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Updated September 6, 2021 - 8:27 PM EDT
Taliban Don't Want US Help to Fight ISIS-K
  Report: US Navy Might Continue Air War in Afghanistan
  Biden's Chief of Staff Says About 100 Americans Remain in Afghanistan
Fighting Continues in Panjshir Valley
  Taliban Leader, Mullah Baradar, Promises 'inclusive' Government
Iran's Raisi Seeks Talks Without Western 'Pressure'
  Israel's 'Alarmist Claims' Raise the Stakes Against Iran
Saudi Airstrikes Kill 17 Houthis in Yemen's Maarib
BBC Admits Syria Gas Attack Report Had Serious Flaws
Soldiers Detain Guinea's President, Dissolve Government
item On Propaganda and Failed Narratives: New Understanding of Afghanistan Is a Must by Ramzy Baroud
item Afghanistan and the US Corporate Media by Ron Forthofer
item New Poll Finds Majority of Americans Open to Sending Troops to Defend Taiwan by Daniel Larison
item Is Democracy Worth War? by Doug Bandow
item Ben Rhodes' Book Proves His Own Lies About Edward Snowden and Russia by Glenn Greenwald
item Soldiers Are Losing Faith in Their Commanders by Hunter DeRensis

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Poll: Americans Favor Diplomatic Engagement With Cuba
US DNI Intervenes in Saad Al-Jabri Lawsuit to Protect State Secrets
Navy Identifies Five Sailors Who Died in Helicopter Crash
Israel / Palestine

Displaced by Israeli Aggression, Families Angry at UN Response

Israeli Forces Shoot Palestinian as He Worked His Farm in Gaza

Israel Razes Palestinian Bedouin Village for '192nd' Time, Activist Says

Israel: Meet the New Shin Bet Head Tasked With Planning for Life After Abbas

Hamas Says Egypt Caused Gaza Tunnel Collapse, Killing Three

Israeli President Secretly Visited Jordan for Meeting With King

Bennett to Avoid Discussing Palestinians in Egypt Meeting With Sisi

July Saw Second-Highest Israeli Demolitions of Palestinian Homes: UN Report

Following Normalization Deal, Israel Appoints First Ambassador to Bahrain

'Left in Tatters': New Report Describes Israeli Attack's Impact on Gaza's Productive Sector

Israeli Forces Detain Five Palestinian Children in West Bank

IDF to Close Off West Bank, Gaza During Rosh Hashanah and Other Holidays

Hamas: Efforts Underway to Free Palestinian Prisoners Held by Israel

Israeli Police Arrive in Ukraine to Assist Local Police With Holiday Travelers

Iraq Daily Roundup: 27 Killed, Mostly Security Force Members

Prisoner Exchange Between Libyan National Army & Western Region Forces

Libya Frees Saadi Gadhafi, Son of Former Leader

Worst Tripoli Fighting in a Year Tests Libya Ceasefire


Iran-UAE Trade Reaches More Than $1 Billion in Five Months

Campaign for Rouhani's Trial Gains Momentum in Iran

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Forces Intercept Three Ballistic Missiles, Blame Houthis

Yemen's Houthis Says It Has Attacked Aramco Facilities

United Kingdom

Prince Charles Aide Pushed for Saudi Tycoon Knighthood in 'Cash for Favors' Case

What Was the Total Cost of British War in Afghanistan?

North Africa

Algeria Puts Former Tunisia Presidential Candidate in Pre-Trial Detention

Civil Society in Morocco, Algeria Urge 'Reason' After Ties Cut

East Africa

Somalia's Puntland Sends Troops to Fight Al Shabaab in Neighboring State

'New Wave of Repression' Emerging in South Sudan, Amnesty Warns

US Military

Joint US-Australian Hypersonic Cruise Missile Moves Ahead

B-52 Bombers Train With Japanese and Indonesian Fighters After Deploying to Guam

Afghan Refugees
US General Says Most of Those Evacuated From Afghanistan to Qatar Are Now in Europe, US
Rescue Groups: US Tally Misses Hundreds Left in Afghanistan
US to Give Each Incoming Afghan Evacuee Up to $2,275 in Aid
Biden Taps Former Delaware Governor to Lead Afghan Resettlement in the US
Ex-British Soldier Arrested by Taliban After Failed Bid to Help 400 Afghans Cross Land Border
State Department Vows to Improve Visa Process for Afghans, Rescue Those Left Behind
The Kabul Airlift in Five Charts
Germany Wants to Talk With Taliban About Further Evacuations From Afghanistan
US Military Bases Prepare to House Up to 50,000 Afghans

Blinken to Intensify Afghanistan Diplomacy in Qatar, Germany

Taliban Say UN Promises Aid After Meeting With Officials in Kabul

Taliban Co-Founder Baradar to Lead New Afghanistan Gov't

Four Men Arrested Over Violence at Kabul Women's Rights March, Say Taliban

Google Locks Afghan Government Accounts as Taliban Seek Emails

Qatar to Operate Daily Aid Flights to Afghanistan

Taliban Order University Women to Wear Face-Covering Niqab

Top Afghan TV Network Stays On-Air Despite Fear of Taliban

Italy to Transfer Its Afghanistan Embassy to Qatar: Minister


Several Soldiers Killed in Southwestern Pakistan Suicide Bombing

Top Pakistani Official Travels to Afghanistan


Relatives of Kashmir Separatist Icon in Trouble After His Death

India Extends Kashmir Lockdown After Separatist Icon's Death


After 9/11: How China Saw a Chance to Crack Down at Home in Global Fight on Terror

East Africa to Seek Chinese Funds for Modern Regional Trains at Senegal Summit

Taiwan Scrambles Jets Against Renewed Chinese Military Activity

Lithuania Withdraws Chinese Envoy in Row Over Taiwan

New Zealand

New Zealand Police Kill 'ISIS-Inspired Extremist' After He Stabs Six at Supermarket

Knives Taken Off Supermarket Shelves in New Zealand After Terrorist Attack

Western Pacific

Four Indonesian Soldiers Killed in Papua Guerilla Attack

Micronesia Taps US Funds for Pacific Undersea Cable After China Rebuffed


Venezuela Government Signals 'Partial Agreements' at Mexico Talks

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The FBI vs.

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