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Updated June 10, 2021 - 8:42 PM EDT
Air Force Preparing Afghanistan Strike Capability
  US Commander: NATO Might Train Afghan Forces in Europe
  10 Deminers Killed in Northern Afghanistan Attack
  Afghan, Taliban Negotiators Hold Doha Peace Meeting
SecDef Tells Pentagon: China Is Top Priority
  China Says Senate Competition Bill 'Full of Cold War' Thinking
  Biden's Tough Approach Made China Rush Anti-Sanctions Law
Pentagon Chief: NATO Ready To Fight and Win
  US, NATO End Live-Fire Space War/Star Wars Drills in Arctic
US: Iran Talks to Resume This Weekend in Vienna
  US Warns Venezuela, Cuba Against Welcoming Iranian Ships
Israel Attacks Sites in Syria, Killing at Least 11
US, Saudi Arabia Conduct Joint Military Exercises
item There Is Still Time to Stop the $735 Million Arms Sale to Israel  by William Hartung
item The Military Whispers Past the Afghan War Graveyard  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item Media Is an Accomplice in Erasing Palestinian Life  by Mary Turfah
item How America Destroyed the Middle East  by Scott Horton
item Torture Enters the Courtroom  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Palestinian Liberation Struggle and Importance of Anti-Imperialism  by Yanis Iqbal

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Senate OKs Huge Tech Bill, Includes $10 Billion for NASA Moon Landers
Marine Corps Shuts Down Central America Deployment Amid Budget Pressures
Man Held Over Macron Slap Was Medieval Swordsmanship Fan
China State Media Reports Amphibious Landing Drill After US Senators Land on Taiwan
US Says to Work With Allies to Help Pacific Islands Amid China Rivalry
European Companies Concerned Over China's Anti-Sanctions Law
Samoa's Disputed Leader Promises Chinese-Backed Port at a Third of the Cost
'Stop Using the Olympic Games': China Blasts Tony Blinken's Talk of Winter Boycott
China Defends Cultural Links With Japan Amid Online Nationalist Fury
China Lashes Out at Australia, Other G7 Nations for 'Creating Conflicts' Amid Covid Pandemic
Biden: US Will Not Take 'Eye Off' Terror Threat in Afghanistan
16 People Killed in Attack on Balkh District Police HQ
Fighting Rages Across Country, Journalist Killed in Crossfire
Afghan MPs Decry Govt's Handling of War, Rising Death Count
ICC, Afghan Govt Investigating Recent Mass Killings
India Opens Channels With Taliban Leaders
Afghan Forces Helicopter Crash Lands in Maidan Wardak
UN Warns of 'Mass Deaths' in Myanmar After 100,000 Flee Fighting
Myanmar: EU's Third Round of Sanctions Raises Eyebrows
UN Rights Envoy Warns of Risk of Starvation in Kayah State
Philippine President Spars With Boxer Manny Pacquiao Over South China Sea
Philippine Military Chief Visits Island in Disputed Waters
Two Pakistani Police Officers Protecting Polio Jab Team Shot Dead
Japan Minister Says Aims to Raise Security Ties With Australia to New Levels
Russia's Putin Warns Ukraine on NATO Ambitions After Biden-Zelenskiy Call
Russian Court Bans Navalny Groups, Labels Them 'Extremist'
UK Military Purchases Night Vision Goggles in $16.2 Million Deal
Egyptian Firms Plot Return to Libya as Rebuilding Efforts Begin
Egypt: Tiktok Influencer Sentenced to Jail for Online Content
Egypt and Sudan Urge Ethiopia to Negotiate Seriously Over Giant Dam
Sudan Scraps Fuel Subsidies in IMF-Backed Reform
US Navy Ship Rescues 15 Mariners Off Coast of Somalia
Law to Legalize Cannabis in Morocco Passes Upper House
UN Staffer Investigated in Italy Over Death of Ambassador in DR Congo
Frenchman Charged With Espionage in Central African Rep.
