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Updated June 11, 2021 - 8:27 PM EDT
US Starts Afghanistan Operations From Outside
  Heavy Fighting in Northern Afghanistan, 180 Killed in 24 Hours
Milley: China Military Increasing at Sustained Rate
  Austin Says It's Critical to Have a Communication Line With China
  China's Nuclear Threat to US Grows, Mainly Risk of a Mishap: Experts
US Hypes Presence of Iranian Ships in the Atlantic
  Iran Warns IAEA Taking Counterproductive Approach in Recent Report
  US Lifts Some Minor Iran Sanctions Amid Stalled Nuclear Talks
US Not Expecting 'Huge Outcome' From Putin Meet
  US: Russian Aggression in Ukraine a Threat to International Order
  West Adds Belarus to New Axis of Evil
  US Flies Nuclear-Capable B-52 Over Gulf of Guinea, All of West Africa
  Support for Ban on Nuclear Weapons Is Rising Within NATO
  After NATO Summit, Turkey's Erdogan To Visit Nagorno-Karabakh
Saudis Say Halting Attacks on Yemen's Houthis
item The Frankenstein Monster of the West: The IDF and Israeli Militarism Run Amok  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Are There Cracks in the Cold War Consensus?  by James Carden
item How Opportunistic Mansour Abbas Joined Hands With Avowed 'Arab Killers'  by Ramzy Baroud
item A Wide World of War Porn  by Nick Turse
item US Is Positioning Syrian al-Qaeda's Founder as Its 'Asset'  by Ben Norton & Max Blumenthal
item How Israel Uses Disinformation To Delegitimize the Palestinian Cause  by Marc Owen Jones

