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Updated September 2, 2021 - 7:35 PM EDT
The US Could Coordinate With Taliban on ISIS-K
  White House Chief of Staff Not Sure US Will Ever Recognize Taliban
  Fighting Rages in Afghanistan's Contested Panjshir Valley
  Majority Favors US Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan: Poll
US 'War on Terror' Has Killed Nearly One Million People
  Post 9/11 Wars Cost Over $8 Trillion
Biden and Bennett Renewed Agree on Israel's Secret Nukes
  Israel Warns Washington Against Reopening US Consulate in Jerusalem
House Panel Approves $24 Billion Boost to Military Budget
France and Germany Press Iran to Return to Nuclear Talks
Beijing's Envoy: China Is Not the Soviet Union
Another Ceasefire Deal Reached in Syria's Daraa Al-Balad
item Biden's Revenge: Fueling 'Madness of Militarism' in Afghanistan by Norman Solomon
item Afghanistan Is a Debacle - But You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet by Edward Lozansky
item How the Defense Industry Helped Prolong the War in Afghanistan by Eli Clifton
item Robert Gates and Those 'Transfer Cases' by Ray McGovern
item Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal Reveals Pro-War Establishment by Weimin Chen
item The Ludicrous Costs of the War in Afghanistan Revealed by Alan MacLeod

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Veterans Affairs Suicide Hotline Received More Than 35,000 Calls During Afghanistan Evacuation

More Than 30 California Children Still Stuck in Afghanistan

Nigerian Air Force Super Tucanos Ready to Fight, With US Air Force Training

Armenian Soldier Killed by Azeri Sniper Fire on Border

Palestine / Israel
Right Move, Wrong Way: Israeli FM Pans US Pullout From Afghanistan

Israeli Foreign Minister Says Israel Will Look 'Again' at NSO Group

Israel, US Naval Forces Launch Joint Patrols in Red Sea

Israeli Weapons Maker, Rafael, Wins $80m Contract to Provide Naval Warfare Systems in Southeast Asia

Ex-Mossad Chief Joins Pharma Company Commercializing Israeli Covid Jab

Israel Eases Fishing Restrictions on Gaza Amid Protests Against Blockade

Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian Man Near Ramallah

New Owners Won't Make Politico Employees Sign Pro-Israel Mission Statement

Palestinian Mourners Accuse Israel of Killing Father of Five

United States

House Panel Rejects Jedi Contract Oversight Proposal

US Navy Helicopter Crashes Off San Diego Coast; 1 Crewmember Rescued

Trump-Era Ban on Travel to North Korea Extended

Morocco Says Western Sahara 'Completely Decolonized', Whether Algeria Agrees or Not
Two NGO Staff Arrested, Activist Says, as South Sudan Crackdown Deepens

Four Killed, Dozens Kidnapped in Eastern DR Congo Ambush

Iamgold Suspends Convoys to Burkina Faso Gold Mine After Attack That Wounded Police Officer


Iraq Closes in on Turkish Weapons Deal Including Drones, Helicopters

Iraq Set to Restore 'Saddam-Era' Military Conscription Law, 18 Years After Repeal

Solar 'Boom' Times as Lebanon's Fossil Fuels Run Dry

Hezbollah Bypassed Lebanese Government When It Requested Fuel From Iran


Nigerian States Impose Curbs in Bid to Stop Kidnappings, Violence

17 People Killed in Nigeria Jihadist Attacks

Gunmen Kidnap 73 Students in Latest Attack on Nigeria School

Saudi Arabia

Three Explosive Drones Destroyed Over Yemen, Saudi-Led Coalition Says

Yemeni Workers in Saudi Arabia at Risk of Forced Returns, HRW Warns

Germany Hints at Reopening Kabul Embassy

Majority of Afghan Allies May Have Missed Out on Airlift: US Official

US Looking at Land Routes to Continue Afghanistan Evacuations

West's Withdrawal From Afghanistan 'Was Not Responsible', Says Pakistan's Foreign Minister

Aviation Insurers Hold Back on Afghanistan Flights After US Troops Leave

Over 20,000 Afghans Evacuated From Kabul Have Arrived in the US

Who Is Taliban Supreme Leader Haibatullah Akhundzada?

Taking Black Hawk on Victory Flight, Taliban Parade Plundered US Hardware

How Taliban Return in Afghanistan Triggered Islamophobia in India

European Council President: Afghanistan Withdrawal Shows Need for Military Buildup

Pakistan Frets Over Security Threats From Neighboring Afghanistan

EU Mulls Spending $355m to Resettle 30,000 Afghan Refugees
Netherlands' Kabul Embassy Relocated to Doha
US Treasury Issued New License to Ease Flow of Aid in Afghanistan
UK's Dominic Raab Defends Chaotic Afghanistan Evacuation, Citing Intelligence Failures

Putin Says US Achieved 'Zero' in Afghanistan

Russia, Saudis Strengthen Military Ties in Signal to Washington; UAVs, Helos Potentially on Table

Russia, Tajikistan to Ratify Integrated Air Defense Agreement

Eastern Europe

Russia to Send Arms, 'Maybe Even S-400s', to Belarus: Lukashenko

Ukraine to Replace Soviet-Era Vehicles With New 4x4s


Security Clampdown in Indian Kashmir After Death of Separatist Icon Geelani

India Signs Contract With State-Owned Defense Firm for Naval Anti-Drone System


Stop Arms Sales to 'Non-State Actors', China Urges UN Treaty Partners, in Likely Rebuke of US

Australia's Foreign Interference Guidelines Could Fuel Prejudice Against Chinese, Academics Warn


Taiwan Says China Can 'Paralyze' Its Defenses, Threat Worsening

Taiwan to Upgrade Warship and Aircraft Missiles

Taiwan Plans New Defense Agency to Better Prepare Military Reservists to Step Up in a War

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New Triangular Axis in Greater Middle East: Turkey, Israel, and Azerbaijan

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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The FBI vs.

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