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Updated September 3, 2021 - 8:45 PM EDT
Biden Orders Release of Sept. 11 Documents
Victims of US Kabul Drone Strike Want Answers
  Afghan Central Bank Official Urges US, IMF to Release Funds
  Taliban Says China Will Be Afghanistan's 'Most Important Partner'
  Taliban Claims Gains in Panjshir Valley Fighting
Israel Fires Missiles at Syrian Capital of Damascus
  Israel Cautions US Against Heavy Criticism of Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Beijing's Envoy: China Is Not the Soviet Union
  Taiwan Seeks to Rally Support for Bid to Return to UN
65 Killed in Fighting Around Yemen's Maarib
Plans to Make Women Register for Draft Advance in Bill
item Ukraine: Washington's Bellicose Security Client by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Christians, Stop Supporting Wars That Harm Your Christian Brethren by Joshua Mawhorter
item It's Time to Reassess Our Relationship With Israel by Sahand Yazdanyar
item The Perils of Forgetting: Learn From the Afghan War or Repeat It! by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Washington Blob on Video by Doug Bandow
item The Casualties of Peace by Declan Leary

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UN: Afghan Food Supply May Run Out 'This Month'
Marine Commandant Wants 'Honest, Open Critique' of Afghanistan Withdrawal
US Used Secret CIA Base Outside Kabul to Evacuate Americans, Afghans
Palestine / Israel

Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian During Gaza Border Clashes

Israel Arrests Four Palestinian Children in First Week Back at School

Sisi Hosts Palestinian Leader and Jordan's King Abdullah for Talks in Cairo

Israeli Navy Shoots Palestinian Fisherman a Day After Loosening Gaza Water Restrictions

Israel to Release Pregnant Prisoner on $12,500 Bail

Palestinian President Says He's Ready for Confidence-Building

US Military
Five Sailors Still Missing After Helicopter Mishap Off San Diego

Dishonorable Discharges for Vaccine Refusal Would Be Blocked Under Congressional Proposal

The Air Force Is Developing Smart Bombs With 'Torpedo-Like' Ship Killing Capability

15 Marines Wounded in Afghanistan Are Being Treated at Walter Reed

Congress Wants to Know How the Air Force Will Get a Better F-35a Engine


UN Warns Catastrophe Looms in Ethiopia's North, Urges Government to End De Facto Aid Blockade

Ethiopia's Tigray Crisis 'Set to Worsen Dramatically': UN


Police: Five of 73 Abducted Nigerian Students Rescued

Who Are the Gunmen Abducting Nigerian Students?

Almost 6,000 Boko Haram Fighters Have Surrendered, Nigerian Army Says


Eight People Suffocate to Death at Burkina Faso Mine After Police Fire Tear Gas

Tanzania Says Gunman Who Killed Four People Last Month Was a Terrorist


Russian Troops Patrol Syrian Rebel Enclave of Daraa Following Truce

Detained Syrian Refugees Face Deportation From Lebanon: Amnesty

Middle East

Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed

Facebook Says Not Blocking Party, Candidate Ads for Iraqi Elections

Lebanon Signs 1.2 Million Euro Agreement With French Development Agency

Gunmen Attack Military Checkpoint in Southern Yemen, Two Soldiers Killed

UAE Influence Case Against Trump Adviser Involves National Security, Say Lawyers

For Afghan Evacuees Arriving to US, a Tenuous Legal Status and Little Financial Support

Herat Women Protest Against Taliban Over Right to Work

UK Will Not Recognize Taliban but Sees Scope for Dialogue

Evacuated Afghans, Hoping to Resettle in US, Face Extended Limbo in Third Countries

Taliban Reassures Afghan Banks in Charm Offensive Amid Funding Fears

'They Left Us So Helpless, We Didn't Know What to Do.': Afghans Seeking Refuge in Pakistan

Ex-Taliban Official Urges Countries to Recognize New Afghan Gov't

Qatar Working With Taliban to Reopen Kabul Airport 'As Soon as Possible': FM

Dutch Want to Help Qatar, Turkey Open Kabul Airport

One Afghan Evacuee in Custody After Security Screening at US Military Base in Europe

Western Union to Resume Money-Transfer Services to Afghanistan

Taliban Yet to Decide on Leadership Roles for Women

Germany Sets Conditions for Kabul Presence, France Questions Taliban Intent

Tajikistan Can't Afford to Take in Afghan Refugees Without Help: Police Chief


India Locks Down Kashmir After Snatching Body of Separatist Geelani

Resistance Leader's Death Deepens Kashmir Strife


India Is Updating Its Air Force for a Modern War, and China Isn't Its Only Concern

Indian Army to Receive Indigenous Weapons, Helicopters

North / South Korea

South Korea Says It Is Developing More Powerful Missiles to Deter North

New Cost-Sharing Deal Takes Effect for Stationing US Troops in South Korea
Britain Announces New Myanmar Sanctions

Thailand: Thousands Join Bangkok Rally Demanding PM's Resignation

Talks on 2019 Blasts Require Sri Lankan Gov't Credibility: Church

EU Pushes for More Defense Autonomy Amid Afghanistan Fallout

France, Germany Launch Joint Tactical Air Squadron and Training Center

Poland Says It Is Taking Steps to Counter Any Threat From Military Drills in Belarus


Take Two: Venezuelan Government, Opposition Return to Mexico for Talks

Venezuela Opposition Ends Election Boycott to Run in Local Polls

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Remembering Hiroshima

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New Triangular Axis in Greater Middle East: Turkey, Israel, and Azerbaijan

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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The FBI vs.

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