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Updated July 2, 2021 - 9:55 PM EDT
US Forces Leave Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan
  ‘Talk About Happy Things’: Biden Cuts Off Questions on Afghanistan
  US Keeping Airstrike Option Open in Afghanistan Until September
  June Was Deadliest Month in Afghanistan in Two Decades
  One Month, 700 Trucks: US Military Vehicles Fall Into Taliban Hands
Russia: Iran Talks Parties Need More Time
  Iran's President Says Biden Is Continuing Trump's Economic Warfare
  Iran Restricted IAEA Inspectors After Nuclear Site Attack
CSTO Warned of NATO's Final Assault on Ex-Soviet Nations
  Turkey Expanding Multinational Turkic Council to Counteract CSTO
US Shutters Major Army Bases in Qatar, Moves to Jordan
Japan, Philippines to Hold Air Exercises With Eye on China
item 'Merciless War Criminal' and
Ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Dead at 88
 by Brett Wilkins
item I Was a Prosecutor at Gitmo. Close the Prison Now.  by Omar Ashmawy
item Bombing Afghanistan After the Troops Are Gone  by Eve Ottenberg
item FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart  by Craig Murray
item Mike Gravel and an Ongoing Road to Courage  by Matthew Hoh
item Palestinian Authority Forces Are Israel's Foot Soldiers  by Tamara Nassar

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AP Photographer Says Israeli Troops Used Him as Human Shield During Clashes
Nuclear Weapon Skeptics Face Turbulent Path to Rein in the Pentagon
Jordan's King Abdullah Heads to US to Meet Biden
Russia Foiled ISIS Attacks in Moscow, Astrakhan
Baghlan: Military Pushes Back Taliban in 2 Areas of Pul-E-Khumri
Mortar Hits Residence of Atta Noor, Ex-Governor of Afghanistan's Balkh Province
Pakistan Can Be US's Partner in Afghan Peace, Not Conflict: Khan
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Xi Jinping: China's Goals Within Reach and We Won't Be Bullied
China's Xi Jinping Vows to Crush Attempts to Thwart 'Complete Reunification' With Taiwan
Hong Kong Policeman Was Stabbed in 'Lone Wolf' Attack: Security Chief
Activists, Journalists Included in Myanmar Prisoner Release
Detained US Journalist Says He Is Okay as Myanmar Case Adjourned
UN to Myanmar Military: Now Release Aung San Suu Kyi
Myanmar Protesters Burn Army Uniform Five Months After Coup
UN Secretary General Urges Myanmar Military to Release All 'Arbitrarily Detained' Prisoners
US Ends Military Academy Program for Cambodia Amid Strained Ties
US Coast Guard on Guam Now at Full Strength After Cutter Frederick Hatch's Arrival
Pakistan Suspends 70 Paramilitary Troops for Refusing Vaccine
Russian Navy Conducts Live Fire Exercise in Black Sea as Ukraine, NATO Drill
Russia Summons Czech Ambassador Over Compensation Demands for 2014 Blast: Tass
US Envoy to Russia Says He Held Positive Meeting With Deputy Foreign Minister: RIA
Italian Navy Aircraft Carrier to Get First F-35b 'In a Few Days'
Bridge Key to Delivering Aid to Ethiopia's Tigray Destroyed
Ethiopia Urges Tigray Rebels to Join Ceasefire, Hostilities Persist
UN Security Council Likely to Meet Next Week on Ethiopia Dam
French Tech Firm Charged Over Libya Cyber-Spying
Caught on Camera: Libyan Coastguard Shoots at Migrant Boat
10 Killed in Overnight Attack on Eastern DR Congo City of Beni
Seven Killed in Central African Republic Rebel Attack
Uganda Links Islamist Rebels to Attempted Murder of Minister
Algerian Opposition Party Head Arrested for 'Insulting President'
Eswatini (Swaziland) Army Called in to Curb Looting at Anti-King Riots
Sudan Protesters Call for Civilian Rule Amid Disputes Over Army's Role
Egypt Extends Detention of Muslim Cleric Yousef Al-Qaradawi's Daughter
UN Expert Urges Morocco to Stop Targeting Activists Over Western Sahara
Central American Officials Blacklisted by US as Part of Corruption Crackdown
Two Paramedics Murdered in Mexico While Transporting Patient
Colombia's Duque Looks to Get Tough on Vandalism, Critics Decry Attack on Protests
Among Iraqis, the Name Rumsfeld Evokes Nation's Destruction
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 88 Killed
Iraq PM Reels in Activists, Journalists as Candidates for Upcoming Election
Iranian Navy Kicks Off Military Drill in Caspian Sea
German President to Rivlin: Our Aim Is to Prevent Iranian Nukes
Israel Arms Sales: Court Decision Ends Hopes for Transparency
Shin Bet Informants 'Leading Serious Violence in Palestinian Communities', Senior Israeli Police Officer Says
Israeli Settlers 'Still Building' as Departure From Mount Sabih Looms
Israeli Military's TikTok Attempt to Make Propaganda Cool
Activist Nizar Banat's Death 'Unnatural': Palestinian Authority
'I Thought I Was Going to Die': Palestinians Recount Night of Torture in Israeli Police Custody
Israeli Army to Take Over Illegal Outpost in West Bank in Deal With Settlers
Israeli Soldier Stabbed in Occupied West Bank
After 2 Weeks of Quiet, Arson Balloons Launched From Gaza Start 4 Fires in South
On International Day of Parliamentarism, Israel Continues to Detain Palestinian MPs
Bedouin MK Seeks Change for Community Through 'Experiment' of Joining Government
Israel/Palestine & the World
America's Largest Teachers Union to Consider Resolutions Condemning Israel
Political Alliance Demands PA Leaders Resign as European Envoys Urge Answers Over Banat Death
European Court Rejects Attempt to Reopen Investigation Into Yasser Arafat's Death
UN Human Rights Chief Urges Palestinian Authority to Allow Protests
Lapid: Israel Seeks to Normalize Ties Throughout Middle East
Israel's Lapid in Joint Op-Ed With Emirati FM: We Must Urge Other States to Join Us
France: West Will Stop Syria Aid if No Delivery Cross-Border
Syria: No New Deal on Idlib With Russia and Turkey, Says Official
US Adds Turkey to List of Countries Implicated in Use of Child Soldiers
Turkey: Court Rules That Rights of Opposition MP Were Violated
Turkey Formally Quits European Treaty to Prevent Violence Against Women
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Houthi Drones 'Shot Down' by Yemeni Military in Marib Region
Saudi Donates $60 Mln to Stave Off Yemen Famine
Kuwait Gets Thumbs Up for $445m Military Vehicle Package
US Military
Prepare for Mandatory Covid Vaccines in September, Army Tells Commands
Navy Pulls Plug on $500 Million Railgun Effort
Army's $10 Billion Barracks Plan in Jeopardy, Lawmakers Fear
Lockheed Designing Combat System for New US Navy Frigates
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The Iron Fist Is in Place: Azerbaijan's War – an Historical Parallel

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'Putting Lipstick on a Pig': Why Washington Is Fawning Over Israel's New Government

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Please! Someone Set Biden Straight on China 'Squeezing' Russia

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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Joe Biden and Latin American Question Marks

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How America Destroyed the Middle East

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About That 'Real Estate Dispute' in Sheikh Jarrah

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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