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Updated August 26, 2021 - 8:52 PM EDT
Kabul Attacks Kill 72, Including 13 US Troops
  Biden Says He's Ordered Plans to Strike ISIS-K 'Assets
  Taliban Condemns Kabul Airport Attack
  Taliban, Panjshir Resistance Agree Not to Fight Before Talks
New Report: US Spent $2.3 Trillion on Afghan War
  US Continues to Warn of Potential ISIS Attack in Kabul
  Taliban Wants to 'Forget What Happened in the Past,' a Leader Says
Israel Accelerating Plans to Strike Iran
  Israel's Bennett Says No Palestinian State as Long as He's PM
Harris Asks Vietnam To Join US Against China's 'Bullying'
Saudis Ban Yemeni Residents From Accessing Vaccines
item Iran's Suspicious 'Plot' to Kidnap a Dissident in America  by Muhammad Sahimi
item An Old Soldier's Denial on Afghanistan  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item $300 Million a Day for 20 Years on Unconstitutional Afghanistan War  by Mike Maharrey
item Living With Brzezinski's Mess  by Ted Snider
item The Last Neocons on the Island  by Matt Purple
item US Deploys Marines to Haiti Under Guise of 'Disaster Relief'  by Patrick MacFarlane

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New Costs of War Analysis Says US Spent Over $2.3 Trillion on Afghan War
FBI Palantir Glitch Allowed Unauthorized Access to Private Data
Biden Urges Tech Moguls to Help Fight Cybersecurity Threat
Evacuations & Refugees
50,000 Afghans Could Be Allowed Into US on Humanitarian Parole
Turkey Begins Evacuating Troops From Kabul Airport
Fleeing Afghans Should Try to Get to Border, Says UK Defense Secretary
Afghans With Legal Papers Will Be Able to Travel Beyond Aug. 31, Taliban Tell Germany
Dozens of California Students, Parents Stranded in Afghanistan After Summer Trip Abroad
Russia Flies Nationals Out of Afghanistan on Putin's Orders
Israel-Based Organization Evacuates Hundreds of Afghans on Private Flights
US Woman Under Taliban's Watch Won't Leave Kabul Without Her Staff and Hundreds of Rescue Animals
Mexico Receives Fleeing Afghan Media Workers Including From NY Times
Afghan All-Girl Robotics Team Members Land in Mexico
Poland Halts Afghan Airlift Over Safety as US Deadline Looms
Plane With 240 Evacuated Afghan Nationals Lands in Budapest
51 Evacuees From Afghanistan Arrive in Uganda at US Request
Gaza Palestinians Resume Demonstrations on Israeli Border
Israeli Army Fires Live Bullets and Tear Gas at Gaza Demonstration
Israel Kills 15-Year-Old in Night Attack on Refugee Camp
Gaza: Palestinian Man Succumbs to Wounds Ahead of Planned Protests
Egypt Pressures Hamas to Cancel Protests in Gaza
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed
Iraq Seeks to Ease Saudi-Iran Hostility at Baghdad Summit
Iran's Parliament Approves President Raisi's Conservative Cabinet
Colombia's Cemeteries May Hold Answers for Families of Disappeared
Murders of Colombia Activists Fell in First Half, but Violence Persists
Central America
Central American Nations Ask: Can Bitcoin Cut Remittance Costs?
Afghanistan Today
1,500 Americans Still Trying to Leave Afghanistan
US Allies Say Their Evacuations Will Be Completed Before Aug. 31
When Opportunity Knocks: Erik Prince Pops Up in Afghan Chaos
Afghan Small Business Owners in Anxious Wait Over What Comes Next
Kabul Residents Are Running Out of Cash and Struggling With Rising Prices
Afghan Resistance Leader Vows 'No Surrender' to Taliban
In Pictures: Residents Help Fellow Afghans Displaced by War
Persecuted Hazara Shia Unconvinced by Taliban Reassurances to Iran
White House to US Lawmakers: 'This Is Not the Time to Travel to Afghanistan'
World Bank Halts Financial Support to Afghanistan
China, Russia Agree to Work Together to Prevent Security Risks Spilling Over From Afghanistan
The 'New' Taliban
Taliban Appoint Senior Veterans to Key Ministerial Posts
On Social Media, Taliban Tout Trained and US-Equipped 'Special Forces'
Taliban Have Captured More Than 100 Military Helicopters, Russia Says
Taliban Is Feared to Have Access to 200,000 Guns, 22,000 Humvees and More
US Approves $258 Million Arms Sale to South Korea
US Bankers, Chinese Officials Quietly Plan New Talks Amid Tension
US, Thai Military Complete 40th Exercise Cobra Gold
British Stamps Banned From Chagos Islands in Indian Ocean
Gunmen Kill 36 Villagers in Nigeria's Divided Plateau State
Boko Haram Attack Kills 16 Soldiers in Southern Niger
French Reaper Block 5 Drone Executes First Airstrike in Sahel
Gunman Kills Several Police Near French Embassy in Tanzania
Morocco 'Regrets' Algeria's Decision to Cut Diplomatic Ties
US Military
Pentagon: US Troops Must Get Their Covid-19 Vaccines ASAP
US Army Using Controversial Facial Recognition AI
Air Force's Kendall Creates Space Acquisition Office, Plans to Buy Hundreds of Satellites
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