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Updated May 27, 2021 - 8:53 PM EDT
Top Official: US Engagement With China Is Over
Blinken Downplays Progress of Iran Talks
  IAEA Chief Misleadingly Claims Iran Is 'Like' a Bomb-Making Country
Taliban Warns Neighbors Not To Host US Bases
  Report: US Could Leave 600 Marines in Afghanistan to Guard Embassy
Ex-Aide: Trump Asked UK to Bomb Iraq
Pentagon Still Won't Disclose Troop Numbers in Combat
Blinken Says Israel Tried To Avoid Killing Civilians in Gaza
item Dan Ellsberg vs. New Madmen's Theories of Cold War and Press Suppression  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Ex-Allies in Iraq Will Kill Americans Until We Leave  by Andy Corbley
item The Israel Lobby Manufactures Antisemitism Freakout  by Max Blumenthal
item Trump's Trade Wars Aren't Over Yet, and You're Still Losing  by Thomas Knapp
item How Will the Pentagon Waste Money This Year?  by Jeff Schogol
item Why Biden Must Kill America's Afghan War  by Kimo Gandall

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Biden Orders Review of US Intel on Origins of Covid-19
Senate Passes Bill To Declassify Information on Covid-19 Origins
Armed Conflicts Helped Covid Spread: UN Official
Swiss Abandon Years of EU Talks and Reject Treaty
Palestine/Israel & the US
Using US Aid to Undermine Hamas Is 'Unwise', Experts Say
US, Egypt Working Closely to Reinforce Gaza Ceasefire, Blinken Says
Biden Moves Forward With Missile Deal to Israel Despite Progressive Opposition
Biden Administration Adds $38.5 Million in Aid to the Palestinians
Biden Expected to Name Thomas Nides as Envoy to Israel: Source
Amazon Employees Urge Jeff Bezos to Cut Ties With Israeli Military
Blinken in Jordan for Final Leg of Mideast Tour to Shore Up Gaza Truce
Hundreds Protest New York's Museum of Modern Art Board's Israel Ties
Big Tech Censors Palestinian Advocacy Around the World, While Fostering Surge in Jewish Extremism in Israel
Pentagon Moving Carrier From Asia-Pacific to Help With Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan: Report
62 Prisoners of Taliban Freed by Commandos in Baghlan
Afghan Govt: Supreme State Council Nearing Completion
Afghan MPs Critical of Govt's Security Policy in Laghman
US Still Seeking Dialogue With Chinese Military Chiefs, Pentagon Says
China Bars US Evangelical in Response to Sanctioning of Chinese Official
China Says It Hopes France Will Push for Sino-EU Investment Deal
Report: Myanmar's Junta Using Bodies to Terrorize
Myanmar Cardinal Calls for End to Violence After Church Attack
Japan Should Not Follow the Western Policy on Myanmar: Diplomat Op-Ed
US Army Opens Patriot Missile Storage Facility in Japan SE Post
Whatsapp Sues Indian Govt on Privacy Concerns
Pakistani Journalist Assaulted in Latest Press Freedom Attack
Russia Tempers Expectations for Putin-Biden Summit in June
White House Says Biden-Putin Meeting Not a 'Reward' to Russia, but a 'Vital Part' of Defending US Interests
Russia's FSB Reports 'Unprecedented' Hacking Campaign Aimed at Govt Agencies
Russia Expels Bulgarian Diplomat in Tit-for-Tat Move
Russia Scrambles Jet Fighter to Escort Norwegian Patrol Plane: Ifax
Belarus Leader Says Detained Journalist Was Plotting 'Bloody Rebellion'
Air France Cancels Moscow Flight as Russia Snubs Belarus Bypass
Belarusian Plane Turns Back After Warning About French Airspace
Azerbaijan Accuses Armenia of Firing Across Border at Its Forces
Ukraine Says It Should Have Been Invited to NATO Summit
Aide: Western Sahara Movement Leader to Testify in Spain
DR Congo
Suspected Islamists Kill 22 With Knives, Machetes in Eastern DR Congo
UN Says 20,000 Homeless, 40 Missing in DR Congo Volcano Aftermath
A Botched Ransom Attempt? Ambassador's Death in DR Congo May Not Be What It Seemed
Mali's President, Prime Minister Resign After Arrests by Military
US 'Strongly Condemns' Detention of Civilian Leaders in Mali: State Department
Egypt's Repression Campaign Extends to US Citizens, New Report Finds
Two Killed in Grenade Blasts in Burundi's Capital
Mozambique Palma Attack: 'I Had to Pay a Bribe to Flee'
Sudan and Main Rebel Group Kick Off Peace Talks in Juba
