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Updated June 9, 2021 - 9:58 PM EDT
Blinken: 100s of US Sanctions To Remain on Iran
  US: Iran Must Keep Monitoring in Place for Nuclear Deal
Senate OKs $250 Billion Act To Counter China
  Biden to Set Up 'Strike Force' to Go After China on Trade
  US Senators Fly to Taiwan on Military Plane, Angering China
  Biden's Diplomatic Blitz Will Have China Woven in 'Every Meeting'
NATO Carrier Strike Groups in Med War Games
  Russia Watches: US Artillery Exercise in Norwegian Arctic
  Major NATO Build-Up in Romania as Black Sea Conflict Worsens
Israel Attacks Sites in Syria, Killing at Least 11
Afghanistan Withdrawal Half Done, but Questions Remain
CENTCOM Warns of Russia/China Influence in Mideast
item Cut Military Spending, but Restrain Foreign Policy First  by Doug Bandow
item Arms Sales: What We Know About Bombs Dropped in Our Name  by Danaka Katovich
item This Isn't a Civil War, It Is Settler-Colonial Brutality  by Lana Tatour
item Biden-Putin Summit: Boon or Bust?  by Ray McGovern
item Flaws in US Iran Policy  by Daniel Larison
item UFO Reports Are Fertilizer for Military Budgets  by Bernhard

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America's Coming War With China
by Col. Douglas Macgregor
Russia Signs $1.7 Billion in Defense Contracts With 17 African Nations
Associated Press 'Yet to Receive Evidence' of Hamas Presence in Gaza Building
Groups Urge Biden to Halt $735m Arms Sale to Israel
Navy Finds 32 Problems With Littoral Combat Ships
Former Israeli Ambassadors to South Africa Call Occupation 'Apartheid'
Israeli Election Aftermath
Report: Tiff Over West Bank Construction a Last-Minute Obstacle to Coalition
Israeli Parliament to Vote on New Government on Sunday
Israel's Netanyahu Faces End of Rule in Parliamentary Vote on New Government
Israel Refuses to Transfer Qatar Aid to Gaza
Israeli Government Authorizes Controversial Jerusalem March
Israel's Attacks on Journalists in Jerusalem on Rise
Israeli Court Extends Detention of Islamist Political Leader, Prompting Concerns From Lawyer
Mixed Israeli City of Arabs and Jews Remains on Edge After Violence
Israeli Forces Bulldoze Irrigation Pond in Jordan Valley
Israeli Forces Assault Megiddo Prison, Injure Three Palestinian Prisoners
As He Sums Up Term, Ashkenazi Says Israel Will Strengthen PA Against Hamas
Israel/Palestine & the World
Top Evangelical Leader Warns: Israel Could Lose Our Support if Netanyahu Ousted
Support for Israel in Europe Falls After Gaza Bombings, Poll Finds
US Working on More Normalization Between Israel, Arab States: Israeli FM
Hamas Leader Visits Egypt for Talks on Palestinian Reconciliation
Israel Elected to UN Economic Council for the First Time
Iran Says Its Nuclear Talks Won't Change After Presidential Vote
Iran Debate Puts Problems on One Man: The Outgoing President
'Game Show': Iranian Candidates Slam Debate Format, Trade Barbs
Iran Denounces US Tracking of Its Ships That May Be Headed to Venezuela
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Iraqi Militia Leader Arrested for Activist Killing Released
Iraq Plans Nuclear Power Plants to Tackle Electricity Shortage
Iranian Kurds in Iraq Hopelessly Seek Asylum, UN Assistance
In Pictures: Fire Tears Through Yazidi Displacement Camp in Iraq
Displaced Syrians Rally Against Ending Cross-Border Aid
Three Killed as Syrian Govt Targets Turkish Observation Posts in Idlib
Lebanon's Hezbollah Says Will Import Iran Fuel if Shortages Persist
Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah Reassures on Health, Thanks Supporters
France to Host Mid-June Meeting to Gather Support for Lebanese Army
Middle East
Southern Yemen Separatists Take Over News Agency Building in Aden
'Times Have Changed': Saudi Arabia-Syria in Rapprochement Talks
Longest-Serving Jordanian Prisoner in Israel Arrives Home
'Motivated by Hate': Muslim Family Run Over in Canada
Canada Urged Against Deporting Human Rights Activist to Egypt
Nicaragua Detains Third Presidential Hopeful as Criticism Grows
Nicaragua Judge Jails Opposition Figure for 90 Days
Socialist Castillo Holds on to Tight Lead in Peru Election as Protests Break Out
Mexico Bans Influential Ex-Minister From Holding Public Office
The War at Home
US Lawmakers Go on Pro-Israel Offensive at Blinken Hearing
2,100 Migrant Children May Still Be Separated From Parents
Rights Groups Demand Biden End 'Torture' of Solitary Confinement
US Government Considers Making Ransom Payments Illegal
60 Members of Congress From Both Parties Victims of Latest Ransomware Attack
US Military
Army Nixes Soldier Roles for Native Arabic, Pashto, and Dari Speakers
Troops Heading Home as Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Sites Close Up Shop
Memo Reveals US Navy Must Pick Between Future Destroyer, Fighter, or Sub for FY23 Plan
DoD Outlines Tenets for Responsible AI Implementation
US Army Investing Nearly $1 Billion in Stryker Vehicle Upgrades
DARPA's Interceptor Drone Shoots 'Stringy Streamers' to Drop Enemy Drones
China, ASEAN Agree to Avoid Provocations in South China Sea
China Warns US Against Trade Deal With Taiwan
Beijing's Anti-Sanctions Law Will Give US 'A Taste of Own Medicine': Lam
As Districts Fall, Afghan Govt Blasted for Inadequate Security Strategy
Three Protesters Killed, Over 20 Wounded in Badakhshan
23 Power Pylons Destroyed, Damaged in One Month
UN Says Estimated 100,000 Displaced by Myanmar Violence
China Will Always Support Myanmar in Choosing Its Own Path, Says Senior Diplomat
Official: Death Toll Rises to 65 in Pakistan Train Collision
Philippine Air Force Receives New Black Hawk Helicopters Made in Poland
Death of Boko Haram's Leader Spells Trouble for Nigeria and Its Neighbors
Nigerians Launch Legal Action Against Government's Twitter Ban
Egyptian Officials Say ISIS Militants Abduct Five in Sinai
Egypt: Ex-Diplomat Detained After Criticizing Government Handling of Ethiopia Dam Crisis
Eritrea Blames US Support for Tigray's Leaders for the War
UN Warns War Raging in Ethiopia Could Kill 'Hundreds of Thousands'
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Bans Motorbikes in Region Hit by Jihadist Attacks
Thousands Flee After Massacre in Northern Burkina Faso
Central African Republic
France Suspends Aid, Military Support for Central African Republic
UN Strongly Condemns Violations in Central African Republic
Two Aid Workers Killed in an Ambush in South Sudan
'Betrayal': Namibian Opposition MPs Slam Germany Genocide Deal
French Leader Macron Slapped in Face on Visit to Small Town
France Fines Google for Abusing Online Advertising Dominance
Serb Commander Mladic Loses Genocide Appeal in UN Court
Belarus Introduces Prison Sentences for Taking Part in Protests
Russia Is Building Its First Full Stealth Naval Ship: RIA
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