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Updated July 4, 2021 - 8:25 PM EDT
Pentagon Sets Military Command for Afghanistan
  US Forces Leave Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan
  ‘Talk About Happy Things’: Biden Cuts Off Questions on Afghanistan
  Turkey Says No Decision Made Yet on Kabul Airport Plans
China, India Mass Forces at Disputed Border
  Is China Building a Vast Network of Nuclear Missile Silos?
Ukraine FM: NATO Would Defeat Russia in Black Sea War
  Belarus Seals Off Border With Ukraine, Warns of Repeat of 1941
  Backed by NATO, Georgia Won't Pledge Not to Wage Caucasus War
US: Situation in Iraq/Syria Could Lead to ISIS Resurgence
State Dept 'Horrified' by Houthi Offensive in Yemen
item The US in Afghanistan: It Was Always Going to End This Way  by Elizabeth Shackelford
item Bennett's Political Theater:
The Decisive Israeli-Palestinian Fight Ahead
 by Ramzy Baroud
item Why Ukraine Is a Dangerous and Unworthy Ally  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item The Stryker Is a 'Deathtrap' but You're Paying for It Anyway  by Mark Perry

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UN-Backed Libya Talks Fail to Reach Consensus
Russia Denies Latest US, UK Hacking Allegations
US Attorney General Freezes Federal Executions
US Lawmaker Urges Biden to End Israel's Expulsions of Palestinian Families
23 Killed in Taliban Attacks in Badakhshan, Baghlan: Sources
US Seeks Refuge for Afghan Staff as It Hands Over Key Base
Almost as Soon as the US Military Left Its Biggest Airbase in Afghanistan, Looters Rolled In
Bagram: The Soviet-Built Air Strip That Became America's Main Afghan Base
'Hundreds' of Afghan Troops Deployed to Protect Border Town in North
Afghanistan on Agenda as Blinken Meets Uzbek, Tajik Ministers
An Afghan Engineer Who Served the US Military Had His Visa Denied Because the State Department Can't Reverify His Kidnapped Supervisor's Support
China Accuses EU of Making 'Unacceptable' Demands Over Xinjiang Visit
Mainland Chinese Magazine Outlines How Surprise Attack on Taiwan Could Occur
US Treasury Sanctions 22 Linked to Myanmar Military
Six Killed in Surge of Unrest in Indian Kashmir
With 2% Convictions, India's Terror Law More a 'Political Weapon'
Pakistan's Khan Backs China on Uighurs, Praises One-Party System
EU Border Guards Sent to Lithuania Amid Belarus Migrant Crisis
Belarus Oppositionists Cry Foul After 'Embassies' Suspended on Twitter
Twitter Unblocks Accounts of Belarus 'Embassies' It Suspended
US House Panel Passes Amendment to Stop Sanctions Waiver on Nord Stream 2
Azerbaijan Gives Jail Terms to 14 Armenian Soldiers
Germany to Upgrade Infantry Fighting Vehicles in $1.2 Billion Contract
Romanian Black Sea Refinery Blast Kills One, Injures Five
No Trial for British Soldier Charged Over 'Bloody Sunday' Killings in Northern Ireland
Around 4000 Potentially Tortured by Both Sides During Ukrainian Conflict: United Nations
Libya Coastguard Filmed Shooting at Boat Carrying People Across Mediterranean
Libyan Navy Acknowledges Dangerous Chase of Migrant Boat
After Sudden Defeat, Captured Ethiopian Soldiers Are Marched to Prison
Ethiopia Says Won't 'Suffocate' Tigray as UN Clamors for Access
Ethiopia Denies Blocking Aid to Tigray, World Food Program Resumes Operations
Sudan and Ethiopia's Dispute in Fertile Border Area Threatens Regional Stability
UN Urges Morocco, Polisario Front to Accept Candidate for West Sahara Post
Russia Rejects UN Accusations Against Its Instructors in Central African Republic
As Tension Prevails, Relatives Mourn Eswatini (Swaziland) Crackdown Victims
Egypt Investigates Hundreds of Police for Graft
Lawyer for Biafran Separatist Alleges Abuse; Kenya Denies Involvement
US Drops Sanctions on Three Iranians, Says Step Unrelated to Nuclear Talks
Biden Urged to Secure Release of Hostages in Iran in Nuclear Deal Talks
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
Iraq: ICC Urged to Reopen Case on UK War Crimes
Iraqis Protest Over Power, Water Cuts Amid Heat Wave
What Would the Collapse of Lebanon's Army Mean?
Lebanese Judge Goes After Top Officials, Including Outgoing PM, Over Port Blast
Bennett: If Required to Use Force, Israel Will Be More Lethal Than Ever
Dozens Injured as Israeli Forces Attack West Bank Protests
Nizar Banat: PA Fires Head of Palestinian Library After He Condemns Assassination
Israel Bombs Hamas Site in Gaza Over Fire Balloons
Jewish Settlers Take Over Palestinian Home in Silwan
Palestinian Women Journalists Speak Out Against 'Deliberate' Attacks by PA Forces
Palestinians Defy 'Precursor to Mass Displacements'
Israeli Settlers Leave Illegal West Bank Outpost After Govt Deal Paving Way for Military Presence
Palestinians' Rage Grows – Against Their Own Governing Authority
Family's Agony as Palestinian Detainee Continues Hunger Strike
Israel/Palestine & the World
UK Labour Party Tries to Intimidate The Electronic Intifada
Serbia Hesitates Over Jerusalem Embassy Move
Israeli Weapons Used to Kill Global Environmental Activists Worldwide
Israeli PM Bennett Agrees to Sell Jordan With an Extra 50 Million Cubic Meters of Water Per Year
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi-Led Coalition Says It Intercepted Houthi Drone From Yemen
Entisar Al-Hammadi: Jailed Yemeni Model Reportedly Attempts Suicide
Middle East
Human Chain in Northern Syria to Keep Border Crossing Open
Turkey to Make Its Own Maritime Missile-Launching System After Sanctions Interrupt Lockheed Plans
Rights Groups Demand Release of 'UAE 94' Prisoners on Anniversary of Infamous Trial
Brazilian Potential Presidential Candidate Announces He Is Gay
Venezuelan Police Detain Head of Human Rights Group
US Military
The Space Force Has Its First Marines – and Soldiers and Sailors
Space Force Plans to Place New Early Warning Satellites Into Non-Traditional Orbits Closer to Earth
Verdict: Marine Raider Guilty in Death of Green Beret Staff Sergeant
Biden to Nominate Environmental Lawyer as Assistant Army Secretary
Pentagon Commission Finds 'Quite a Lot of Tolerance' for Sexual Assault Despite Leaders' Claims of 'Zero Tolerance'
Biden Backs Pentagon Effort to Remove Sex Assault Cases From Military Command Chain
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Federal Authorities Are Using 'Disinformation' as a Pretext To Silence Foreign Policy Dissent

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