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Updated July 21, 2021 - 9:12 PM EDT
Iran Rejects Draft Proposal To Restore Deal
Israel Seeks US BDS Laws Against Ben & Jerry's
  Israel Shells Lebanon, Warns Against 'Spillover' Violence
  Israeli Missile Strikes in Northern Syria Kill Five
China Says CIA Hacked Beijing for Over a Decade
  Britain to Permanently Deploy Two Warships to Asia
Biden Won't Block Completion of Nord Stream 2
  Ukraine Calls for Further NATO Buildup in Black Sea
  Bulgaria: Pentagon Launches Another Exercise in Black Sea Region
  Russian Hypersonic Missiles Reaction to US Missiles Near Its Borders
Pentagon Bombs Somalia First Time Under Biden
US to Form Working Group on Remittances to Cuba
US Senators Introduce Bill To Reign in War Powers
item Germany's Confounding Foreign Policy: Conservatives Favor Peace, Greens Plan for War  by Doug Bandow
item Biden and Sanctions: Relief at Last?  by George Liebmann
item Israeli – not Chinese – Firm Caught Exporting Its 'Authoritarian Model'  by Ethan Paul
item Learning From the History of American Militarism  by Daniel Larison
item Luke Harding Is Western Security Establishment's 'Useful Idiot'  by Johanna Ross
item US Blockade on Cuba Must End  by Branko Marcetic

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DoJ Wants To Add 50 Years for Release of Grand Jury Records and Secrecy to Courts and Investigations
Unscripted Remarks Start to Haunt President Biden
Report: Russia, US to Hold Nuclear Arms Control Talks on July 28
Michigan Governor Kidnap Plot Was FBI Hoax
Israeli Spyware vs. the World
Pegasus: How It Hacks Phones and Spies for NSO Clients
Pegasus: NSO Group's Long History of Trials and Denials
Pegasus: Amazon 'Shuts Down Cloud Infrastructure' Linked to Israel's NSO Group
Saudi Arabia, UAE 'Tried to Spy on Lebanese Leaders With Pegasus Software'
Iraqi President on List for Potential Pegasus Surveillance
Pegasus Snooping: Pakistan Probes Whether PM Khan's Phone Hacked
'Shameful': Mexican President Decries Alleged NSO Spying
France's Macron, Moroccan King Among Potential Targets of Israeli Firm's Spyware
Pegasus: France Opens Probe Into Alleged Hacking of Journalists
India's PM Modi Accused of 'Treason' Over Pegasus Spyware Scandal
Protests Erupt in India's Parliament Over Spying Scandal
NSO Head Claims Company Ended Services in Human Rights-Violating Countries
After NSO Bombshell, Gantz Asserts That Israel Complies With International Law
Israeli Government Said to Form Team to Deal With Fallout of NSO Spyware Revelations
'Hotel Rwanda' Activist's Daughter Said Targeted by Israeli Spyware
Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Intsights to Be Acquired for $335 Million
Israel's Gantz Calls Abbas to Discuss 'Trust-Building' as PA Faces Popular Anger
IDF Intel Chief Says Israel Under Nonstop Cyber-Threats, Is Retaliating
Over 100,000 Palestinians Attend Eid Prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque Following Israeli Storming
United Arab Emirates
US Charges Trump Ally With Undisclosed Lobbying for UAE
Women Abused and Detained in UAE Accuse UK of 'Complicity'
Rights Groups Fear UAE Political Prisoner May Face 'Retaliation' Over Prison Letter
Iraq Daily Roundup: 35 Killed in ISIS Bombing
Baghdad's Deadly Bombing Carried Out by Suicide Bomber: Iraqi Military
Iraq Election Could Be Postponed if Sadr Continues Boycott
Middle East
Death Toll From Iran Water Protests Rises to Five
The Story Behind the Alleged Mass Grave Turkey Found in Afrin
Turkey Says Deserted Cyprus Town to Reopen Amid Greek Objections
US Condemns Transfer of Town to Turkish Cypriot Control
Russia Unveils New Fighter, Putin Hails Country's Air Power
Quid Pro Quo: Ukrainian 'Anti-Terrorist' Soldiers Treated in Georgia
Spain: Govt Bill Targets Supporters of Franco's Dictatorship
In Grips of Political Crisis, Haiti Appoints New Prime Minister
Thousands Protest as Colombia Govt Submits New Tax Reform Plan
Venezuela Opens First Ever Bitcoin Mining Museum
US Bars Honduran Ex-President Lobo Over Alleged Corruption
Ben & Jerry and Freedom
Israeli PM Vows To 'Act Aggressively' Over Ben & Jerry's Ban
US State Department Vows to Oppose BDS After Ben & Jerry's Settlement Pullout
Israeli Envoy Urges 35 US States to Activate Anti-Bds Laws Against Ben & Jerry's
Israel PM Warns Unilever of 'Severe Consequences' From Ben & Jerry's Decision
Ben & Jerry's Board in Dispute With Owners Unilever Over Remaining in Israel
Ben & Jerry's Could Make BDS Flavor of the Month, Warns Israeli Foreign Ministry Source
Ben & Jerry's Gets Praise and Scorn After Quitting Occupied Palestinian Territories
Israeli Response to Ben & Jerry's Announcement Reveals Ironclad Consensus Behind the Settlements
PA Applauds Ben & Jerry's for Ending Sales in Settlements
Ben & Jerry's: Israeli Leaders Treat Palestinian Territories as Israel
Erdogan Calls for US Support for Turkey to Protect Kabul Airport
Rockets Land Near Afghan Presidential Palace, Taliban Deny Responsibility
Russian Tanks Deploy Near Afghan Border Before Drills in Central Asia
Russia Sees Security Upside in Taliban's North Afghanistan Gains: Ifax
Afghans Spend Calm Day as Eid Begins Despite No Truce
Noor: Taliban Sought Prisoner Release, Blacklisted Names Removed
US State Department Says No. 2 Official Could Still Meet With Chinese Counterparts
US Defense Chief to Visit Security Partners in Southeast Asia
US Military Planes' Taiwan Visits Signal New Tactic to Beijing, Analysts Say
US Backs Taiwan's Move to Open De Facto Embassy in Lithuania
China Warns Lithuania Over Taiwan Representative Office
British Ministers Cut Off Funding to Chip Factory After Sale to China
Myanmar's Military Again Seeks To Replace Its UN Ambassador
Jailed Myanmar Politician Nyan Win Dies From Covid
Food Aid Convoy Headed for Ethiopia's Tigray Attacked: UN
Three Soldiers, 'Dozens of Terrorists' Killed in Burkina Faso Fighting
One Hundred Kidnapped Villagers Freed in Nigeria
Mali Leader Says He Was Unharmed in 'Isolated Action' Knife Attack
Moroccan Court Sentences Dissident Reporter Omar Radi to Six Years in Jail
South African Court Postpones Zuma's Corruption Trial to August
US Military
The US Army Tried Portable Nuclear Power at Remote Bases 60 Years Ago – It Didn't Go Well
US Military Flexes Its Strategic Muscles During Summer of Pacific Exercises
Punishments to Be Issued for Unvaccinated Troops Caught Unmasked at Fort Knox
Amid Covid Spike, Air Force Wing in South Korea Orders Unvaccinated to Stay in Rooms
US Army-Backed Research Yields New 'Wonder' Armor Material
US Army Awards Saab $75m Anti-Armor Ammunition Contract
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