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Updated June 3, 2021 - 9:53 PM EDT
Pentagon Downplays Civilian Deaths in US Wars
  Airwars: Tallies of Casualties Much Higher Than Pentagon Admits
Lawmakers Want To Give Israel More Military Aid
  Israeli Military: US Should Learn From Gaza Op and Copy Its Tactics
  Lapid Says He's Formed Anti-Netanyahu Govt – but Difficulties Remain
  History Made as Arab Israeli Ra'am Party Joins Bennett-Lapid Coalition
Iran Nuclear Deal Talks to Resume Next Week
Russia: US To Use War Games To Smuggle Arms to Ukraine
NATO To Continue 'Diplomatic' Presence in Afghanistan
SecDef Reaffirms US Commitment to 'Defend' Saudi Arabia
Turkey's Erdogan Warns Biden Ahead of Upcoming Talks
item Biden Budget Bakes in Billions for Nuclear Weapons  by Mark Perry
item Hiroshima Cover-Up & the Reporter Who Revealed It to the World  by Lawrence Wittner
item Honor US War Dead: Stop Adding to Their Ranks  Washington Examiner
item Gaza: Gearing Up for the Next War  by Ted Snider
item Antisemitism's Misdirection: Who Gets Hurt?  by Ira Glunts
item Ukraine's Accelerating Slide Into Authoritarianism  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Another Poll Signals Fall in US Support for Israel
Facebook Staff Demand They Address Suppression of Palestinian Content
Sergeant Major of the Army Wants Soldiers to Consider Getting Out of Uniform for 3 Years
US & Palestine/Israel
The Growing Popularity of Palestinian Activism in the US
Israel's Gantz Flies to Washington for Whirlwind Talks With Senior Biden Officials
Activists Aim to Block Israeli Ships From US Ports in Solidarity With Palestinians
US Senate Democrats Push Blinken to Address 'Humanitarian Emergency' in Gaza
'Buildings Lie in Rubble': Dems Call for Block on $75 Milllion in Palestinian Aid to Be Lifted
Israel's Incoming Government Is So Unnatural Only Netanyahu Can Keep It Together
Israel: Isaac Herzog Elected as President in Knesset Ballot
Despite Ceasefire, Most Gazans Seeking Medical Care Still Can't Enter Israel
Watch: Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian Village for 188th Time
'Shut Down News': 13 Palestinian Journalists Being Held in Israel
Al-Aqsa: Israeli Settlers Break Into Compound as 35th Palestinian Killed in West Bank
Gaza's Bereaved Civilians Fear Justice Will Never Come
Two Palestinians Killed by Leftover Explosive in Gaza
Palestinian in Ramallah Dies of His Wounds
Israel Arrests Senior Hamas Commander in the West Bank
Palestine/Israel & the World
UN Gaza Relief Chief Called in by Bosses After Comments Over Israeli Air Strikes
Palestine 'Concerned' by India Skipping UN Vote Probing Crimes in Gaza
Pull the Plug: Activists Urge Jordanians to Use 'Blackout' to Protest Israeli Gas Imports
'Staggering': World Health Organization Says 200,000 Palestinians in Need of Health Aid
UN Says Forced Expulsion of Palestinians a 'Violation' of Law
'Enough Is Enough,' 1,000 Canadian Artists Demand Economic Sanctions on Israel
As Israelis and Emiratis Meet Over Investments, Little Mention of Palestinians
EU Representative Urges Israel to Lift Blockade on Gaza
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Militants Killed
Erdogan Says Turkey Could Target Refugee Camp Deep Inside Iraq
Questions Surround Powerful Militiaman Muslih's Arrest in Iraq
Large Iranian Navy Ship Sinks After Catching Fire
Massive Fire Breaks Out at Oil Refinery Near Iran's Capital
Iran Interested in Russian Weapons Systems: Moscow Official
Middle East
