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Updated August 29, 2021 - 9:49 PM EDT
US Kabul Drone Strike Kills 9 Family Members
  US Launches Retaliatory Drone Strike in Nangarhar, Kills ISIS Planner
  Taliban Condemns Kabul Airport Attack
  US Says Kabul Airlift Will Be Completed Despite ISIS Attack
US Signals Readiness To Compromise With Iran
  Israel Gave US 2-Hour Notice on Iran Attack. CIA 'Demanded Answers'
  Tokyo Expected to Mediate Between Tehran and Washington
Palestinian Authority Losing Control of West Bank
RFK Assassin Sirhan Recommended for Parole
Syria Fires Rockets Into Daraa as Peace Deal Collapses
item Afghanistan: America's First Step Out of Trotsky's Long Shadow?  by Thomas Knapp
item American Civil War and the Lesson for China and Taiwan  by Doug Bandow
item Jenin and Israel's Fear of an Armed Palestinian Rebellion  by Ramzy Baroud
item In Afghanistan, the Worst Is Yet To Come  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Who Are the Islamic State in Afghanistan?  by Anatol Lieven
item US Credibility Not Seriously Damaged by Afghanistan Failure  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Facebook Considering Formation of Election Advisory Group
Russia Says It Will Study Taliban's Actions Before Deciding on Recognition
Taiwan's Biggest Defense Budget Includes US $1.4 Billion for New Warplanes
Bennett-Biden Meeting Delayed to Friday Due to Deadly Kabul Attacks
Israeli PM to Request Biden Clear Money to Purchase New F-15AIs
Egypt Partially Reopens Rafah Border Crossing With Gaza
Israel Lets More Goods Into Gaza, More Workers Out as Hamas Reins in Violence
Nizar Banat: Family Call on UK and UN to Probe Palestinian Authority Over Death
Palestinians Urge International Community to Force Israel to Release Pregnant Palestinian Woman
Lebanon's Outgoing PM Subpoenaed Over Deadly Beirut Port Blast
Lebanese Army Deploys to Area in North After Deadly Violence
Lebanon Gives Doctor 10 Years in Absentia for Working With Israel on Medical Aid
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed
Iraq Seeks to Ease Saudi-Iran Hostility at Baghdad Summit
Yemen Official Accuses UK of Setting Up Spy Ring
Yemeni Government Sentences Houthi Leader to Death by Firing Squad in Absentia
Gulf Nations
Qatar Receives First Batch of US-Made F-15 Combat Planes
Senior UAE Official Meets Qatar's Emir in Rare Visit: State Media
Qatar, Saudi Arabia Sign Agreement on Bilateral Cooperation Council
More Than 210 Killed in Violence in Western Ethiopia Last Week: Commission
US Says War in Ethiopia's North Could Affect Trade Benefits
Militias Storm Libyan Interior Ministry HQ; Kidnap Official
Chad Proposes to Form Multinational Force on Libya's Border
Gunmen Release Students in Northern Nigeria Three Months Later
Morocco to Close Its Algiers Embassy After Ties Cut
Attack on Kabul
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Kabul Airport Attack
Full Text of Biden's Speech on Kabul Attacks: 'We Will Not Forgive. We Will Not Forget'
In Pictures: Deadly Explosions Outside Kabul Airport
Witnesses Describe Carnage and Chaos After Kabul Airport Attack: 'Dead People Were Everywhere'
Satellite Images, Graphics, and Maps Show How Fatal Airport, Hotel Explosions Ripped Through Kabul
German Military Evacuates Kabul After Airport Explosion
UK Says No Staff or Military Hurt in Kabul Blasts
Blast Heard in Kabul as US Forces Destroy Munitions After Attack
Russia to Supply Weapons to Afghanistan's Neighbors
Evacuations & Refugees
Explainer: Who Are the Afghan Refugees Coming to the US and What Happens When They Arrive?
Anticipating a Wave of Afghan Migration, Greece Tightens Border
Attempt to Evacuate Afghans Who Guarded UK Embassy Fails
Hungary Ends Evacuations in Afghanistan After Airlifting 540 People
378 Afghan Evacuees Arrive in Seoul
Canada Has Ended Kabul Evacuation Efforts
US Considers Extending Tariff Relief for Chinese Medical Gear Used to Fight Covid-19
Harris Says She Raised Human Rights Abuses, Political Dissent During Talks in Vietnam
Dozens Wounded by Blasts at Kazakh Military Facility
North Korea to Convene Parliament as Economic Woes Cause Strain
Nicaragua Orders Closure of 15 More NGOs
US Military
US Army Decides Against Purchasing More Iron Dome Batteries
USAF Tests 2,000-Pound Dialable Effects Munition
US Navy Successfully Tests Second-Stage Rocket Motor for Hypersonic Weapon
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