France's Macron in Rwanda to Reset Ties as Survivors Expect Apology
Hamas Gaza Chief Threatens to Renew Fighting if Israel 'Violates' Al-Aqsa
Palestinian President Abbas Says Ceasefire Must Include Ban on Israeli Raids on Al-Aqsa
Hamas Leader Says Group Won't Touch Gaza Reconstruction Aid
Hamas Leader Says 80 Fighters Killed in War With Israel
Yaakov Fauci, the New Yorker Squatting in East Jerusalem?
Jerusalem: Israeli Court Postpones Decision on Silwan Evictions Amid Protest Crackdown
Palestinians Protest as Jerusalem Court Mulls Possible Silwan Evictions
Israeli Police Officer Suspended After Shooting Palestinian Child in Back
Israel Insists It's Emerged From Gaza Fight With Diplomatic Ties Largely Intact
Israel/Palestine & the World
Israeli Flight to Dubai Canceled After Saudi Arabia Denies Access to Airspace
Netanyahu Slams France for 'Insolent' Claim Israel at Risk of Apartheid
Ireland Urges Israel to End 'De Facto Annexation' of Palestinian Land
Muslim Nations Ask UN to Form Unprecedented Permanent Panel to Critique Israel
'You Can Always Count on Us': UK Top Diplomat Visits Israel After Gaza Fighting
UK Actors' Union Slams 'Horrifying' Israel Actions Against Hamas; 3 Members Quit
Qatar Pledges $500m for Gaza Reconstruction
Iran's President Appeals to Top Leader to Add Candidates
Blast at Iran Petrochemical Complex Kills a Worker and Injures Two
Iran Bans Crypto Mining After Summer Power Cuts Strike Early
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed; 61 Wounded
In Photos: Thousands Protest Killings of Iraqi Activists
Iraqi Militia Leader Arrested Over Attacks on Bases Hosting US Troops: Report
Arrest of Paramilitary Commander Sparks Fears of Violent Confrontation
Syrians Vote in Election Certain to Give Assad New Mandate
Opposition Stages Protests as Voters Take Part in 'Farcical' Elections
Mixed Reception for ISIS-Linked Iraqi Families Returning From Syria
Yemen Officials Demand Answers After AP Report on Air Base
Group Says Aid Worker Died After Shooting in Southern Yemen
Covid-19 in Yemen: Fear of Astrazeneca Vaccine Side Effects Linked to Low Turnout for Jabs
Middle East
Saudi Arabia: Google Urged to Halt Cloud Region Over Spying Concerns
Oman: Campaigners Call for Investigation Over Use of UK-Made Tear Gas
Ethiopia Says 22 Regional Officials Killed by Tigray Rebels
Ethiopia's Tigray at 'Serious Risk' of Famine, Warns UN Official
Another Candidate Assassinated in Mexico Ahead of June 6 Vote
Former Bolivian Minister Charged in US With Bribery, Money Laundering
Gold Miners Attack Indigenous Village in Amazon, Clash With Police
US Military
Get Ready for Another Fight Over the Future of the MQ-9 Reaper
Plan to Buy 145 B-21 Raider Bombers Gets Endorsement From Biden Air Force Nominee
Air Force Research Laboratory Opens New Space War-Fighting Facility
It Will Probably Be Decades Before DoD Can Clean Up All the Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' on Installations
A New Investigation Shows Why Soldiers Don't Trust the Army to Take Sexual Assault Seriously
US Navy Planning $6.2 Billion, Next-Generation Attack Submarine by 2031
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
Not Even Past: Dan Ellsberg vs. New Madmen's Theories of Cold War & Press Suppression

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Is the Biden-Putin Summit Doomed?

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A War of Choice, a War of Permission

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Unity at Last: The Palestinian People Have Risen

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NATO's War Against Yugoslavia: The Ghost That Still Haunts Europe

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Palestine/Israel Erupts Again

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War Erupts Inside the Atlantic Council Over Article Questioning Washington’s Hostile Approach to Moscow

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How's the War on Terrorism Going?

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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