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Updated June 16, 2021 - 8:55 PM EDT
Biden, Putin Say Talks Went Well, Tensions Remain
Creating Enemies: China Reacts to NATO Targeting
  Despite Pushing Them Together, US Unhappy With Russia-China Ties
Pentagon Mulls New Anti-China Naval Task Force
  US Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Enters South China Sea
  China Sends 28 Warplanes Through Taiwan's ADIZ in Response to US
Israel Bombs Gaza First Time Since Ceasefire
  'Death to Arabs': Israeli 'Flag March' Features Anti-Palestinian Chants
Biden Prepares to Confront Putin
Turkey, Azerbaijan Sign Pact in Captured Karabakh City
Iran Says They Enriched 6.5 Kg of Uranium Up to 60%
Pentagon May Send Dozens of Troops Back to Somalia
UAE-Backed Group Claims Credit for Base on Yemen Island
item Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties  by Dave DeCamp
item US-Funded Media Spreads Bizarre Theory About Shi'a Muslims  by Matthew Petti
item Biden Is Not Our Ally, Only the People Will Liberate Palestine  by Mohammed Rafik Mhawesh
item Farewell to NATO
 by Daniel Larison
item Another NATO Summit, Another Endless Subsidy for Europe  by Doug Bandow
item Will Joe Biden Continue America's Delusional Cuba Policy?  by William M. LeoGrande

