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Updated August 30, 2021 - 7:45 PM EDT
US Completes Withdrawal From Afghanistan
US Kabul Drone Strike Kills 9 Family Members
  Multiple Rockets Fired at Kabul Airport, Intercepted by Missile Defense
  Media Bury Story That US May Have Fired on Crowd at Kabul Airport
  US Destroys CIA Outpost Outside Kabul Airport
State Dept Says 250 Americans Still In Afghanistan
  Blinken: 'Not Likely' Diplomats Will Stay After Afghanistan Withdrawal
  The Final Retrograde From Afghanistan Has Officially Begun
Iran Says Biden Threatened Tehran During Bennett Meeting
  Khamenei Says Biden Has Same Demands as Trump on Nuclear Issue
US Navy, Coast Guard Transit Through Taiwan Strait
  Top China Diplomat and Antony Blinken Discuss Afghanistan
  China and US Militaries Resume High-Level Talks
Over 40 Killed as Missiles Strike S. Yemen Air Base
  Saudi Airstrikes Kill 12 Houthis Near Yemen's Maarib
50% of Americans Say Israel Aid Should Be Restricted
Gaza: Finishing School Amid the Rubble of War
item Generals End-Run Around Civilian Intel Analysts  by  Ray McGovern
item After the Afghanistan Debacle, What's Next?  by  Edward Lozansky
item Sens. Probing Biden's Withdrawal Were Mum on 'Afghanistan Papers'  by Ben Armbruster
item Yes, They Died in Vain in Afghanistan  by  Doug Bandow
item Washington's Hegemony Perches Over the Horizon  by  Brett Kershaw
item Afghanistan: We Never Learn  by  Matt Taibbi

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Children of RFK Divided Over Ruling on Assassin's Parole
US Marines in Okinawa Dump Contaminated Water Into Sewer With Little Warning to Local Officials
Blinken Denies That Biden Administration Jeopardized Safety of Americans, Allies in Afghanistan
Palestine / Israel
Palestinian President Meets With Israeli Defense Minister in Ramallah
Watch: Palestinian Family Forced to Demolish Their Own Home in Silwan
Palestinians Injured by Rubber Bullets as Israeli Forces Suppress Anti-Settlement Protests
Disabled or Dead, Many Young Victims of Israeli Strikes Won't Return to School
Palestinian Boy Shot by Israeli Army Dies From Wounds
Israeli Settlers Storm Palestinian Home in Hebron at Night, Harass Family
Scores of Palestinians Wounded at Anti-Settlement Rallies in Occupied West Bank
Palestinian Protests in Beita Attacked by Israeli Troops, 94 Injured
55 Palestinians Killed in West Bank by Israeli Fire So Far This Year: UN
Israel Jets Strike Gaza Hours After Palestinians Injured During Protest
Israeli Court Extends Travel Ban for Palestinian Activist Hanadi Al-Halawani
Heading Back to Israel, Bennett Says Biden Meeting 'Achieved All Goals and Beyond'

Egypt Reopens Rafah Crossing With Gaza After Closure

Iran's Khamenei Calls on Raisi to 'Repair' Trust in Government
Iran Taps UN-Sanctioned Minister as New Chief of Nuclear Agency
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Secret Saudi-Iran Talks Ongoing: Iraqi FM
France's Macron Vows Troops Will Stay in Iraq as He Pays Visit to Mosul
Lebanese Army Confirms Arrests of Syrians Visiting Embassy in Beirut
Fuel Tanker Leaves Iran to Ease Beirut's Crippling Energy Crisis
North Africa
War-Weary Libyans Yearn for End to Daily Blackouts
Moroccans in Algeria Fear for the Future After Diplomatic Ties Severed
China Set to Begin First Trials of Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor Using Thorium Instead of Uranium
Australia, India, Japan, and US Kick-Off Exercise Malabar 2021
US Airlifts Aid to Haiti to Reach Areas Hardest Hit by Quake
150 More Marines Go to Haiti to Aid in Disaster Relief
Kabul Blast
Here Are the Names of the 13 US Service Members Killed in Afghanistan Attack
28 Taliban Members Dead in Kabul Airport Explosion: Official
Pentagon Says One Suicide Bomber Carried Out Kabul Attack
A Marine Killed in Kabul Attack Was Pictured Cradling Baby at the Airport
Biden Pays Respects to US Soldiers Killed in Kabul Bombings
Pentagon Deploys Special Hellfire Missile to Strike ISIS-K in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Evacuation
Taliban Largely Seal Off Kabul Airport as Airlift Winds Down
Macron Says France, Britain to Propose Kabul Safe Zone
US Makes Room on Bases for Up to 50,000 Afghans as Evacuations Continue
Erdogan Says Turkey to Maintain Diplomatic Presence in Kabul
Veteran Group Says It Moved 630 Afghans to Kabul Airport
Taliban Promise Afghans They Will Be Able to Travel
US Evacuates All Afghan Embassy Staff: Report
Ex-Uk Marine Leaves Kabul With Dogs, Cats but No Local Staff
As Troops Return, UK Under Pressure as Afghans Left Behind
The 'New' Taliban
Taliban Criticizes US Airstrikes in Afghanistan
UK and Germany Seek Common G7 Approach on Taliban
Taliban Say Afghan Women Health Service Staff Should Go Back to Work
Veteran Afghan Commanders to Negotiate With Taliban
The Taliban Says It Wants to Ban Drugs in Afghanistan. Here's Why It Can't
Turkey and Taliban Close to Deal on Kabul Airport
Taliban 'Requests Qatari Technical Help' in Operating Kabul Airport
Massoud Supporters Reject Taliban Claim of Entering Panjshir
Taliban Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada in Afghanistan: Spokesman
Taliiban: Male and Female Students in Separate Classrooms
China's Special Afghan Envoy Optimistic About Future Relations With 'Friendly' Taliban
Turkey Holds First Talks With the Taliban in Kabul
Militant Fire Across Afghan Border Kills Two Pakistani Soldiers, Says Army

Afghan Health Facilities Said Running Out of Medical Supplies, Staff

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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