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Updated July 13, 2021 - 9:35 PM EDT
White House: Haiti Troop Request Under Review
  Several Haiti Plotters Had Been US Law Enforcement Informants
  Haitian-Born Florida Resident Suspect Arrested in Assassination
US General Hands Afghan Command to CENTCOM
  As Afghan Pullout Nears, US Emphasizes Plans to Keep War Going
Biden Rejects China's Claims to South China Sea
  China Warns US Warship Near Disputed Islands in South China Sea
  US Sanctions on China Will Continue but Beijing 'Unlikely to Escalate'
US Sends F-16s to Bulgaria for Another Black Sea Exercise
  NATO Chief Meets With Egyptian, Israeli Foreign Ministers at HQ
Biden 'Stands' With Cuban People but Continues Embargo
Iran: Talks on Restoring Deal Soon To Be Completed
EU To Sanction Lebanon Amid Economic Crisis
Bipartisan Group: Wants Biden To Explain Syria Airstrikes
item Refreshing Exception: Resistance Prevented Obama From Starting Another Presidential War  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item The Julian Assange Media Blackout Must End  by Branko Marcetic
item Iran's Election: Making Your Iranian Nightmares Come True  by Ted Snider
item America's Afghan War Is Over, So What About Iraq – and Iran?  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies

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List Is Here: Find Out How Global Defense Companies Performed in FY20
AIPAC Cancels 2022 Policy Conference, Citing Lingering Pandemic Concerns
Prior to His Murder, Jamal Khashoggi Offered to Help 9/11 Victims Suing Saudis
US Officials Arrive in Haiti to Investigate Moise Assasination
American Arrested in Haitian President's Killing Had US Law Enforcement Ties
Haiti Arrests Suspected Mastermind in Moise's Killing
US Delegation to Haiti Met All Three Claimants to Power
Police Say Suspect in Killing of Haiti's Moise Planned to Assume Presidency
Haitian Rights Advocates Reject US Push for Elections This Year
Cubans Protest Against Food Shortages and Rising Prices
Cuba Cracks Down on Protests; 80 Arrested
Mexico President Calls for End to Cuba Trade Embargo
US Begins to Ease Venezuela Sanctions Allowing Propane Deals
Venezuela Detains Opposition Leader on Charges of 'Terrorism,' 'Treason'
US Slaps Visa Restrictions on Nicaraguan Lawmakers, Prosecutors, Judges
Mexico: 68 Activists, 43 Journalists Killed Since Late 2018
14 Million Palestinians Living Worldwide, State Stats Show
Israel's Ra'am Party Lawmakers Warn They May Trigger More Coalition Crises to Achieve Goals
Why Israel Is Trying to Steal Silwan From Palestinians
Undercover Border Police Shoot Six Attackers in Jenin Gun Battle
Israeli Forces Demolish Water Pond in Northern Jordan Valley
Israel's Foreign Minister Says Two-State Solution Unfeasible
Six Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers: Medics
Hope for Fractured Palestinian Families as Israel Law Ends
Bedouin Israeli Millionaire Charged With Spying for Iran
Amid Calm on Gaza Border, Israel Expands Fishing Zone, Imports and Exports
Israeli Military Launches First-Of-Its-Kind International Drone Exercise
Israel/Palestine & the World
In Europe, Lapid Tells NATO Chief Israel Wants to Deepen Ties
Biden's Mideast Point Man in Region Amid Tussle Over Israeli Home Demolitions
Cannes: Palestinian Actors Withdraw From Festival Over Israeli 'Cultural Erasure'
Bashing Water Deal, Israel's Netanyahu Accuses Jordan of Helping Bolster Iran
Iran Fumes Over American, European Support for Opposition Group at Berlin Rally
EU Gives Pandemic Aid to Iran as Nuclear Deal Talks Still Stuck
Iran Unveils State-Sanctioned Islamic Dating App to Encourage Marriage
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed
Turkish Forces Kill Four Kurdish Fighters in Northern Iraq Airstrike
Dozens Killed as Fire Rips Through Iraq Covid Ward: Health Official
Two Ex-Officials Sentenced to 15 Years' Hard Labor Over Sedition Plot
Who Are Bassem Awadallah and Hassan Bin Zaid, the Officials Accused in Sedition Plot?
Jordanians Rejoice at Plotters' Conviction – but Not for the Obvious Reasons
Middle East
One Child Killed, Two Others Injured in Syrian Strikes on Idlib
Bahrain Upholds Sentence Against 'Torture Victim' Despite Pleas From UK Ministers
Turkey to Begin Mass Production of Hisar O+ Air Defense System
Drug Offences Account for 65 Percent of Kuwait Crime
Interview With Taliban's Zabihullah Mujahid: Full Transcript
New, Civilized Afghan Taliban May Prefer Peace Talks: Rashid
Afghan MPs: Govt Policy on Public Forces 'Suddenly Changed'
Taliban Have 'Every Reason' to Return to Talks: UK Military Chief
Taliban Surround Central Afghan City of Ghazni: Officials
Three Civilians Killed in Roadside Bomb Blast in Helmand
Saleh Calls for Nation's 'Full Support' of Afghan Military
Finland Halts Deportations to Afghanistan Over Concerns Following Taliban's Rapid Territorial Gains
South China Sea: US-Philippines Treaty Covers Chinese Attack, Blinken Says
Pentagon Sees China's Offensive Space Technology 'On the March'
ByteDance Met With China Officials Over Data Security: Sources
After G7 Pledge, EU Seeks to Rival China's 'Belt and Road' With Own Infrastructure Plan
North Korea Dismisses US Humanitarian Aid as 'Sinister Scheme'
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Hit by New Charges in Mandalay Court
Philippines Calls Allegation of China Election Influence 'Nonsense'
Nepal Court Recalls Parliament and Removes Caretaker Prime Minister
Japanese Defense Firms Prosper Amid Futuristic Tech Orders, Export Drives
Merkel Is Sent Letter on Assange Before Her Visit to Biden
No Clear Winner in Bulgaria's General Elections
EU Rights Official Decries Polish Curbs on Media in Tussle Over US-Owned Broadcaster
Rebels Claim Military Gains in Ethiopia's Restive Tigray Region
Forces From Ethiopia's Tigray Region Say They Are Pushing South
US Condemns Retaliatory Attacks Against Civilians in Ethiopia's Tigray Region
Egypt's Spy Chief Claims US Agreed to Jail Prominent Activist
Egyptian Academic Briefly Detained Upon Arrival at Cairo Airport
Activists Call for Better Enforcement as Egypt Toughens Sexual Harassment Law
Egypt Passes Law Expanding Government's Right to Sack Civil Servants Suspected of 'Links to Terrorism'
South Africa
10 Dead in South Africa Riots Over Jailing of Ex-Leader Zuma
South Africa Deploys Army in Two Provinces to Quell Protests
Retail Centers Looted, 200 Rioters Arrested After Ex South African Leader's Imprisonment
49 Killed in Niger Armed Attack
EU Agrees to Send Military Training Mission to Mozambique
Sudan Lawmakers to Consider Russian Navy Base Deal, Says Sudan's Foreign Minister
Algeria: Activist Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for 'Contempt of Institutions'
US Military
Army Chaplain Charged With Over a Dozen Counts of Sexual Assault
Marine Raider Gunny Busted to Private but No Discharge in Green Beret Hazing Death
US Army Triggers Competition for Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft
Texas-Based T-38 Trainer Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Oklahoma
A British Soldier Smashed Through a Roof in California in a Botched Training Jump
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