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Updated September 1, 2021 - 8:28 PM EDT
Biden Threatens More Strikes Against ISIS-K in Afghanistan
  Taliban Wants US and Other Countries to Reopen Embassies
  Taliban in Talks With Turkey, Qatar to Manage Kabul Airport
  At Least Seven Taliban Reported Killed in Panjshir Fighting
  Biden Speech Transcript: US Completes Withdrawal
Biden: China Is a Reason to Leave Afghanistan
  China Pledges to Help Rebuild Afghanistan
  Chinese Military Not Afraid of US Weapons
Yemen Army Kills 23 Houthis in Maarib Attack
  Yemen's Aden Faces Imminent Blackouts Amid Fuel Shortages
Biden Pledges $60 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine
Iraq DM Urges Kurdish Peshmerga to Expel PKK
Iran and Saudi Arabia Plan to Resume Talks
item Barely Out of Afghanistan, Now America Is Supposed to Save Tigray From Ethiopia and Eritrea? by Doug Bandow
item Don't Wage Economic War on Afghanistan by Daniel Larison
item End the Imperial Presidency by Stephen Wertheim
item What Went Wrong in Kabul? by Col. Douglas Macgregor
item Why US Negotiations Always Fail by Ted Snider
item Military Contractor Says Afghan Withdrawal Is Hurting Profits by Sarah Lazare

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11 ISIS Militants Killed in Raid, Pakistan Says
Devastating Impact of 'War on Terror' 20 Years On
Biden Pressed Ghani to 'Change Perception' Before Collapse
Palestine / Israel

Hardline Israeli Politicians, Palestinian Groups Blast Top-Level Bilateral Meeting

Israeli Soldiers Launch Social Media Campaign Demanding Greater Authority to Shoot Palestinians

Jewish Activists Raid Al-Aqsa Compound as Israeli Forces Fire Live Rounds in West Bank

Israeli Court Refuses to Release Pregnant Palestinian Woman

How Beita Became a Model of Palestinian Resistance Against Israel

Israeli Forces Arrest Seven Palestinian Journalists Near Hebron

Gantz Announces Plans to Legalize Thousands of Undocumented Palestinian Spouses From Foreign Countries

Israel Lets Building Goods Into Gaza, Easing Postwar Closure


Iranian Fuel Shipments to Lebanon Pose New Challenge for Biden, Experts Say

After Leaked Videos, Iran Opens Cases Against Prison Guards


Iraq Monthly Roundup: 68 Killed During August

'Don't Provoke Me!': Iraqi Defense Minister Infuriated by Reporter's Turkish Airstrike Question

Deadly Iraqi Refugee Camp Blast Targeted Kurdish Security Official

The Persian Gulf

First Bahraini Ambassador to Israel Arrives in Country to Take Up Post

Drone Attack on Southern Saudi Airport Wounds Eight

The Americas

Haiti Former First Lady Calls for Help in Unraveling Husband's Murder

In Guatemala, Two Ex-Generals Ordered to Stand Trial for Genocide

Venezuela Opposition Leader Guevara Calls for 'Coexistence' With Maduro


Japan's Defense Ministry Seeks Fresh Hike in Military Spending

Family of US Journalist Detained in Myanmar Calls for Release

British Aircraft Carrier Arrives in Korean Waters


Firefight at Libyan Government Building Shows Continued Insecurity

Libya's Neighbors Meet, Urge Foreign Fighters to Leave


Turkish Military Adds Locally-Produced Armed 'Akinci' Drone to Its Fleet

Top US Senator Lambasts Erdogan's Leadership of Turkey
Leaving Afghanistan
The Final Hours at Kabul Airport

Afghan Interpreter Who Helped Extract Biden, Other Senators in 2008 Asks President to Save Him

EU Backs Helping Afghanistan's Neighbors Cope With Refugees

Pentagon Denies Leaving Service Dogs in Cages at Kabul Airport

Here's What Is Really Going on With Those Dogs the US Supposedly Abandoned at Kabul's Airport

Instagram 'Incorrectly' Deleted Account of Mother of Fallen Service Member

Germany's Merkel Says Between 10,000 to 40,000 Left in Afghanistan With Right to German Residence

Last Soldier Out of Afghanistan Was This Former Delta Force

US Military Service Members Killed in Kabul Helped Rescue 30,000 People

Father of Marine Killed in Kabul Says Biden Meet 'Didn't Go Well'

35 US Governors Willing to Accept Refugees From Afghanistan, Two Aren't

More Vets Reaching Out for Help Amid Afghanistan Collapse

The Taliban

War-Weary Afghans Divided on Taliban Rule as US Forces Depart

Afghanistan: Taliban's Divisions Cast Doubt on Guarantee of Safety for Chinese Nationals

Taliban Cooperation Included Protecting Americans From Possible Terror Attack at Airport

Taliban Celebratory Gunfire, Fireworks Lights Up Kabul Sky as US Forces Leave

Victorious Taliban Focus on Governing After US Withdrawal

UK Says It Is Too Early to Decide How to Work With the Taliban

Qatar Warns Isolating Taliban Could Lead to More Instability


Russia, US to Hold Talks on Nuclear Strategic Stability Next Month

Russia to Hold Naval Drills With Iran, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan

State of Russia's ISS Segment Sparks Safety Concerns

Russia to Deliver Four Su-30SMS to Kazakhstan


Scientists in China 'Struggle to Get Instruments Because of US Export Controls'

China Shuts American Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu, Organization Says

Taiwan to Hold Air Raid Drill Alongside Mega War Games


US Agency Says Tigrayan Forces Looted Aid Warehouses in Ethiopia's Amhara Region

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