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Updated June 4, 2021 - 8:52 PM EDT
Poll: Voters Want To End Endless Wars
Israeli General: Gaza Was 1st Stage of Wider War
  Biden Will Support Funding to Replenish Israel's Iron Dome
  Settler Leader: Bennett, Sa'ar Have Promised No Settlement Freeze
UN Hurts Afghan Pullout, Charging al-Qaeda Ties
  Bus Bombing a Tactic for Afghan Militants Seeking High Casualties
Two Most Aggressive Heads of State to Meet at NATO HQ
  Blinken Calls for More NATO Military Cooperation With Asia-Pacific
  NATO Chief Hails German Troops in Neighboring Lithuania
EU Sees Hope for Iran Deal, US Says More Rounds of Talks
'Huge Increase' in US Spy Plane Flights Over S. China Sea
item Joe Biden's a Big Spender, but Not Quite Big Enough for Republican 'Defense' Scammers  by Thomas Knapp
item Twisting UK Law to Criminalize Dissent on Palestine  by Craig Murray
item The Fumbling King of Palestine: Palestinians Are Defeating the Oslo Culture  by Ramzy Baroud
item Why Daniel Ellsberg Wants the US To Prosecute Him  by Jon Schwarz
item US to High Alert: Iranian Oil Tanker Might Be Headed to the Atlantic!  by Ben Armbruster
item Israel's Air Strikes Targeted Entire Families in Gaza  by James North

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US Says Stopped Spying on Allies in 2014: Norway PM
Support for Israel Dropping by Evangelical Christians
Some Namibian Tribal Chiefs Accept German Compensation Offer
Egypt Used Gaza Ceasefire to 'Improve Its Standing in Washington'
The War at Home
Facebook Ends Longtime Exception on Political Speech
Biden Blocks 59 Chinese Firms in Amended Trump Order
US to Give Ransomware Hacks Similar Priority as Terrorism
Amazon's Ring Pledges to Make Police Requests Public
Former US Treasury Official Sentenced to Six Months in Prison for Leaking Russian Collusion Documents
Human Rights Groups Raise Concerns About Harris's Latin America Trip
Lockheed Martin Sees Hill Support for F-35 PBL
US Military
Navy 'Masking' Extent of Manning Shortfalls in the Surface Fleet, Watchdog Agency Says
Army's 1,000 Mile Range Supergun Set to See Its Budget Slashed
Gay, Bisexual Troops More Likely to Suffer Sexual Assaults, Study Suggests
Military Leaders Wary of Changes in Sexual Assault Policy
Space Force Will Set Up One Office for Commercial Services, Including SatCom and Satellite Imagery
Four Killed in Kabul Bombing
Day's Second Blast in Kabul Kills Four Civilians, Wounds Five
Prominent Afghan Cleric Killed in Herat, Second in a Week
US Urging Americans to Leave Afghanistan Due to Sharp Covid Rise
North Korea
Scholar: North Korea Is Working to Normalize Its Government
North Korea's Grain Production Not Enough to Feed Population, Think Tank Says
Philippine Envoy Confident Duterte Will Back Revamped US Defense Pact
Duterte Sees Daughter, Boxer Pacquiao, Marcos Son as Among Possible Successors
Hong Kong Police Out in Force to Prevent Tiananmen Commemoration
Kashmiri Politician Tortured in Custody, Say UN Experts
In Myanmar People Forming Their Own Militias to Protect Their Towns Against the Military
Biden Urged to Bring Missile Defense Reductions to Putin Summit
Police Free Kremlin Critic Dmitry Gudkov but Keep Him as Suspect
Russia Says It Will Remove Dollar Assets From Its Wealth Fund
Belarus to Cut US Diplomatic Staff Over Sanctions
Belarus Airs Questioning of Jailed Journalist Protasevich
Belarusian Protester Fights Extradition From Russia
Denmark: Alleged US Spying Has Not Hurt Relationships With France, Germany
Danish Parliament Approves Law to Deport Asylum Seekers
US Chief of Naval Operations Gilday Pledges Closer Working Relationships With British, French Navies
Ukraine Parliament Approves Bill to Jail Officials for Hiding Wealth
Bulgarians Welcome US Graft Sanctions, EU Nods Approval
EU to Provide Greece With 'Sound Cannons' to Halt Migrant Entry
Cuban Govt Approves Limited Small and Medium Enterprises
Drug Cartels Attack Enemies and Spread Terror With Weaponized Drones in US, Mexico
Aide: Nicaraguan Opposition Figure Held Incommunicado
Israeli Election Aftermath
Yamina MK Seems to Signal He Won't Rebel, but Hope of Quick Govt Approval Fades in Israel
Right Flank of Change Coalition Lays Low as Netanyahu Backers Fume at Alliance
'No Difference': Palestinians React to Israeli Coalition Deal
Benjamin Netanyahu Says Move to Oust Him as Israeli Prime Minister 'Dangerous'
Judicial Reforms, Recognition of Bedouin Villages: Details From Israel Coalition Deals
Hundreds Rally Near Homes of Yamina's Shaked, Orbach, Urge Them to Oppose Govt
Israeli Troops Abduct 14-Year Old Girl for Flying Palestinian Flag
Israeli Intelligence Officer Dies in Military Prison Under Unclear Circumstances
Agricultural Sector Loses $204 Million Due to Israeli Offensive Against Gaza
In Acre, Known for Arab-Jewish Coexistence, Residents Grapple With Recent Unrest
Gaza Stops Importing Israeli Fruits After Vegetables Export Ban: Hamas-Run Ministry
Gunmen Open Fire on Ynet Arab Affairs Reporter's Home, Nearly Hit Children
Israel/Palestine & the World
Red Cross Head: Gaza Civilian Casualties 'Unacceptable'
UNRWA Officials Visit Palestinian Families in Sheikh Jarrah
Hamas Accepts Russia's Invitation to Visit Moscow
Israel Signs $200m Drone Contract With Undisclosed Asian Country
Huge Fire at Refinery Near Tehran Extinguished
Iranian Reformist Election Candidate Warned Not to Cross Red Lines
Iran Calls UN Voting Rights Suspension 'Unacceptable'
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Militants Killed
Iraq Holding Talks With Iran and Syria on Water Resources: Ministry
Iraq Criticized for Inadequate Camp Closure Plans for Families Displaced by ISIS Fighting
Iraq Urged to Reveal Whereabouts of 643 Men and Boys Disappeared in 2016
US Envoy Announces New Syria Aid, Seeks Delivery Access
Millions in Syria Face Disaster if Aid Crossing Is Shut: UN
Assad Vaccinated as Syria Receives First Shipment of Russian Shots
Turkey's Lira Hits New Low as Investors Lose Faith
Turkey Completes First Unmanned Surface Vehicle Live-Fire Trial
Middle East
Yemen's Socotra: Foreign Tourists Can Finally Visit the Idyllic Island. but Yemenis Cannot
Lebanon Tribunal Cancels New Trial Due to Funding Shortage
UN Calls on Sudan to Move More Swiftly on Peace Agreement
Thousands Rally in Sudan, Upping Calls for Justice Over 2019 Killings
Mali: France Suspends Joint Military Operations
Algerian President Demands 'Total Recognition' of France's Colonial 'Crimes'
Egypt Music Icon Mohamed Ramadan Claims Government 'Seized' Bank Account
Moroccan Court Rejects Hunger Strike Journalist Appeal
Spain Throws Support Behind Libya's Political Process
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