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Updated June 29, 2021 - 9:04 PM EDT
Iraqi Militias Agree to Suspend Attacks if US Does
  US Strike Killed Child, Wounded Three Civilians at Iraq-Syria Border
  Iraqi Govt Seeks Legal Options to Prevent More US Attacks
  Biden's Strikes Fuel New Debate on Iraq War Powers
Warmongering British Actions in the Black Sea
  Britain vs. Russia: The Danger of Believing Your Own Propaganda
  Boris Johnson, the Pyromaniac Prime Minister
Biden: Attack on Iraq Militia Is 'Message to Iran'
  Biden Assures Israeli President He Won't Allow Nuclear Iran
  Iran: No Decision on Deleting Nuclear Surveillance Footage
House Repeals 1991 and 1957 War Authorizations
Interim Govt of Tigray Flees as Rebels Seize Capital
NATO Unaccountable for War Crimes in Yugoslavia: Russia
item Feds Are Using 'Disinformation' as a Pretext to Silence Foreign Policy Dissent  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Biden's Lawless Bombing of Iraq and Syria Only Serves the Arms Industry  by Glenn Greenwald
item I Was Waiting for My Turn to Be Bombed  by Zahra Shaikha
item Warmongering British Actions in the Black Sea  by Craig Murray
item Britain vs. Russia: The Danger of Believing Your Own Propaganda  by Ron Paul
item The Afghan Army We Tried, but Failed to Build  by John Allen Gay

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CNN Workers Mad at News Chief's Conflict of Interest Over Israel Ambassador Pick
UN Peacekeeping Missions Prepare for Possible Shutdown
F-35B From UK Carrier Flies Over Russians Training to Sink Enemy Warships
Palestinian Auth. Crackdown
Palestinian Authority Forces Attack Journalists Covering Nizar Banat Protests
Watch: Anti-PA Protests Continue After Police Violence
Palestinian Media Rally for Protection Outside UN Ramallah Building After Activist Nizar Banat's Death
Palestine Journalists Syndicate Urges Mass Media to Boycott PA (video)
Qatar-Funded Fuel Enters Gaza Via Israel for First Time Since May Fighting
Gazans Demand Easing More Israeli Restrictions
After Complaints From Local Residents, Police Limit Protests at Israeli PM's Home
Dozens of Jewish Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israel Postpones Vote on Law Barring Thousands of Palestinian Families From Uniting
Israeli Army to Evacuate Illegal Outpost Near Nablus
In Compromise, Israeli Settlers to Leave Illegal Outpost Until Land Rights Resolved
Israel Plans Road Connecting West Bank Settlements to Jerusalem
Israeli Activists Raise Funds for Palestinian Shot, Paralyzed by IDF
Israel-Egypt: Sisi and Bennett Agree to Meet During First Call
Ultra-Orthodox Blamed for Defacing Female Holocaust Survivor's Portrait at Jerusalem Exhibit
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Security Personnel Killed
Outrage After Iraqi Kurdistan Court Upholds Jail Sentences for Journalists, Activists
Idlib Braces as a Crossing to Syria Prepares to Close
'This Is Untenable': US Says Foreign ISIS Fighters Need to Be Repatriated From Syria
SDF Chief Calls for Repatriation of Foreign Nationals in Syria Ahead of Coalition Meeting
Turkey Will Not Extradite Egyptian Dissidents Who Hold Turkish Citizenship
Turkey to Begin Mass Production of First Unmanned Vessel, the 'Ulaq'
Middle East
'Catastrophe' Warning as Lebanese Officials Lift Fuel Subsidies
UAE Sets Deadline for Italy to Vacate Airbase, Italian Government Source Says
Ukraine, US Launch Black Sea Drills Despite Russian Protest
UK Financial Regulator Bans World's Largest Crypto Exchange
Russian Court Upholds Nine-Year Sentence for US Ex-Marine Reed
Freed Catalan Separatist Leader Junqueras Says No Quid Pro Quo to Pardons
Belarus Freezes Migrant Cooperation Deal Over EU Sanctions
Italy Says Its Relations With US Far More Important Than With China
Canada Deploys First Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship
Mexico High Court Mandates Permits for Personal Pot Use
The War at Home
Senate Democrat Introduces Bill to Protect Journalists From Government Surveillance
Judge Dismisses State, Federal Antitrust Suits Against Facebook
US Supreme Court Rejects Contractor's Abu Ghraib Torture Appeal
Moderate Democrats Rebuke Defense Budget Cuts
YouTube 'Mistakenly' Suspends Right Wing Watch, Reinstates Channel
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Says Federal Marijuana Laws May Be Outdated
Baltimore's Controversial Surveillance Plane Program Ruled Unconstitutional
Navy Offers Glimpse of Its Submarine-Launched Mine Capabilities in the Mediterranean
Four District Centers Fall, Afghan Forces Secure Kunduz City
Violence Intensifies Across Afghanistan's Central and Northern Provinces
US Pledged 37 Black Hawks, 2 Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft to Afghanistan
Afghan People Will Defend Country if War Imposed: Abdullah
One Civilian Killed, Four Wounded in Nangarhar Blast
Afghan Police Officer Killed in Roadside Mine Blast
8,000 Afghan Families Displaced in Baghlan in Three Weeks
Pakistan Minister: Families of Afghan Taliban Live in Islamabad
China/Hong Kong
China Urges India to Make a Move to Ease Border Tensions
Hong Kong National Security Police Have Watch List of Residents to Be Arrested if They Try to Flee, Sources Say
North Korean State TV Acknowledges Kim Jong Un's 'Emaciated Looks'
South Korea to Develop 'Iron Dome'-Style Defense System to Counter North's Artillery
TikTok Suspended in Pakistan Once Again
India Says Two Drones Intercepted Over Kashmir Base
Google Takes Down Maps Targeting Hundreds of Thais Accused of Opposing King
US Funds Indonesian Maritime Training Center at Edge of South China Sea to Counter 'Domestic and Transnational Crime'
Ethiopia Declares Immediate, Unilateral Ceasefire in Tigray
UNICEF Accuses Ethiopian Troops of Targeting Its Tigray Office
At Least 30 Killed in Al Shabaab Attack in Somalia
Burundi Gunmen Kill 18 in Convoy Ambush, Some Victims Burnt Alive
DR Congo Blames Islamist Militia for Dual Blasts in Eastern City
Russia Denies Its Personnel Involved in Central African Republic Killings
Italy Calls for African Task Force to Tackle Growing ISIS Threat
Libya's Stateless Ethnic Minorities and an Upcoming Election
Ivory Coast Ex-Leader Gbagbo Says ICC Biased and 'Not Serious'
Algeria: Former MP Charged With 'Insulting' Figures of National Anti-Colonial Struggle
Uganda Charges Two Suspects Over Attempted Assassination of Minister
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The Economic War on Iran Needs To End

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Please! Someone Set Biden Straight on China 'Squeezing' Russia

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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How America Destroyed the Middle East

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About That 'Real Estate Dispute' in Sheikh Jarrah

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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The FBI vs.

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