Algerian President Praises Protest Movement, Condemns Normalization With Israel
Colombia Protests Lose Steam, but Their Economic Toll Rises
HRW Accuses Colombian Police of 'Egregious' Abuse of Protesters
US Blacklists Four Nicaraguans, Including Ortega's Daughter
In a World First, El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender
Guatemalan Court Charges Retired Soldiers for Civil War Killings, Disappearances
Argentine President Says Brazilians 'Came From the Jungle', Sparking Uproar
The War at Home
US Drops Trump Order Targeting TikTok, Plans Its Own Review
US's Largest Military Shipbuilder to Hire 3,000 Full-Time Employees
This Navy Drone Ship Just Traveled Nearly 5,000 Miles From the Gulf Coast to California
Ex-IDF Chief: Iran Nuclear Deal Would Allow Army to Focus Elsewhere
Israeli Forces Raid, Close Health Organization Headquarters in West Bank
Israel's Foreign Policies Won't Change Much Even as a New Coalition Looks Set to Take Power, Ambassador Says
Two Palestinian Officers Reported Killed in West Bank Shootout
Israeli Supreme Court Announces Date for Sheikh Jarrah Appeal Hearing
In Jerusalem's Silwan, Israeli Settlers Wage Another Battle to Takeover Palestinian Homes
Ex-Israeli Spymaster: Netanyahu's Bragging Made Mossad Operations Harder
Israeli Army Chief Says IDF Victory in Gaza Conflict May Not Have Deterred Hamas
Israel's Netanyahu Asks Gantz to Delay Evacuation of Settler Outpost Evyatar
New Generation: Israel Crackdown Spotlights Palestinian 'Icons'
'We Have Failed': Journalists Unite and Demand Truthful Coverage of Israeli Occupation
'She Screams When Someone Comes Near': Gaza Children in Trauma
Israeli Army Chief Defends Censoring Death of Officer Accused of Grave Security Crimes
Israeli Military Chief Says Officer Who Died in Prison Was Set to Reveal 'Big Secrets'
Israeli Defense Minister Says He Is Sticking to Plan to Shut Army Radio
Israel/Palestine & the World
Biden Embraces a Trump Policy in Backing Arab-Israeli Deals
Israeli Officials Snubbed EU Peace Envoy During Recent Visit: Report
Hamas to US: Israel Must End Its Occupation of Palestine
Anti-BDS Israel Advocacy Group Opens First Middle East Office in UAE
'Do Something Practical': New Palestinian Justice Center Launched in UK
Resigned to a Nuclear Deal Revival, Gulf Engages With Foe Iran
Russia Says Few Outstanding Issues Left to Agree for Revival of Iran Deal: RIA
Iran Candidate Says He's Willing to Potentially Meet Biden
Iranian Presidential Candidate Says US Needs to Return to Nuclear Deal for Better Relations With Country
Iran's Rouhani Defends Record After Presidential Candidates Mock Him in Debate
Oil Hits Two-Year High as Doubts Gather Over Iran's Market Return
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two People Killed; Eleven Yazidis Found in Mass Grave
Rockets Land on Iraq Air Base Housing US Contractors and Baghdad Airport
Militia Leader Accused of Involvement in Killing of Activists Released From Detention
Turkey Says Iraq's Makhmour Camp Must Be Cleared of Kurdish Militants
Iraqis Give Blood Samples in Hope of Identifying Mass Grave Victims From ISIS Era
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Deploys New Israeli Spyware to Hack Activists' Phones: Report
Saudi Aramco to Sell $6b of Dollar-Denominated Islamic Bonds
Mohammed Bin Nayef: US Lawsuit Shines Light on Disappeared Saudi Prince
Amnesty Urges Saudi Arabia to Release Man Facing Execution for Alleged Crimes Committed as a Minor
Middle East
Houthis Claim They Arrested a Mossad Spy in Yemen
Russian Serviceman Killed, Three Injured in North Syria Blast
Jordan: MP Who Threatened to Kill King Dismissed as Tribal Rift Grows
Lebanon's Navy Chief Talks Fleet Expansion, New Security Missions
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