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Yemen Houthis Gear Up for Sanaa Airport Reopening, Sources Say
Macron: Barkhane Mission Ending, French Presence to Stay in Sahel
UK: Pro-Palestine Activists Storm Runcorn Factory Supplying Israeli Drone Parts
Video: How Israel Bombed Gaza's Economy
Israeli Election: Coalitions Deals to Form New Anti-Netanyahu Government Go Down to Wire
Israel Said to Ask Egypt to Halt Entry of Cement, Building Materials Into Gaza
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Officers in 'Undercover Mission'
Israeli Court Postpones Silwan Forced Displacement Hearing
Israeli Army Chief of Staff Refuses Cuts to Military Budget
Palestinian Child Killed by Israeli Explosive in Gaza
Netanyahu Demand Not to Raze Illegal Outpost Rebuffed by Gantz
Silwan: 170 Members of a Palestinian Family Face Eviction in Three Neighborhoods
Amnesty Raises Alarm as Israel Shuts Palestinian Health Provider
Video Shows Jailers Assaulting Palestinians in Negev Prison
Israeli Army, Family of Officer Who Died in Military Prison Spar Over Releasing His Name
Jerusalem: Israeli Forces Attack Sit-In Against Expulsion of Palestinian Families
Violence Erupts at Old City Flashpoint as Israel's Ben Gvir Holds Protest
Palestinians Boycott Israeli Products for Palestine Economic Week
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed; 11 Yazidis Found in Mass Grave
Rockets Hit Near US Troops, Contractors in Iraq, No Casualties
Iraqi Villagers Bear Brunt of Turkey's Air Strikes in the North
US Says It Offers $3 Million for Information on Iraq Attacks
New Upgraded Shelters in Camp for Displaced Yezidis After Fire
As Iran Prepares to Vote, Its Battered Economy a Major Worry
Iran Judiciary Chief Stages 1st Campaign Rally Despite Virus
Russia to Supply Iran With Advanced Satellite
Iran and South Korea Inch Closer to Resumption of Trade
Louisiana Guardsman Dies After Non-Combat Incident in Syria
HTS Military Spokesman Killed by Rocket Attack in Idlib
Middle East
Soldier Deployed to Kuwait Dies in Noncombat Incident
Hundreds Protest in Bahrain Over Political Prisoner's Covid Death
Pompeo Says F-35 Sale to UAE Was 'Critical' to Abraham Accords
Russia Fined Facebook, Telegram for Unlawful Content
Russian Businessman Sought by US Is Pawn in Political Game: Lawyer
Man Who Slapped French President Macron Jailed for Four Months
Top NATO General Urges 'Alignment' Between US and European Sixth-Gen Fighter Plans
Venezuela Says Payments to Covax Vaccine System Blocked
Cuba Suspending Cash Bank Deposits in Dollars, Citing US Sanctions
Canada to Build $65 Million Warship Systems Facility
US Vows to Review Trade Cooperation With Nicaragua if Elections Unfair
The War at Home
US Govt Workers Can Return to Office Without Covid Jab
The US Is Banking on G7 Summit to Revitalize Transatlantic Ties
Supersonic Aircraft Tracked Off San Diego Coincided With Mysterious 'Skyquake'
US Military
US Cyber Command Wants More Money for Network Defense
Guardsman Killed in F-16c Crash Last Year Became Disoriented, Distracted, Safety Report Says
Austin, Milley Defend Weapons Cuts in Biden's Defense Budget
NORAD Wants $80 Million to Test SpacEx and OneWeb in the Arctic
NASA Doesn't Need To Test SLS Anymore, but the Senate Mandates It Anyway
USAF Evaluates Electric Vertical-Lift Aircraft in Medical Evacuation
DoD Desires More Funding to Boost Missile Defense in the Pacific in Wish List to Congress
Drone Used High Power Microwaves to Knock Down Other Drones in DARPA Demo
Turkey Should Pull Troops From Afghanistan Under 2020 Accord: Taliban Spokesman
Six Afghan Security Force Members Killed in Baghlan Car Bomb Attack
HCNR: No Consensus on Role of Afghan Supreme State Council
Advocates Pitch Biden on Evacuating Afghans Who Worked for the US to Guam
Clerics at Makkah Summit: Afghan War Has No Justification
Muslim World League to Host Afghan Peace Conference in Makkah
1.4m Afghans Returned From Iran in Past 18 Months: Ministry
China/Taiwan/South Korea
US, Taiwan Officials To Discuss Trade, Plan Meeting 'in Coming Weeks'
EU Vows to Shield Itself From Chinese Security Threats, Michel Says
China Tells South Korea: Resist Being Led Astray by US Indo-Pacific Strategy
UN Expert Says Myanmar Attacks Risk Humanitarian Tragedy
Myanmar Targets Aung San Suu Kyi With New Corruption Charges
The Americans Locked Up in Myanmar's Notorious Insein Prison
Twelve Killed in Myanmar Military Plane Crash
Pakistani Cleric Arrested Over Threats to Kill Malala Yousafzai
UN Official: Key Committee Says 350,000 in Famine in Ethiopia's Tigray Region
US Pushes UN Security Council to Publicly Address Ethiopia's Tigray
ICC Prosecutor Urges Sudan to Hand Over Darfur War Crime Suspects
Protests Erupt in Sudan After Petrol Subsidy Cuts
Central African Republic Prime Minister Firmin Ngrebada and Cabinet Resign
Burkina Faso Massacre Exposes Failure to Tackle Sahel Crisis
Algeria Opposition Activist Arrested Ahead of Polls: Family
Black Hawk's Stabilizing Device Failed Before Deadly Crash in the Sinai
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The Frankenstein Monster of the West: The IDF and Israeli Militarism Run Amok

Ramzy Baroud
Power at Any Cost: How Opportunistic Mansour Abbas Joined Hands with Avowed 'Arab Killers'

Scott Horton
How America Destroyed the Middle East

Daniel Larison
Flaws in US Iran Policy

Ray McGovern
Biden-Putin Summit: Boon or Bust?

Ted Galen Carpenter
Washington's Hypocritical Iran Obsession

Doug Bandow
Cut Military Spending, but Restrain Foreign Policy First

Ted Snider
Gaza: Gearing Up for the Next War

Dave DeCamp
After Gaza Slaughter, Israel Wants Another $1 Billion Out of the US

Sheldon Richman
About That 'Real Estate Dispute' in Sheikh Jarrah

Rick Rozoff
NATO's War Against Yugoslavia: The Ghost That Still Haunts Europe

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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