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Updated July 5, 2021 - 9:08 PM EDT
Iran Denies Links to Iraqi Militia's Attack on US
  Former Israeli General: Iran Closer Than Ever to Nuclear Bomb
Afghanistan: US Spies Scramble for Options
  Pentagon Sets Embassy-Based Military Command for Afghanistan
NATO Drill Practiced Strafing Russian Ships
  Kremlin Accuses US of Engineering June's Black Sea Provocation
  Pakistani Navy Participates in US-NATO Black Sea War Games
  Algeria: NATO's Permanent Naval Patrols in the Mediterranean
Turkey Allows Qatar To Base Warplanes, Troops
  Turkey Exports Striker Armored Vehicles for First Time – To Kosovo
  Turkic Superstate in Caucasus, Central Asia Under NATO Tutelage
Strike Hits South Yemen Base, Killing Five; Houthis Blamed
item Are the Recent US Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria Really 'Defensive'  by Jeff Schogol
item Media Applaud New Cold Wars – but Could US Be More Aggressive, Please?  by Gregory Shupak
item Israel Is Torn Between 'Temporary' and Permanent Apartheid  by Jonathan Ofir
item Independence Day 2021: Needed, a Foreign Policy for a Republic  by Doug Bandow
item Biden's Empire Moment
 by Curt Mills
item Why Ostpolitik With Russia Runs Along East-West Euro Divide  by James Carden

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GOP House Members Want FBI to Probe BDS Movement
Texas Soldier Who Shot Protester Indicted on Murder Charge
Biden Launches Effort to Bring Back Deported Vets
Egypt Opens Mediterranean Naval Base
Afghan Forces Will Soon Switch to Offensive Stance: Official
Magnetic Mine Blast in Kandahar Governor's Compound Kills Two
Afghan Forces Brace for Attacks on Major Cities, Highways, Border Areas
Dozens of Ghor Women Take Up Arms in Support of Afghan Forces
Taliban Seizes Key Districts in Afghanistan as Gov't Forces Flee Into Tajikistan
Families Flee as Taliban Seize Key District in Kandahar
Afghan Religious Scholars Call Ongoing War Illegitimate
Radar, Flight Guidance Systems Operational at Bagram Airfield
China/Hong Kong
China Blames US for Conflicts From Afghanistan to Iran
China Bill Delayed in US House Amid Partisan Wrangling
How China Grew From Buyer to Major Arms Trade Player
China and Russia Pledge Cooperation on Data Security, Arctic Sea Route
Hong Kong Police Warn Residents Against Mourning Man Who Stabbed Officer
First Astronauts at China's New Space Station Conduct Spacewalk
Why Is China So Keen to Get Involved in Britain and Argentina's Dispute Over the Falklands?
Myanmar Forces Kill 25 in Raid on Town, Residents and Media Say
After Pressuring Telecom Firms, Myanmar's Junta Bans Executives From Leaving
Myanmar Protesters Burn Junta Leader's Images on His Birthday
Pakistan Says India Was Behind June Bomb Blast in Lahore
Pakistani Policeman Accused of Killing Man Acquitted of Blasphemy
South Korea Conducts Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Test
Russian Envoy Shows Opposition to US Plans for Regional Bases in Central Asia
Philippine Military's Worst Air Disaster Kills 50, Wounds 49
Nepal Protesters Burn Prime Minister's Effigy
Sri Lanka Tightens Foreign Currency Outflows
France Hopes Deporting More Alleged Radicals Will Bring Security
France's Le Pen: We Will Not Return to the Old National Front
Azerbaijan Hands Over 15 Armenian Prisoners in Return for Minefield Maps
Warships HMS Defender, HNLM Evertsen Leave Black Sea
New German ID Cards: More Control, Less Freedom?
Face Masks to Become a Personal Choice in England, Minister Says
Ukraine: Female Troops Marching in Heels Spark Outrage
Lithuania Declares Emergency Due to Migration From Belarus
Poland's Tusk Says He Will Leave Role of EPP President
Peru's Govt Rejects Fujimori Call for Int'l Audit for June 6 Poll
Venezuelan Court Indicts Human Rights Activists for Terrorism
El Salvador Seizes Opposition Party Assets in Corruption Probe
Chile Installs New Constitutional Assembly After Delay Caused by Protests
Israel Carries Out Another Air Raid on Besieged Gaza Strip
Israel Arrests Palestinian Rights Lawyer After Anti-Abbas Protest
Anti-Palestinian Authority Protesters March in Ramallah Over Nizar Banat Death
Palestinian Authority Arrests Lawyer, Activists, Amid Nizar Banat Protests
Palestinian Authority Arrest 14 Security Officers Over Nizar Banat's Killing
West Bank: Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Being Attacked by Settlers
Israeli Fire Kills Palestinian in West Bank Unrest
Gaza: Nine Out of Ten Children Suffering From PTSD After Israel's May Offensive
Nazareth Teen Fatally Shot in Latest Murder in Israel's Arab Community
Fire Forces Evacuation of Homes in West Bank Settlement; Arson Suspected
Netanyahu's Son Yair Attacks Bennett on US TV as 'Puppet' PM of the Radical Left
Israel/Palestine & the World
Israel Failing to Stop Human Trafficking: US State Department
Israelis to Offer US Long-Range Naval Strike Missile: Sea Breaker
Moroccan Plane Lands in Israel, Reportedly Before Taking Part in IDF Drill
Amnesty, Research Groups Map Out Global Reach of Israeli NSO Group's Spyware
Iranian President Demands US Apology for Downing Iranian Airliner in 1988
Iran's Sole Nuclear Power Plant Up and Running After Closure
Satellite Photos Said to Show Damage From Attack on Iran Centrifuge Site
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed
Iraq's Kurdish Government Rejects Calls for US-Led Coalition Troops to Withdraw: Source
Iraq Boils as Blackouts Hit, With Father Putting Baby in Fridge to Cool Down
Syrian Govt Forces Kill Nine in Idlib, Including Seven Children
US Military Denies American Troops in Syria Were Attacked
Syria's Kurds Repatriate 20 Russian Orphans of ISIS Families
Middle East
Turkey Rejects US Report Claiming Link to Child Soldiers
Yemenis Forced Out of Saudi Arabia Find New Refuge in Djibouti
France to Resume Military Operations in Mali
Mali Says Four Soldiers Killed in Ambush by Suspected Militants
Haftar Threatens to 'Conquer' Tripoli if December Elections Are Not Held
Libya Talks on Elections Miss Deadline Amid 'Heated Debate'
Tigray Rebels Set Conditions for Truce Talks With Ethiopian Govt
At Least 10 Killed by Al-Shabab Suicide Attack in Mogadishu
Thousands Protest in Burkina Faso Over Jihadist Attacks
Settlement Agreed Over Ship That Blocked Suez Canal
African Development Team to Probe Deadly Eswatini (Swaziland) Protests
Scores of Migrants Missing After Boat Sinks Off Tunisian Coast
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