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Updated May 3, 2021 - 8:54 PM EDT
US, Taliban in Talks Over Full Withdrawal by July
  Taliban Warns It Will Now Attack US Troops
  'Al-Qaeda' Threatens to Continue War, But Barely Exists in Afghanistan
  Over 100 Killed in Weekend Afghan Fighting, 30 Troops Missing
Biden Tells Mossad US Not Close to Iran Deal
  Iran Says Based on Agreements, Sanctions on Oil, Banks To Be Lifted
  NATO's SE Spearhead: Turkey Signals Proxy Conflict With Iran
US Ends Visa Services for Most Russians
  DIA Chief: Russia Is Existential Threat From North to South
Biden Won't Reverse Trump's W. Sahara Move
As Yemen's Famine Worsens, Biden Does Nothing
North Korea Warns of 'Grave Situation' After Biden Remarks
item Washington War Party Creates Another Organization To Promote Endless Wars  by Doug Bandow
item New Cover for US Intel Interference in Domestic Politics  by Scott Ritter
item Fateful Choice: Nuclear Arms Race or Nuclear Weapons-Free World  by Lawrence Wittner
item 'Abraham Accords' Discredit the US  by Grant Smith
item As Yemen's Famine Worsens, Biden Does Nothing  by Chris Gelardi
item In 2021, Draft Registration Could Be Ended... or Doubled  by Brian McGlinchey

More Viewpoints

NYT, WaPo, NBC Retract Reports About Giuliani's Contact With FBI
Divert Weapons Money to Pandemic Research, Pope Says at Prayer Marathon
UN Urges for New Palestinian Election Date
Yemen's Rival Sides Exchange 18 War Prisoners
The War at Home
Trucks Get Parked Over Air Force Nuclear Missile Silos During Tests... Just in Case
Judge Rules Columbus Police Can't Use Tear Gas or Rubber Bullets Against Peaceful Protesters
Mobile Nuclear Reactors? Scathing Report Slams 'Disturbing' Military Program
Biden Faces Legal, Political Complications in Mandating Coronavirus Vaccine for Troops
Israeli Authorities Ban West Bank Palestinians From Al-Aqsa Mosque (video)
Israeli Forces Assault Protesters Demonstrating Against Imminent Evictions in Sheikh Jarrah (video)
Israeli Court Postpones Eviction of Palestinians From Sheikh Jarrah Until Thursday
What Is Happening in Occupied East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah?
Soldiers Shoot Two Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum
IDF: Female Soldiers Were Attacked by Haredim When Assisting at Meron Disaster
Palestinian Woman Tries to Stab Soldiers in West Bank, Is Shot Dead: IDF
Gunmen Attack Opposition Palestinian Candidate's Home After Election Delay
Three Israelis Wounded in West Bank Drive-By Shooting
Washington Disputes US-Iranian Prisoner Swap Reports
Iran's Khamenei Reprimands Foreign Minister Over Leaked Audiotape
Iran's Zarif Asks for 'Forgiveness' From Soleimani Family Following Audio Leak
Iraq Daily Roundup: 22 Killed, Mostly Security Members
Two Rockets Target Baghdad Airport Base Housing US Troops
Covid-19: Iraq's Doctors Struggle Against Vaccine Fears as Cases Hit New Highs
Iraqi Police Questioned After 21 Prisoners Escape Jail
Turkish Police Say Top ISIS Figure Captured in Operation
Turkey Detains Over 200 After May Day Rallies Defy Covid-19 Lockdown
Turkey: Crypto Firms Added to Money Laundering and Terror Financing Rules
Middle East
Saudi Air Defenses Intercept Houthi Explosive Drone Targeting Southern Saudi Arabia
Syria: Amnesty Announced Ahead of Presidential Elections
Sudan Implies It Could Take Control of Contentious Ethiopia Dam
Discovery of Unidentified Bodies in Morgue Raises Questions Over Secret Killings
More Than 350 People Were Arrested After Clashing With Police During May Day Protests in Germany
Over 90 German Police Injured in May Day Riots
EU Aims to Cut Foreign Reliance on Chips, Pharma Materials
Petrol Bombs, Police Patrols as Northern Ireland 'Celebrates' 100th Year
Brussels Police Arrest 132 in Crackdown on Anti-Lockdown Party
Bulgaria Faces Fresh Vote as Socialists Refuse to Form Government
Hundreds Protest Virus Measures in Finland, Sweden
Foreign Forces Have Started Withdrawal: Afghan Gen. Zia
Death Toll in Afghan Suicide Bombing Rises to 26, 110 Injured
Pakistan, US, Russia, China Ask Taliban to Ensure Afghan Soil Not Used for Terror Attacks
Afghan Leaders Must Be United in Peace Talks: Abdullah
Three Police Officers Killed in Taliban Attack in Zabul
Major Fire Breaks Out at Fuel Station North of Kabul
Shandong Aircraft Carrier Group Concludes South China Sea Exercise
Japan Is Rethinking How to Use Its Tanks to Prepare for a Potential Clash With China
China's Military Commanders Come Under Attack for Outdated Training
China Makes 'World's Largest Satellite Image Database' to Train AI Better
Security Forces Open Fire on Protesters in Myanmar, Killing 8
Myanmar Protesters March; UN Warns of 'Standstill'
Bomb Blasts, Protests as Myanmar Enters Fourth Month Under Coup
Thousands Rally Against Myanmar Junta, Calling for 'Spring Revolution'
Rebel Group Calls for Unity Among Ethnic Fighters in Myanmar's East
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Agree New Ceasefire After Border Clashes
Kyrgyzstan Says Ceasefire With Tajikistan Holding After Clashes
India: Modi's Ruling BJP Loses Crucial West Bengal State Election
Pakistan PM Invites Opposition to Discuss Electoral Reforms
Philippines Vows to Continue Maritime Exercises in South China Sea
Ethiopia to Designate TPLF, OLF-Shene as 'Terror' Groups
Pandemic and War Hit Tourism in Lalibela, Holy Ethiopian Site
Chadian Security Forces Fire Upon Protesters in Southern Town
Chad's Military Names New Government but Opposition Still Unimpressed
Chad Military Council Lifts Curfew Imposed After Deby Death
Libyan Army Arrest Chadian Arm Smugglers

Mourners Hold Protester Funerals in Chad's Tense Capital

Attackers Kill 16 Soldiers in Southwest Niger

Nigeria Student Kidnapper Killed in Clash With Rival Gang

Rape and Torture of Egypt Detainee Prompts International Outrage
DR Congo Muslim Cleric Sheikh Ali Amini Killed in Mosque
Algerian President Seeks to Calm Mounting Public Anger
Journalist Attacked by Kenyan Police at Protest in Nairobi
Somali Lawmakers Vote for Country to Hold Indirect Elections
Colombians Keep Protesting Even After Unpopular Tax Plan Is Axed
Crisis Brewing as El Salvador's Congress Votes Out Top Judges
Children March for End to Violence in Crime-Ridden Southern Mexico
Cuban Government Ends Leading Dissident's Hunger Strike
Thousands March in Montreal Against Virus Restrictions
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How's the War on Terrorism Going?

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