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Updated June 23, 2021 - 9:16 PM EDT
US Using Iran's Election To Sabotage JCPOA
  Justice Dept: Seized News Domains Were Violating Sanctions
US May Slow Afghanistan Withdrawal
  Taliban Continue Offensive, Seize Afghan Border Crossing
  Turkey Says Won't Send More Troops To Secure Kabul Airport
US, Ukraine To Lead 32-Nation Naval Exercise
  Putin Says NATO Expansion Is a 'Relic of the Cold War'
  Turkey to Upgrade Ukraine's Navy, Prepare It for NATO
US, UK, Dutch Warships Converge in Black Sea
  US Nuke-Capable Bombers End With Flight Through Arctic, Pacific
  US, NATO Train for Rapid Mobility of Troops, Armor in NE Europe
UK's New Carrier Launching Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq
  Iraq Shi'ite Militia's Bloc Seeks Political Dominance
North Korea's FM Says Not Considering Contacts With US
NATO Confirms Direct Role in Mali War
US Sends Another Warship Through the Taiwan Strait
Top EU Court Says Venezuela Can Sue Over Sanctions
Report: 90 Fighters Killed in Two Days in Yemen's Maarib
Saudi Operatives Who Killed Khashoggi Trained in US
item The Biden Administration Is Committed to Human Rights: Except When It Isn't  by Doug Bandow
item If Not Now, When Is a Good Time for a US Troop Withdrawal From Europe?  by Stephen Wertheim
item NYT Puts Slain Palestinian Children on the Front Page  by James North & Philip Weiss
item The Economic War on Iran Needs To End  by Daniel Larison
item The Afghan War Is Lost but US Still Tries to Keep a Foot in Its Door  by Bernhard
item There's Nothing Complicated About What's Happening in Palestine  by Asia Khatun

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Senate War Powers Vote Delayed Until at Least July
Can Mansour Abbas Save Palestinian Homes From Demolition?
How Israel Beefed Up Mount Scopus for 19 Years, in the Run-Up to the Six-Day War
Humans Now Testing the Army's Catch-All Covid Vaccine
Afghan Military Recaptures Three Districts in North as War Intensifies
Hundreds of Public Forces Deployed to Guard Mazar-E-Sharif
Taliban Attacks Prove Group Has Not Changed: Ghani Aide
UN Urges World to Push Afghanistan From Battlefield to Talks
Pakistan's Khan Says Taliban Cannot Win Over the Whole of Afghanistan
Germany's Laschet Sees No Need to Reverse China Policy Over Human Rights
Xi Jinping Calls on Finland as China, US Compete for European Hearts
After Biden, Blinken Back to Europe to Shore Up Western Unity Against China
In Further Blow to China's Huawei, Swedish Court Upholds 5G Sales Ban
More Than 40 Countries Call on China to Give UN Human Rights Chief Access to Xinjiang
Philippines Receives $3.8 Million in Weapons, Equipment From US
Myanmar Militias Vow to Take on Army After City Firefight
Kashmir: Police Officer Shot Dead in Kashmir
South Korea to Test Anti Ultra-Small Drone Radar System
Four Russia-Backed Separatists Killed in Ukraine's War-Torn East
Spanish Government Pardons Nine Catalan Separatist Leaders
Western Sanctions Bordering on a 'Declaration of Economic War', Says Belarus
French Spy-Tech Firms Accused of 'Complicity in Torture' in Libya and Egypt
UN Expert Says Eritrea Has 'Effective Control' in Parts of Tigray
Ethiopia's Tigray Crisis: Abiy Ahmed Denies Reports of Hunger
Sudan Asks UN Security Council to Meet Over Ethiopia's Blue Nile Dam
Sudan's PM Calls for Unified Military After Tensions Surface
Rights Group Urges US Congress to Question Egypt Intel Chief Over Khashoggi Murder
Egyptian Student Sentenced to Four Years in Prison After Arbitrarily Detained Over Thesis on Reproductive Rights in Egypt
Burkina Faso Troops Kill 11 Jihadists, Destroy Three Bases
Dozens of DR Congo's Rebels Lay Down Weapons in the East
Children's Drawings Shed Sinister Light on Cameroon Conflict
Aid Group Halts Work in Migrant Detention Centers in Libya
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
ISIS Group Targets Iraq's Electricity Supplies as Summer Temperatures Soar
Iran/Saudi Arabia
Iran Accuses US of Meddling for Criticizing Election
Saudi Arabia Presses IAEA Over Inspections of Iran's Nuclear Sites
Saudi Arabia to Judge Iran's Raisi by 'Reality on the Ground'
Saudi Arabia Agrees to Restart Pakistan Oil Deal to Curb Iranian Influence
Hamas-UN Talks Over Gaza's Humanitarian Situation Have 'Failed'
Lapid Confident West Bank Outpost Evyatar to Be Razed
Israeli Forces Target Palestinian Demonstrators in East Jerusalem
Israeli Forces Injure Palestinian Workers Near Apartheid Wall
Sheikh Jarrah: Far-Right Settlers Raid House of Palestinian Activist
Sheikh Jarrah: Israeli Forces Injure More Than 20 Palestinians in Occupied East Jerusalem
'Terrorist,' 'Fascist': MKs Hurl Insults at Knesset 'Occupation-Apartheid' Event
Hebron Activist Says He Was Arrested by PA Over Online Criticism
Israel/Palestine & the World
Axel Springer: German Publisher Tells Pro-Palestinian Staff to Quit
Lapid, Pelosi Discuss Bipartisan US Support for Israel in First Phone Call
In Rare Move, Apparently Under US Pressure, Israel Votes to Condemn China Abuses
Turkey Needs Further Help Handling Syrian Refugees, EU's Von Der Leyen Says
US Seeks to Extradite Turkish Businessman in Austria Over Fraud Charges
Middle East
Lebanon Raises Price of Bread for the Fifth Time in a Year
UAE 'Disappeared' and Deported Several Pakistani Shia Men
Jordan Coup Plot Accused Want Prince to Testify: Lawyer
Police Tear Gas Indigenous Protest for Land Rights in Brazil
Journalist Killed in Northern Mexico, 4th This Year
In Pictures: Colombia Protests Sharpen Cali's Class War
With Venezuela's Economy in Crisis, Cryptocurrency Fills Gaps
US Military
Mental Health Issues Accounted for One-Third of Military Medevacs From Mideast in 2020
Joint Chiefs Warn Against Sweeping Reform to Military Justice System
Cash-Strapped National Guard Warns It Will Be Forced to Cancel Training, Ground Aircraft
Air Force Grapples With Enduring Pilot Shortage as Airlines Begin to Rehire
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How To Lose a Country in 10 Years: The Burkina Faso Formula

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NATO's War Against Yugoslavia: The Ghost That Still Haunts Europe

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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The FBI vs.

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