Kurdish Authorities in Syria Temporarily Suspend Conscription in Manbij Following Deadly Protests
Jordan to Try 2 Plot Suspects, Both With Reported 'Ties to Saudi Arabia's MbS'
Lebanese Leaders Exchange Barbs as Country Sinks Into Crisis
Turkey's Erdogan Woos Egypt, Gulf States in Push to Repair Ties
Qatar Releases Kenyan Rights Activist After Three Weeks in Solitary Confinement
US Offers $7 Million for Leader of Al-Qaeda's North Africa Arm
Chad, Central African Republic Call for Probe of Border Incident
Twitter Removes Nigerian President's 'Abusive' Civil War Post
Mali Suspended From African Union, Threatened With Sanctions
Sudan Is Reviewing Russian Naval Base Deal Negotiated by Ousted Leader
Ex-President Gbagbo Can Decide When He Returns to Ivory Coast: Minister
The War at Home
US Coast Guard Ship That Once Plied Puget Sound Headed to SE Asia for New Mission
Seattle Man Arrested at Airport for Allegedly Trying to Join ISIS
US Air Force Wish List Includes More F-15EX Jets but No F-35s
Air Force's 'Grey Wolf' Huey Replacement Helicopter Goes Unfunded Over Certification Problem
Pentagon Expects to Identify 90% of USS Oklahoma Unknowns by Year's End
If Congress Can Find the Money, the US Navy Would Like Another New Destroyer This Year
US Army's $5.5b Wish List Seeks to Restore Cuts Made to Protect Force Modernization
US Marines Request More Missiles, Radars in FY22 Wish List
South China Sea Rivals Agree to Set Up Hotline 'To Cope With Emergencies'
US 'May Exacerbate National Security Risks' With Unclear China Tech Restrictions, New Congessional Report Says
China Says Military Flight Off Malaysia Was 'Routine Training'
Budapest Mayor Tries to Rename Streets in Protest Against China
Bombings on Two Transport Buses Kill 12 Afghans in Kabul
Two Afghans Killed, 10 Wounded in Jalalabad Blast
Taliban Control Key Dam in Kandahar, Farmers Plead for Water
ASEAN Leaders Plan Myanmar Visit This Week Amid Divisions
Myanmar Jails Two Journalists for Incitement and Spreading False News, Employers Say
USS Reagan Integrates With Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
French Territory of New Caledonia to Hold Third Independence Vote in December
Salvage of Indonesian Submarine Ends as Questions Over Military Hardware Loom
India Issues Another Ban on 108 Imported Arms, in Effort to Achieve Self-Reliance
Disaster Feared as Fire-Hit Cargo Ship Sinks Off Sri Lanka Coast
Russian Upper House Votes to Exit From Overflight Treaty
Russian Senators Adopt 'Extremist' Bill That Would Bar Critics From Polls
Azerbaijan Says It Forced Around 40 Armenian Troops to Retreat After Border Incursion
Ukraine's Leader Asks Lawmakers to Adopt 'Anti-Oligarch' Law
US Blacklists Three Bulgarians, 64 Companies Over Corruption
C-17's 'Sightseeing Tour' Over Ireland That Drew Complaints From Locals Was Pre-Approved, Base Says
Syrian Refugees Protest Denmark's Attempt to Return Them
Cyprus Checkpoints Linking Greek and Turkish Sides to Reopen Friday: UN
Belarus: NATO Talks Sanctions After Plane Diversion
US Marine F-35B Conducts Emergency Landing in Ibiza
Morocco/Western Sahara
US Denies Military Exercises in Morocco Will Extend to Western Sahara
Polisario Front Leader Leaves Spain Following Diplomatic Row With Morocco
Colombia Reopens Border With Venezuela After 14 Months
Protesters Back on the Streets of Colombia Amid Stalled Talks
Nicaraguan Police Raid Opposition Leader's Home
United Nations
Iran and Central African Republic Lose Voting Rights in UN General Assembly
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