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Updated July 1, 2021 - 8:40 PM EDT
Iraqi PM Expresses Anger Over Biden's Airstrikes
  In Iraq, an Old US Foe Grows His Political Power
  Persian Gulf Outpost: NATO Summons Iraqi Leaders to Headquarters
Iran Wants US Guarantee To Honor Nuclear Deal
  Iran's Former Nuclear Negotiator Reportedly Tapped as New FM
US Is Days Away From Afghanistan 'Withdrawal'
  Most European Troops Have Already Pulled Out of Afghanistan
US Sent Spy Plane in UK Black Sea Provocation
  Blinken Claims US Wants ‘Predictable’ Relationship With Russia
  NATO Practices Sinking Russian Submarines in the Arctic
  Ukraine Deploys Turkish Smart Drone in Black Sea War Games
  NATO Tests Integration of Combat Aircraft Over Baltic
Donald Rumsfeld, Killer of 400,000 People, Dies Peacefully
PA Seeks Israeli Munitions To Use Against Protesters
item Manufactured Mission: The Iraq & Syria Forever War-Factories  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Vacuous Phrase at the Core of Biden's Foreign Policy
 by Peter Beinart
item MBS, Saudi 'Reform' Exposed by Execution of Teenage Protester  by Sevag Kechichian
item Can the President Kill?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item When Boss Orders Act of War, Flacks Put on an Act for Him  by Paul W. Lovinger
item America's Defense Industry Is a Corrupt, Incompetent Mess  by Chris Nagavonski

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Putin Says US Sanctions on Russia 'Even Did Us Good'
Over 100 Groups Demand Biden End 'Unlawful' Drone Strikes Outside War Zones
Bennett Says Israel Will Never Hold Back Against Enemies 'Near and Far'
The War at Home
Maine Passes the Strongest State Facial Recognition Ban Yet
NSA Surveillance Program Still Raises Privacy Concerns Years After Snowden Exposed It, Says Watchdog Member
Biden Accused of Dragging Feet Over Americans Held Hostage Overseas
Biden Nominates Academic Gutmann as US Envoy to Germany: Sources
US Military
Pentagon Official Placed on Leave Over Allegations of Unauthorized Release of Classified Info
Navy Won't Investigate Eddie Gallagher After SEAL Admits to Nursing ISIS Fighter to Death on Podcast
Virgin Orbit Modified 747 Plane Launches Four US Military Satellites Into Space
New Radar Method Could Reveal Space Junk, Super Fast Missiles, Objects Behind Walls
Wyoming-Based Nuclear Missile Force Gets New Commander
Crews Find More Partial Human Remains From 1952 Military Crash in Alaska
US Wants to See Taliban Return to Afghan Peace Process: Pentagon
Afghan Civilians Take Up Arms as US-Led Forces Leave
Afghanistan's Survival in Jeopardy: Abdullah
Baghlan Residents: Taliban Using Homes as Fighting Positions
Italian Forces Hand Over Military Camp in Herat to Afghan Military
Afghan Military Recaptures Parwan's Shinwari District From Taliban
As US Troops Leave, Afghanistan Buried Under American Trash
Afghans Who Worked for France Get a Chance at Asylum – and Spark an Exodus
Press Freedom in Danger: Afghan Vice President Danish
Pakistan Won't Fix Ties With India Until It Reverses Decision on Kashmir: Imran Khan
Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Firing Along Afghanistan Border
UN Chief Asks India to End Use of Pellet Guns on Kashmir Children
Washington and Beijing Set Out Competing Visions of International Cooperation at G20 Meeting
China's Xi Pledges 'Reunification' With Taiwan on Party's Birthday
Taiwan, US Resume Trade Talks With Commitment to Meetings and Cooperation
Taiwan Tells US It Hopes to Sign Free Trade Deal
Myanmar's Army Rulers Threaten Those Who Call Them Junta
Myanmar Court Denies Bid by Suu Kyi to Disqualify Testimony
Myanmar to Release 2,000 Prisoners, Drops Charges Against Actors
Burkina Faso
What Does End of France's Barkhane Mission Mean for Burkina Faso?
