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Updated May 6, 2021 - 9:42 PM EDT
Top General: China Threatens US Domination
  Calls Grow for Biden to Commit to Defending Taiwan
  Poll: US Is Bigger Threat to Democracy Than Russia or China
US Launches Airstrikes on Taliban in Helmand
  Taliban Seize Parts of North Afghanistan District
  Poll: Two-Thirds of US Adults Support Afghanistan Withdrawal
US to Join EU Military 'Rapid Response Force'
NATO Hails 100 Years of Jordanian Monarchy
Space Force: Developing Super-Soldiers Is 'Imperative'
DoJ Wants More Money to Fight 'Domestic Terrorism'
item Deby's Death, Chad's Crisis, and the Ghosts of Libyan Fiascoes Past  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item America the Innocent  by Patrick Lawrence
item I Became a Quadruple Amputee in Afghanistan. It's Time to Leave.  by Travis Mills
item More Government Spying and Lying  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item About That 'Rules-Based International Order'  by Thomas Knapp
item Closing Guantanamo Is Long Overdue  by Anthony Lake & Thomas Wilner

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Poll: Half of People in Democracies Feel Freedoms Overly Curbed in Covid Crisis
Air Force Aborts ICBM Test Before Launch
G7 Scolds China and Russia Over Threats, Bullying, Rights Abuses
The War at Home
US Judge Orders Justice Dept to Release Trump Obstruction Memo
Read the Facebook Review Board's Trump Ban Recommendations
Trooper Charged in Child Rape Hid Checkered FBI Past
Biden to UAE Crown Prince: Israel Normalization of 'Strategic Importance'
Kushner Launches Group to Promote Arab States' New Ties With Israel
US Military
Some US Military Bases Begin to Loosen Mask Rules
Turmoil Shakes California National Guard With Firing, Suspension of Top Generals
Dayton Sues Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Defense Department for Water Pollution
National Guard Training Range at Cape Cod Gets Key Federal Approval
Spc. Vanessa Guillen's Harasser Was a Known Toxic Leader, Army Report Shows
Lockheed Martin Wins $663.7m Hellfire Missile Contract
Joe Biden 'Cleansing Himself' of Soft-On-China Accusations: Beijing Analyst
Honeywell Fined $13 Million for Sharing Military Specs With China
US Trade Representative Katherine Tai Says She Expects to Meet Chinese Counterpart Liu He 'in the Near Term'
US Keeps Close Watch on Chinese Rocket Debris, Expects Re-Entry on Saturday
Pentagon Has No Plans to Shoot Down Freefalling Chinese Rocket
Afghan Council Official Expects Istanbul Summit in Late May or Early June
Amid US Pullout, Taliban Issue Threat to Afghan Journalists
Mujahideen Ready to Fight if Taliban Reject Peace: Massoud
District Police Chief Killed in Afghanistan Blast
1,000 Families Displaced in Fighting Around Lashkargah: Afghan Officials
Tajik President, Khalilzad Discuss Afghan Peace
Myanmar's Anti-Junta Unity Govt Forms 'Defense Force'
Myanmar's Military Disappearing Young Men to Crush Uprising
Some 200 Rights Groups Push for UN Arms Embargo on Myanmar
India's Foreign Minister Out of
G-7 Meeting Over Covid Risk
Pakistan Says Four Soldiers Killed in Ambush by Afghan Militants Along Border
Kashmir: Indian Police Tighten Curbs on Media Coverage of Gun Battles
Ashraf Sehrai: Pro-Freedom Kashmir Leader Dies in Detention
Germany Bans Fundraising Group, Saying It Aids Hamas, Other Terror Organizations
Germany Rejects HRW Report on 'Apartheid Israel'
Germany, France, Spain Reach Agreement Over Fighter Jet
UK Sends Navy Vessels to Jersey Amid Post-Brexit Fishing Row With France
British, Irish Govts Agree to June Meeting on Northern Ireland
Denmark Tells Syrian Refugees It's Time to Go Home
Ten Belarusians File Criminal Case in Germany Against Lukashenko
Violent Protests in Colombia Leave at Least 24 Dead
Demands Grow as Colombians Hold Eighth Day of Mass Protests
