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Updated July 28, 2021 - 8:57 PM EDT
Biden Has No Plans to Pull Troops Out of Syria
  Syrian Forces Storm Daraa Al-Balad After Failed Negotiations
  US Imposes Sanctions on Syrian Prisons and Officials
US Continues To Step Up Airstrikes on Taliban
  NATO Reaffirms Support and Continued Funding for Afghan Govt
  Explainer: US, NATO Pledge Billions to Back Afghan Forces
Austin Stresses Anti-China Partnerships in Asia
  Biden Looking To Expand US-Africa Business Ties to Counter China
  Is China Taking More Pragmatic Approach To Ease Tensions With US?
Shi'ite Groups Welcome US Ending Iraq Combat
  Iraq's Election Faces Boycotts Over Corruption, Security Woes
Biden: Cyberattacks Could Lead to a 'Real Shooting War'
Israel 'Maximum Pressure' Campaign Against Ben & Jerry's
item After 18 Years, Bring Home America's Troops From Iraq  by Doug Bandow
item Philippines: Asia Can't Afford South China Sea War  by Marielle Lucenio
item Surprise: No One 'Bad Guy' Responsible for Violence in the Middle East  by Matthew Petti
item Biden's Foreign Policy Failures  by Daniel Larison
item A Failing Empire With a Flailing Military  by Tom Engelhardt
item Women Are on the Verge of Being Forced Into Military Conscription  by Matt Welch

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Pegasus: US Lawmakers Call Out NSO Without Mentioning Israel
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Stripped of Ecuadorian Citizenship
Mexican Drug Cartel Factions Announce Truce
Abbas Fires Senior Official Who Criticized PA Over Death of Critic
Palestinian Beaten Before Death in Israeli Custody, Family Says
Gaza Market Reels From Deadly Explosion (photo)
Sheikh Jarrah Expulsions 'Will Not Be Commanded by PM Bennett'
Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza
Israel Announces New Special Unit to Confront Hezbollah in Ground Warfare
Israel/Palestine & the World
UAE Officials Threaten Diplomatic Repercussions if Israel Cancels Oil Deal
Jordan Said to Nab ISIS Terrorists for Plot to Attack Israeli Soldiers
Israeli Defense Minister to Share Findings on NSO With France
Over 150 Academics Call on EU to Stop Funding Israeli Universities
EU 'Appalled' by Alleged Killing of Two Gazans by Hamas Forces
Iran Says Detains Agents Working for Israel, Seizes Arms Cache
As Drought Hits Iran, Govt Seeks to Link Israel to Water Protests
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
Saudis Jail Sudanese Commentator for Criticizing Kingdom
Facing Uphill Battle, Lebanon's New PM Begins Bid to Form Much-Delayed Cabinet
UN Panel Pays $600m to Kuwait Oil Firm for Invasion by Iraq
Saudi, UAE Media Celebrate Tunisian President's Power Grab 'Against Muslim Brotherhood'
Tunisia Coup: US Senator Calls on Biden to Probe Possible Saudi and UAE Role
Tunisia President Bans Protests, Suspends Government Departments Following 'Coup'
Ghannouchi Forming 'National Front' to Counter President
Tunisian Ennahda Warns Against 'Autocratic' Regime, Suspends Protests
Tunisia's Biggest Party Ready for Elections, Warns Against 'Autocratic Regime'
Blinken Calls Tunisia's President and Urges Respect for Democracy
Tunisian Journalists Call for End to Violations During Crisis
Law Experts Split on Whether President's Power Move Is Legal
How the World Reacted to the Coup in Tunisia
Hundreds of Civilians Killed in Attack in Ethiopia's Somali Region, Local Government Says
UN Says Its Food Aid Runs Out This Week in Ethiopia's Tigray
Thousands of Ethiopians Cross Into Sudan Fleeing Conflict in War-Torn Tigray
Libya Militia Leader Mohammed Al-Kani Reported Killed
Libya Headed Back to 'Square One' if Polls Delayed: Parliamentary Speaker
Police Chief, Six Bandits Killed in Clash in Southeast Nigeria
Attackers Kill Five Soldiers, One Civilian in North Cameroon
Seven Soldiers, 15 Islamist Rebels Killed in DR Congo Clashes
UN: Closing Darfur Peacekeeping Operation Has Hiccups
Arrest of Tanzania's Freeman Mbowe on Terrorism Charges Dim Hopes for Democratic Reform
UN Says Five Peacekeepers Injured in Attack in Northern Mali
Activists: Morocco Arrests Uyghur Man at China's Request
The War at Home
Progressive Jewish Groups Urge US Governors Not to Penalize Ben & Jerry's
Top FBI Official Advises Congress Against Banning Ransomware Payments
Down to the Wire, the Senate Has a Deal to Fund the National Guard
Lawmakers Demand Clearer Picture for Guam Missile Defense Plans
US Military
DoD Dragged Its Feet on Toxic Chemical Exposure Prevention and Clean-Up, IG Finds
House Bill Would Allow Navy to Retire Cruisers Early, Adds Funds to Build Second Destroyer
Kendall Confirmed as Air Force Secretary After Senators Lift Procedural Holds
House Panel Looks to Help Military Sexual Assault Survivors
White House Seeking $1 Billion to Help Resettle Afghan Allies
Afghan Authorities Arrest Local Journalists on Propaganda Charges
Watchdogs, Reporters Seek Release of Kandahar Journalists
Afghans Flock to Kandahar City Camp as Fighting Rages in the Countryside
Taliban Attacks Pushed Back in Kapisa District: Official
Two Suspects Arrested for Targeted Killings
Afghan Forces Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing in Helmand
Afghan Parliament Commission: ONSC 'Interfering' in Security Affairs
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
UK Warship Enters South China Sea Despite Beijing Warnings
New Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang Heads to Washington, Sources Say
Taiwan to Test-Fire Patriot-3 Missile System at US Range
China's Top Legislative Body Set to Endorse Anti-Sanctions Law for Hong Kong by Inserting the Provisions Into Basic Law
North and South Korea Restore Severed Cross-Border Hotline
Koreas Talk Again in Dormant Channels, Agree to Improve Ties
India's Assam to Deploy 4,000 Commandos After Border Killings
Blinken's India Visit Puts Human Rights, China on Table
Pentagon Chief: Myanmar Military Acts 'Flatly Unacceptable'
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia to Work on Easing Travel Restrictions
Ukraine Holds Military Drills With US, Poland, Lithuania
Ukrainian President Fires Head of the Armed Forces, Citing Disputes
Old Bugaboo Complicates US-Russia Search for New Arms Deal
Bosnia's Outgoing International Overseer Urges New Approach
Vigilantes Raid Southern Mexico Town, Abduct 21, Burn Homes
Mexican Fuel Cargo for Cuba Is Sovereign Decision, President Says
Mexico Homicides Remained at High Levels Despite Pandemic
Haiti Arrests Top Security Official in Slain President Probe
US Pauses Some Cooperation With Guatemala Over Ouster of Anti-Graft Fighter
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