Burkina Faso President Takes on Defense Role Amid Security Crisis
EU Agrees Military Training Mission for Mozambique
Libyan PM Seeks to Reassure Cairo on Turkish Military Presence During Visit
UN Prolongs Mali Peacekeeping Mission, Calls for February Vote
Politician Killed in Northwest Nigeria as Security Crisis Worsens
Angola's Debts to Western Oil Companies Reach $1 Billion
Algeria: Former Finance Chief Named as New Prime Minister
Sudan Protesters Demand Govt Step Down Over Economic Reforms
Tensions Run High in Eswatini (Swaziland) as Pro-Democracy Protests Continue
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 88 Killed
Iraqi PMF Militia Chief Says Ready to Take Revenge on American Troops After US Bombing
Iraqi Officials: Explosion at Busy Baghdad Market Wounds 15
Iraq Requests Turkey to Contribute to Building Major Dam Project in Iraq
Four Iraqi Protesters Injured; Electricity Minister Resigns as Power Cuts Grip Amid Scorching Summer Temperatures
UN Chief Urges US to Remove Iran Sanctions as Agreed in 2015
President-Elect Raisi Set to Face Divisions Among Conservatives
Iran Oil Workers Strike for Better Wages as Economy Suffers
Iran Says Executing Child Offenders Not a Rights Violation
Thousands of Palestinians Swept Up in Israeli Arrest Campaign
Criticism of Palestinian Security Forces Raises Pressure on Abbas
Under the Rubble: Survivors of Israel's Bombing of Al-Wahda Street Speak
Israeli Govt and Settlers Reach Deal Over West Bank Outpost, Palestinians Angered
Israel Unveils Long-Range Autonomous Missile System
Jewish Settlers Chop Trees, Steal Water Pump in West Bank Village
Israel/Palestine & the World
'Illegal Even Under Israeli Law': US Pans Establishment of New Evyatar Outpost
Hamas, Israel in Egypt for Mediated Discussions on Prisoner Release
German President Claims ICC Has No Jurisdiction Over Israel
Israel Urging US to Delay Plans to Reopen Consulate Until New Govt Stabilizes
In UAE Visit, Israeli Minister Builds Ties After Gaza War
UAE Foreign Minister: Peace With Israel Will Grow Despite Change in Government
Russia Says 'Non-Starter' to Allow Syria Aid Through Iraq
Family Accuses Syria Kurdish Force of Torturing Son to Death
Red Cross Reveals That Children Held in Northeast Syria Prisons
Gunmen Assassinate Party Activist in Yemen
Model Subjected to Unfair Trial and 'Virginity Test' Threats by Houthis
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Intel Chief Who Saved US Lives Was Detained, Allegedly Mistreated by Saudi Government
Saudi Arabia Plans New National Airline in Move Away From Oil
Lebanon Army Offers Tourists Helicopter Joyrides
Tigray Forces Hunt Down Retreating Ethiopian-Eritrean Troops
Ethiopia Downplays Loss of Tigray Capital to Rebel Forces
Trapped in Ethiopia's Tigray, People 'Falling Like Leaves'
TPLF Says Ethiopian Govt Claim of Mekelle Withdrawal a 'Lie'
Swiss Pick US F-35 Jet and Patriot Missiles for Defence Needs
UK to Assess Israeli Active Protection Systems on Challenger Tank
Germany Says to Buy Boeing Maritime Patrol Aircraft for 1.1 Billion Euros
Pictures: Violent Protests Erupt in Colombia Anew Over 'Egregious Abuses'
Venezuelan Tycoon Sues US to Lift Narcotics Sanctions
Haitian Journalist, Activist Killed in Port-Au-Prince Shootings
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