Internet Disrupted in Colombia as Protesters Killed During Rally Against Ivan Duque Marquez
Protest Road Blockades Halt Colombian Coffee Exports, Federation Says
Israeli President Tasks Lapid With Forming Coalition; Bennett Would Likely Head It First
Video Shows Israeli Settler Trying to Take Over Palestinian House
Israeli Forces Fatally Shoot Palestinian Teenager in Nablus
Sheikh Jarrah: Israeli Police Storm Palestinian Protest Over Jerusalem Evictions
Student, 19, Dies of Injuries After West Bank Drive-By Shooting
Russia Says Its Ready to Promote Direct Israeli-Palestinian Contacts
Life in Israel's Firing Zone 918: a Palestinian Community Under Constant Threat
Palestinians Vow to Save Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood
Israeli Authorities Issued 100 Administrative Detention Orders Against Palestinians in April
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Iraq Sets Up Military Outposts to Curb Turkish Advances
Kurdish Leader Says He Fears ISIS Comeback in Iraq
Iraq Pushes Vaccine Rollout Amid Widespread Apathy, Distrust
Militants Attack Oil Wells in Iraq's North, Production Unaffected
Ex-Boss of Iran Central Bank Indicted Over 'Wasting' of Funds
Iran Envoy Found Guilty of France Bomb Plot Drops Appeal
UN Experts Call for Release of Filmmaker and Activist Nourizad
Saudi-Iran Relations
Saudi Arabia, Iran Held Talks More Than Once in Iraq: Iraqi President
Saudi Arabia-Iran Rapprochement: What Is Driving Push for Diplomacy?
Turkey-Iran Relations
Turkey's Erdogan and Saudi King Salman Discuss Ties Over Phone
Turkey's Foreign Minister to Visit Saudi Arabia, a First in Four Years
Middle East
Matthew Hedges: Ex-Detainee Issues 'Torture' Legal Claim Against UAE Officials
Saudi Arabia Considers Barring Overseas Haj Pilgrims for Second Year, Sources Say
In Ethiopia Camp, Displaced Tigrayans Live With Hunger, Fear
Eritrea's Isaias Meets Sudanese Leaders Amid Ethiopia Tensions
Egypt Will Discuss Law to 'Uproot' Muslim Brotherhood Sympathizers From Civil Service
Egypt and Turkey Hold Two Days of Talks to Mend Rift
Libya's PM 'Hopeful' Foreign Mercenaries Will Withdraw Soon
UN Libya Envoy Submits Elections Proposal Amid Deep Divisions Within National Dialogue Forum
35 Killed in ISWAP Jihadist Attacks in Nigeria's Borno State
Kidnappers Free 29 Students Abducted in Kaduna State
Gunmen Kill 15 Soldiers in Attack in Southwest Niger
French Journalist Kidnapped in Mali Pleads for Help in Video
Lord's Resistance Army Commander Faces War Crimes Sentence
Tunisian MP Dons Crash Helmet, Body Armor After Guards Banned From Parliament
Rwandan Deported From US Denies Genocide Charges
Congressional Bill Would Create Fund for Billions in Seized Venezuelan Assets

Venezuela's Maduro Receives Samurai Sword Gift From Actor Steven Seagal

Haiti Still Not Ready to Receive Covid Vaccines as Delays Drag On, Pan American Health Group Says
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
Deby's Death, Chad's Crisis, and the Ghosts of Libyan Fiascoes Past

Doug Bandow
Time for a Foreign Policy of Adequacy, not Primacy

Daniel Larison
Sanctions Are War

Ted Galen Carpenter
Vendetta: How the Obama Administration Harassed Sharyl Attkisson for Her Reporting on Operation Fast and Furious

Rick Rozoff
Central Asia: Another Turkish Proxy War in the Offing?

Ted Snider
Is Israel Sabotaging Itself?

Ramzy Baroud
A Palestinian Prayer for Ramadan: May the Voices of the Oppressed Be Heard

Ray McGovern
Putin Isn't Bluffing on Ukraine

Dave DeCamp
War Erupts Inside the Atlantic Council Over Article Questioning Washington’s Hostile Approach to Moscow

Sheldon Richman
U(nspeakably) S(adistic) Foreign Policy

Scott Horton
How's the War on Terrorism Going?

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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