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Updated June 1, 2021 - 9:52 PM EDT
Israel Wants $1B 'Emergency' US Military Aid
US, NATO Warplanes Fly Over 30 NATO Nations
  Russia Forming 20 New Military Units To Counter NATO Threat
  Belarusian President Latest to Warn of World War Starting in Europe
Iran Says 'Key Issues' Remain in Talks With US
  US Sells Off 2 Million Barrels of Stolen Iranian Oil
  IAEA: No Access to Iran Monitoring Data Since February
  IAEA: Iran Must Explain Uranium Traces at Alleged Undeclared Sites
Afghan DM Says Foreign Air Support Might Continue
  Afghanistan Hopes for More Military Support From Russia
Biden Shows Little Desire to Reverse Trump Cuba Policies
UN Envoy 'Frustrated' With Stalled Yemen Peace Talks
Biden Team Slammed for Unchanged Egypt Military Aid
Israeli Official Rolls Back Army Chief Comments on AP
item Time to Jettison Washington's Repressive Egyptian Client  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item 'Mowing the Grass' No More: How Palestinian Resistance Altered the Equation  by Ramzy Baroud
item Journalists Are Determined to Push 'Apartheid' Charge Down the Memory Hole  by Philip Weiss
item 'If There Are Enough Shovels To Go Around'  by Brian Terrell
item Remembering the Political Lies That Spurred Mass Killing  by James Bovard
item US and Iranian Hardliners Shared Goal of Killing the Nuclear Deal  by Sina Toossi

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Macron, Merkel Demand Answers From US, Denmark on Spying Report
Four Years After Husband's Death in Niger, a Gold Star Wife Tells His Story
Chaos in African Union After 'I'll Kill You' Threat
Instagram Changes Algorithm Amid Claims of Anti-Palestinian Bias
Israeli Election Aftermath
Anti-Netanyahu Coalition Hits Snags in Negotiations
Yair Lapid, the Man Behind the Scenes
Who Is Naftali Bennett, Israel's Potential Prime Minister?
What We Know About Coalition That May Oust Netanyahu
Netanyahu's Opponents Hashing Out Deal as Deadline Looms
Karzai Seeks Peace Talks Among Afghans Within Afghanistan
Five Freed by Afghan Forces From Taliban Prison in Kunduz
Car Bomber, Gunmen Attack Police HQ in Baghlan
Four People Wounded in Taliban Ambush in Parwan
Afghanistan Anti-Corruption Commission Demands Details of Customs Allegations
Hundreds More Afghan Local Staff to Be Allowed to Settle in UK
Pakistan Army: Militants in Twin Attacks Kill Four Troops in SW
Pakistani Journalist Mir 'Taken Off Air' After Military Outburst
China Easing Birth Limits Further to Cope With Aging Society
PLA Army Conducts Live-Fire Test of Long-Range Rockets
Mach 30 Wind Tunnel to 'Put China Decades' Ahead in Hypersonic Race
Myanmar Carries Out Air Strikes After Militia Attacks: Witnesses
Myanmar Journalist to Seek Asylum in Spain
North Accuses US of Hostility for South Korean Missile Decision
Kashmiri Journalist Aasif Sultan Kept in Jail for Over 1,000 Days
Macron Suggests France May Pull Out Troops From Mali
ECOWAS Suspends Mali Over Second Coup in Nine Months
At Least 55 Killed in Eastern DR Congo Massacres, UN Says
Somaliland Vote Highlights Peace in Breakaway Somali Region
Ethiopians Protest US Sanctions Over Brutal Tigray War
Chad Accuses Central African Republic of Killing 6 of Its Soldiers
Namibia Chiefs Reject 'Insulting' German Aid Offer Over Colonial Killings
Morocco, Spain Trade Accusations of Violating Good 'Neighborliness'
Italy, Libya Pledge to Work on New Energy Deals
Mexico Raids Building Project Next to Teotihuacan Pyramids
Hamas Says Willing to Hold 'Immediate Negotiations' With Israel on Prisoner Swap
Israel's Gantz Says Gaza Rebuilding Hinges on Return of Captives, Long-Term Quiet
Israel Crossing Closures Leave Gaza Unable to Rebuild After Conflict
Israel Detains More Palestinian Citizens as Arrest Campaign Enters Second Week
Extremists Reportedly Attempted Major Firebomb Attack on Palestinians
Israeli Police Vehicle Runs Over Palestinian Boy for Raising Palestinian Flag
Report: Palestinian Activists Call for Abbas to Be Removed From Office
Palestinians Decry New West Bank Restrictions on Movement in Wake of Protests
Settlers Assault Elderly Palestinian Man in West Bank
Israeli Forces Uproot Dozens of Olive Trees Near Qalqilyia
Palestine/Israel & the World
US Labor Unions Voice Historic Support for Palestinians
Israel Summons Philippines Envoy Over UNHRC Vote for Probe Into Gaza War
Egypt's Intelligence Chief Holds Talks With Hamas in Gaza Strip
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
'They Are a Time Bomb': Fear in Iraq's Mosul as ISIS Families Return From Syria
Iran/Saudi Arabia
Iran Says 'Good Atmosphere' in Talks With Saudi Arabia on Restoring Ties
Turkey to Send Russian Missile Experts Home in Signal to Biden
Turkish Agents Capture Nephew of US-Based Cleric Overseas
YouTube Videos Grip Turkey as Mob Boss Peker Turns on the Govt
NATO Restricts HQ Access for Belarus Officials
Russia Vows to Defend Belarus if EU Sanctions
Belarusian Opposition Gets a Hand From Allies in Germany
Air France Cancels Flights as Russia Withholds Clearance Over Belarus Airspace Avoidance
Top US, EU Envoys Visit Kosovo to Promote Talks With Serbia
Nationalists Make Significant Gains in Cyprus Vote
Greece and Turkey Aim to Smooth Differences, Leaders to Meet
Police Arrest Armed Ex-Soldier on the Run After Shooting in France
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