy Baroud
item Putin Isn't Bluffing on Ukraine  by Ray McGovern
item How to Avoid WWIII
 by Edward Lozansky
item Every Dollar of Aid to Israel Breaks This US Law  by Brian McGlinchey

More Viewpoints

US Postal Service Running a 'Covert Program' To Monitor Americans' Social Media
Groups Call on Biden to Offer Iran Coronavirus Relief
Facebook Says Palestinian Intelligence Agency Used Platform to Spy on Citizens
German Government Agrees to Expand Military Mission in Mali
Netanyahu Mulls Direct Vote for Israeli PM to Solve 2-Year Deadlock
Israeli Forces Detain Six Palestinians, Including Journalist, in West Bank
Israel Supreme Court Rejects Appeal by Palestinians to Establish School
Big Blast at Rocket Factory Jolts Central Israel in 'Controlled Test'
Israeli, UAE Fighter Jets Fly Together in Large International Exercise in Greece
Israel, Morocco Meet to Strengthen Ties and Cooperation
Israel's Netanyahu Meets UK Minister Amid Plans to Form Travel Corridor for Vaccinated
Syrian President Assad to Run for Re-Election in May
First Woman Ever Applies to Run for President of Syria
Clashes Between Kurdish, Government Forces Kill 1 in Syria
Covid-19 Vaccine: Syria's Idlib Receives Its First Batch
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed in Attacks
Second Round of Saudi-Iran Talks Planned This Month: Sources
Russia's Foreign Ministry Summons Deputy Head of US Embassy
Hundreds Arrested as Russia Cracks Down on Navalny Supporters
Ukraine Security Service Says It Has Detained 60 Pro-Russian Protesters
Czech Police Detain Five Suspected of Links to Pro-Russian Forces in Ukraine
Prague Gives Moscow Ultimatum to Let Czech Diplomats Return
German DM Continues to Campaign for Armed Drones
Clashes Erupt as Parliament Votes on Covid Rules
German Woman Convicted Over Her Time With ISIS in Syria
UK Pressing Ahead With Bill to Protect Soldiers From War Crimes Charges
Albania Shooting Leaves One Dead, Four Injured Before Election
Slain Chad Leader Deby's Son Named 'President of the Republic'
Chad Rebels Threaten to Depose Slain President's Son
Chad in Turmoil After Deby Death as Rebels, Opposition Challenge Military
Kidnappers Abduct Unknown Number of Nigerian University Students
GERD: Sudan Talks Tough With Ethiopia Over River Nile Dam
Mali Soldiers 'Killed, Mistreated, Disappeared' Dozens of People: HRW
Ivorian Soldier Injured in Attack on Military Camp
Egypt PM Visits Tripoli as Relations Warm
The War at Home
House Passes Bill Limiting Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Over Khashoggi Killing
Panel Recommends That US Officials Not Go to China's Olympics
Patreon Follows US Treasury Edict, Bans Southfront
Senate Panel Advances Bill to Aid Ukraine, Pressure Nord Stream 2
F-35 Cockpit Upgrade Has $444 Million Cost Overrun
General: Small Drones Dent US Air Superiority
Senate Confirms Admiral to Lead US Forces in Indo-Pacific
Air Force Two-Star General to Face Court-Martial on Sexual Assault Charge
Chinese Firm Claims New Stealth Drone May Rival USAF B-21 Raider
China's Xi to Participate in Biden's Climate Summit
Australia Cancels Belt and Road Deals; China Warns of Further Damage to Ties
De-Coupling From China Would Be the Wrong Way to Go, Germany Warns
US Commanders Seek Approval for Aircraft Carrier Near Afghanistan During Withdrawal
Biden Administration Seeking $300 Million in Aid to Afghanistan
Police: Three Children Ages 4 to 7 Beheaded in Afghan Capital
Nine People Wounded in Kabul Car Bomb Attack
UN Envoy to Hold 'Sideline' Meetings Ahead of ASEAN Summit on Myanmar
Myanmar Military Says Junta Leader to Join ASEAN Summit: Nikkei Asia
'Nearly 250,000 People Displaced' in Myanmar Military Crackdown
US Targets State-Owned Myanmar Timber, Pearl Businesses With New Sanctions
South Korea
South Korea Muscles in on Global Arms Trade
South Korea Court Rejects Sexual Slavery Claim Against Japan
Indonesian Military Says Submarine Missing With 53 on Board
Further Evidence in Case Against Indian Activists Accused of Terrorism Was Planted, New Report Says
Ethiopia Rights Commission Said Armed Group Has 'Taken Control' of County
'A Tigrayan Womb Should Never Give Birth': Rape in Tigray
Gang Attack in Haiti Neighborhood Leaves Bodies, Homes Charred
Haiti Catholic Institutions Close in Protest for Nine Kidnapped
Mexico Cartel Attacks Police With Exploding Drones; Wounds Two
Guatemala Prosecutors Pursue Ex-President Jimmy Morales
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Ramzy Baroud
A Palestinian Prayer for Ramadan: May the Voices of the Oppressed Be Heard

Ray McGovern
Putin Isn't Bluffing on Ukraine

Doug Bandow
US Should Reject Ukrainian Nuclear Blackmail

Daniel Larison
Israeli Sabotage of the Nuclear Deal Fails Again

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
America's Intel Vampires Can't See Themselves in the Mirror: DNI's Hypocritical and Self-Awareness-Absent Annual Threat Assessment

Ted Galen Carpenter
The US Lacks Options if Russia Calls Washington's Ukraine Bluff

Ted Snider
When Israel Leaves its Calling Card

Rick Rozoff
Secretary of State Blinken Throws Down the Gauntlet to China and Russia… Again

Dave DeCamp
War Erupts Inside the Atlantic Council Over Article Questioning Washington’s Hostile Approach to Moscow

Sheldon Richman
U(nspeakably) S(adistic) Foreign Policy

Scott Horton
How's the War on Terrorism Going?

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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