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South Korea Holds Naval Drills Amid Row Over Japan Olympics Map
Lawmakers Blast Acting Navy Secretary's Defunding of Nuclear Cruise Missile
Some Stolen US Military Guns Used in Violent Crimes
Israel-Palestine: Beatings, Arrests and Chants of 'Death to Arabs' at Far-Right March in Jerusalem's Old City
Dozens of Palestinians Rally on Gazan Border in Protest of Israeli March in Jerusalem
New Israel Government Vows Change, but Not for Palestinians
Israel's New Government: The Faces and Parties You Need to Know
Poll Shows 'Dramatic' Surge in Palestinian Support for Hamas After Gaza Fighting
Israel Kills Palestinian Child as Settlers Steal Land
Palestinian Officials Hold Sit-In Against Israel's Ban of Palestine TV in Jerusalem
IDF to Significantly Limit Controversial West Bank 'Home-Mapping' Operation
US & Israel/Palestine
A Majority Democratic Voters Support McCollum's Bill Promoting Palestinian Rights, but Less Than 13% of House Dems Back It
Ilhan Omar May Face Censure for Words on Israeli War Acts
Palestinians Said to Assemble New Peace Negotiating Team at Initiative of US
Biden Announces Nomination of Thomas Nides as US Ambassador to Israel
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Executes Man Arrested for Protesting as a Teenager
UK Minister in Saudi Arabia for Trade Talks on Same Day as Execution
Rights Groups Decry Saudi Execution of Man Accused of 'Rebellion'
Saudi Assassins Picked Up Illicit Drugs in Cairo to Kill Khashoggi
Judge: FBI Illegally Seized Emails of Suspected Saudi Spying Accomplice
Front-Runner for Iran Presidency Is Hardline Judge Sanctioned by US
Iranian Moderate Candidate: 'Positive Coexistence' May Yield Talks With US
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Iraqi Forces Shoot Down Two Drones in Baghdad
Iraqi Parliament Committee Visits Turbulent Border With Turkey
Iraqi Kurdish Authorities Must End 'Chilling' Protest Crackdown, Amnesty International Says
Syria's Last Aid Crossing in Balance as Biden to Meet Putin
Three Syrians Killed in Regime Shelling, Car Bomb Explosion
Turkey Captures 'Most Wanted' ISIS Militant Suspect in Syria
'Only the Basics': Everyday Staples Have Become Luxury Expenses in Syria
Middle East
Outgoing UN Yemen Envoy Hopes Oman Peace Efforts 'Bear Fruit'
Turkey's Government Is Jubilant After Erdogan-Biden Meeting, but the Lira Doesn't Agree
'We Need More' Before Ukraine Can Join NATO, Says Stoltenberg
Biden, Putin Won't Cut a Deal Behind Ukraine's Back, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Says
EU Denies Asking Police to Move Iran Protesters in Vienna
Switzerland to Spend $2.5 Billion in Military Upgrades
Serbia, Kosovo Restart EU-Brokered Talks, Remain Far Apart
UK MPs Debate Petitions Calling for Sanctions on Israel, Palestinian Statehood
After a 17-Year War Over Jet Subsidies, US and EU Eye a Truce
Mexican President Wants the National Guard to Become Part of Army
Haiti: Thousands Displaced as Gang Violence, Insecurity Escalate
The War at Home
Stolen Army Assault Rifles Keep Showing Up in California
Military Stumped by Stolen Box of Armor-Piercing Grenades
Hawaii-Based F-22s Scrambled on FAA's Request but Nobody Will Say Why
Cost of US Navy's Ship-to-Shore Connector Breaches Nunn-McCurdy Acquisition Law
Fort Hood Soldiers Caught Smuggling People in Texas
National Reconnaissance Office Launches Three Classified Satellites Off Virginia Coast
Biden Nominates Ken Salazar as Ambassador to Mexico
Attacks Target Polio Teams in East Afghanistan, Five Killed
20 Civilians Killed, 3 District Centers Fall in Past 24 Hours
Families of Slain Afghan Women Say Attacks on Civilians 'Systematic'
Citing Makkah, Protesters Urge Taliban to Stop Fighting
US Speeds Visas for Vulnerable Afghans as Pullout Looms, but Congress Wants More
EU Says China Is a Systemic Rival, Human Rights Is Main Issue
China Set to Send First Crew to New Space Station Thursday
China Says Radiation Levels Normal Around Taishan Reactor
Republicans Push to Sanction Chinese Officials Over Wuhan Lab Probe
Myanmar Militia Group Halts Attacks on Troops; Suu Kyi 'Confident' in Court
'Our Only Option': Myanmar Civilians Take Up Arms for Democracy
HRW Says UN Shared Rohingya Data Without Their 'Informed Consent'
Cambodian Officials Accuse US of Interference After Ream Naval Base Visit
Kim Warns of 'Tense' Food Situation, Longer Covid Lockdown
Philippines: International Court Probe of Drug Killings Is Insulting
Somalia's Army Camp Rocked by Deadly Suicide Attack
Kenya to Reopen Mogadishu Embassy 'As Soon as Possible'
Ethiopia UN Envoy Says Eritrea Troops to Leave Tigray 'Soon'
Arab States Call on UN Security Council to Meet Over Ethiopian Dam
Most Farmers in Ethiopia's Tigray Are Planting Crops, Says Govt After UN Famine Warning
Slain Italian Student Giulio Regeni's Last Messages Counter Egypt Spy Claims
Rights Groups Denounce Arrest of Retired Journalist Tawfik Ghanem
Tunisia Protests Against Police Brutality Spread to Capital's Suburbs
Tunisian Court Releases Media Mogul and Ex-Presidential Candidate Nabil Karoui
Sudan Says Progress Made in Peace Talks With Rebel Leader
Sudan Adjourns Peace Talks With Holdout Rebel Faction for 'Consultations'
Sudan's Prime Minister Warns of Risk of Chaos, Civil War
US-Led War Games Underway in Morocco Near Western Sahara
Algeria's FLN Wins Most Seats in Parliament
Ten Captives Freed by Islamist Militants in Northeast Nigeria
Mozambique Urged to Investigate Abduction of Rwandan Exile
Colombia Protest Leaders Suspending Weekly Protests
Car Bomb Explosion at Colombia Military Base Injures 36
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Dave DeCamp
Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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Farewell to NATO

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Another NATO Summit, Another Endless Subsidy for Europe

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Killing with Kindness: Somalia Sets a Precedent for US 'Humanitarian' Interventions

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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