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Updated June 17, 2021 - 9:19 PM EDT
House Votes to Repeal 2002 Iraq AUMF
  Schumer: Senate Will Vote To Repeal 2002 AUMF
  Conservatives Throw Weight Behind Repealing Iraq War AUMF
  Rep. Massie: Sell Off the US Embassy Compound, Get Out of Iraq
Biden, Putin Say Talks Went Well, Tensions Remain
  McGovern: Trust Lacking at Blah Summit
  Carden: Biden Heads Home With a Mixed Bag From Geneva
NATO's Mission: Alliance Against China, Russia
  Erdogan: Iran, Russia, Armenia Ignore Threat at Their Own Peril
  Belarus President: Prepared to Fight From House to House if Invaded
US To Decouple From China in Some Areas
  Beijing Says It Doesn't Fear US-EU Plans to Counter China
  US Ambassador to UN To Fight Against China 'Every Step of the Way'
IAEA Chief Wants Deal To Wait for New Iran Govt
  GCC Wants Iran's Missiles to Be Part of Nuclear Talks
item How To Lose a Country in 10 Years: The Burkina Faso Formula  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Congress Should Cut Military Aid to the Philippines  by William D. Hartung
item On 'Conflict,' 'Peace, Genocide'': Time for New Language on Palestine and Israel  by Ramzy Baroud
item Trust Lacking at Blah Summit  by Ray McGovern
item Biden Heads Home With a Mixed Bag From Geneva  by James Carden
item NATO: The Dangerous 'Defensive' Alliance Trying to Run the World  by Jon Schwarz

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UN Finds No Evidence of ISIS Control Over DR Congo Militia
German Soldiers Recalled From Lithuania Over Hitler Birthday Song
'Good Idea' – Philippines Duterte Mulls Vice Pres. Bid
US Envoy Says Criticism of Israel at UN Is 'Appalling'
Israeli Ministers Approve New Security Cabinet; Bennett Holds 1st Meeting With IDF Chief
Israel to Halt Nighttime 'Mapping' of Palestinian Homes
Israel to Expand Illegal Colony Near Nablus
New Coalition Unable to Extend Ban on Palestinian Family Reunification
Israeli Soldiers Shoot Dead Palestinian Woman Near Jerusalem
Sheikh Jarrah: Israel's Supreme Court Postpones Hearing on Expulsion of Palestinians
Israel's Former Attorney General Fights Settler Takeover of Old Family Home in Sheikh Jarrah
Palestinian Authority Forms Negotiation Team to Deal With New Israeli Government
Incendiary Balloons From Gaza Spark Fires in South for Second Day in a Row
Palestinian Dies of Wounds Sustained During Gaza Aggression in May
Palestinian Hurls Explosive at IDF Soldiers, Is Shot
Israel/Palestine & the World
Americans for Peace Now Urges Conditioning of Military Aid to Israel
Sudan 'Unhappy' With Israel Normalization as US Money 'Fails to Materialize'
Staff at University of Manchester Demand End to Tel Aviv University Ties
'Death-Defying': British Activist Climbs 200m Crane in Solidarity With Palestinians
King of Morocco Congratulates Bennett on Becoming Israeli PM; Putin Thanks Netanyahu
New Israeli Energy Minister Meets US Negotiator Over Lebanese Maritime Talks
Iran Field Narrows as Candidates Quit on Campaign's Last Day
Will the Outcome of Iran's Election Affect the Nuclear Deal?
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed
Iraq Stops 226 More Candidates Running in Elections Over 'Baathist Concerns'
Middle East
US Lawmakers Seek Answers After Removal of Sanctions on Assad-Linked Companies
France, Partners Seek Urgent Aid to Help Lebanese Army, Says French Official
Jordan Media Leak Confessions of Former Royal Aide Week Before Sedition Trial
El Salvador
El Salvador: A Pro-Israel President of Palestinian Descent Deepens Divide Among Diaspora
El Salvador Stresses to IMF That Both Bitcoin, Dollars Accepted
Colombian Soldier in Intensive Care, Two US Advisors Hurt by Car Bomb
'We Are Not Communists': Castillo Seeks to Allay Fears in Divided Peru
Firing Arrows, Indigenous People in Brazil Protest Bill Curtailing Land Rights
Nicaraguan Banker Arrested in Widening Crackdown
Bolivia Opposition Leader Mesa Slams Widening Coup Probe
Afghan Govt in Talks With Turkey Over Airport Security
Abdullah: Taliban Is Emboldened by US Pullout but Cannot Win
Afghan Forces Retake Center of Kunduz's Khan Abad District
Afghan MPs Question Govt's War Strategy as Security Worsens
Afghan Deminers to 'Continue to Save Lives' Despite Deadly Attack
Afghan Air Force MI-17 Helicopter Crashes in Jaghatu; Three Dead
China Blames Taiwan for Escalating Tensions
Pushing Against China, US Lawmakers Plan Pro-Taiwan Bill
China Launches First Three-Man Crew to New Space Station
China Says No Leak at Nuclear Plant, No Change to Detection Standards
Junta Troops Burn Myanmar Village in Escalation of Violence
Foreign Journalists Covering Tokyo Olympics to Be Tracked by GPS
US Envoy for North Korea to Visit South Korea for Three-Way Meeting: South Korean Official
Indonesia Purchasing Eight Frigates From Italy
German Woman Convicted of Joining ISIS, Hold Yazidi Slaves
Greenpeace Apologizes After Protester Parachutes Into Euro 2020 Stadium, Injuring Two
Media Scuffle Breaks Out at Biden-Putin Summit as Russian Security Intervenes
EU Agrees Additional Belarus Sanctions After Forced Ryanair Landing: EU Diplomat
Ukraine Unveils Upgraded Soviet-Era Anti-Tank Missile System
Rome Authorities Defuse Bomb Outside of Euro 2020 Match
Ethiopia Rejects Arab League Resolution on Renaissance Dam
Abiy Predicts Peaceful Ethiopia Vote as Campaign Wraps Up
Macron Pitches Biden on Plan to Get Foreign Fighters Out of Libya
New Mass Grave Discovered in Libya's Tarhuna
South Africa Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia and UAE Come Under Scrutiny
Algeria Elections: Ruling Party Ekes Ahead Amid Record Low Voter Turnout
Ex-Mayor Jailed for Eight Years Over Mexican Journalist's Murder
Two US Soldiers Charged With Smuggling Migrants From Mexico
The War at Home
Rick Scott Threatens to Delay National Security Nominees Until Biden Visits Border
Biden Administration Pushes for Boston Marathon Bomber Death Sentence
Air Force Begins Search for New Refueling Tanker as Lawmakers Push Airbus
NCIS Recovers C-4 Explosives Missing for Months From Marine Corps Base
US Army Fires Autonomous Launcher in Pacific Demo
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Ramzy Baroud
On 'Conflict,' 'Peace, and Genocide'': Time for New Language on Palestine and Israel

Ray McGovern
Trust Lacking at Blah Summit

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
How To Lose a Country in 10 Years: The Burkina Faso Formula

Dave DeCamp
Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

Daniel Larison
Farewell to NATO

Doug Bandow
Another NATO Summit, Another Endless Subsidy for Europe

Ted Galen Carpenter
Killing with Kindness: Somalia Sets a Precedent for US 'Humanitarian' Interventions

Ted Snider
Joe Biden and Latin American Question Marks

Scott Horton
How America Destroyed the Middle East

Sheldon Richman
About That 'Real Estate Dispute' in Sheikh Jarrah

Rick Rozoff
NATO's War Against Yugoslavia: The Ghost That Still Haunts Europe

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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