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Updated September 13, 2021 - 8:21 PM EDT
Pentagon Paid Arms Industry $4.4 Trillion Since 9/11
US Removes Air Defenses From Saudi Base
  FBI Releases First of Declassified 9/11 Documents
  At Least 20 Houthis Killed in Saudi Strikes Near Maarib
Mass Killings by US After 9/11 Boosted Taliban
  Human Cost of 'War on Terror' in Afghanistan
  Afghans Critical of US's 20-Year Presence
  Uniformed Police to Be Stationed in Kabul
IAEA, Iran Reach Agreement To Avert Nuclear Deal Crisis
Philippines to Ignore China's New South China Sea Law
Infographic: US Military Presence Around the World
item Bear Any Burden: Military Sacrifice and Rise of American Populism  by Brandan P. Buck
item Since 9/11, FBI Has Destroyed Lives Based on Race and Religion  by Kevin Gosztola
item CIA Torture Cover-Up Still Looms Over 9/11 Trials at Guantánamo  by Brett Wilkins
item Plenty of Intelligence To Prevent 9/11  by Ray McGovern
item 9/11: The War on Terror Wasn't Supposed to End This Way  by Doug Bandow
item Domestic Legacy of Our Global 'War on Terror'  by Christopher J. Coyne

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Green Berets in Guinea Escorted by Security Team After President's Overthrow
Russia Says Construction of Nord Stream 2 Pipeline to Germany Is Complete
Military Contractor Claims It's Not Liable in Abu Ghraib Case
Taliban Says Panjshir Is Captured, Resistance Claims War Not Over
Afghanistan Remittance Payouts Limited to Local Currency
Party Leaders: Taliban Should Have Been at Bonn in 2001
Taliban Capture Ex-Vice President's Villa in 'Thieves' Quarter'
Brother of Afghan Opposition Figure Executed by Taliban, Family Says
Afghan People Call for Govt Offices to Open
Afghan Women Seek Right to Return to Govt Jobs
Afghan Journalists Call for Implementation of Access to Information Law
Afghanistan & the World
NATO Head Says Alliance Signed Off on US Withdrawal From Afghanistan
NATO Chief Blames Afghan Leaders for State's Collapse
US Should've Trained the Afghan Military to Be 'More Like the Taliban,' Former NATO Commander Says
Equipment Left in Afghanistan 'Will Expose US Secrets'
Third UAE Plane Carrying Humanitarian Aid Arrives in Kabul
Afghan Pilots Who Sought Safety in Uzbekistan Poised for US Transfer Under New Agreement
Unaccompanied Children Evacuated From Afghanistan in Qatar Limbo
Qatar Foreign Minister Becomes Most Senior Diplomat to Visit Kabul Since Taliban Takeover
Xi-Biden Call: China Leader Calls for Courage to Get Ties Back on Track
Taiwan Rift Remains Despite Xi-Biden Call for Closer Contact
PLA Commanders Come Out in Force as Troops Chase Perfect Response to US and NATO
Why China's Attack on NATO 'Double Standards' Suggests It Will Continue to Build Up Nuclear Arsenal
Angela Merkel and Xi Jinping Discuss 'Close Economic Ties' in Likely Last Official Call Together
Japan, Vietnam Sign Defense Transfer Deal Amid China Worries
Singapore and Vietnam Key Stops for China's Wang Yi on Latest Asian Friendship Tour
North Korea
North Korea Says 'Successfully' Test-Fired New Long-Range Missile
US Special Representative for North Korea to Travel to Tokyo Next Week
Russia Sends Armored Vehicles, Military Equipment to Tajikistan
Fighting in Myanmar Kills at Least 15 After Uprising Call
Malaysia PM to Sign Cooperation Pact With Opposition to Shore Up Support
Pakistan Election: PTI Bags Most Seats, Followed by PML-N in Cantonment Board Polls
Saied 'Plans to Change Tunisia's Political System, Suspend Constitution': Advisor
Tunisia's Labor Union and Ennahda Party Oppose Suspending Constitution
Tunisian Man Dies After Setting Himself on Fire; Second Immolation This Month
African Union Suspends Guinea After Military Coup
Jihadists Kill Five Soldiers in Ambush in Central Mali
Controversy After Libya Speaker Ratifies Presidential Vote Law
Hundreds Demonstrate Against Chad Junta
Moroccan King Appoints Business Tycoon to Head Government
Algerian Athlete Gets 10-Year Suspension for 'Malicious' Pro-Palestine Withdrawal From Olympics
Imprisoned Head of Peruvian Rebel Group Shining Path, Dies
Nicaraguan Political Activist Shot in Costa Rica, in Critical Condition
Haiti Prosecutors Seek to Interview PM Over Moise Killing
The War at Home
The Legacy of America's Post-9/11 Turn to Torture
Sixty-Year Old Gitmo Detainee Suffering From Paralysis, Says Lawyer
Biden Must Repeal 2001 War Authorization Act if He Wants to End 'Forever Wars', Experts Say
Fewer Americans Think Government Is Doing a Good Job Protecting Rights: Poll
Biden Way Behind Predecessors in Getting Ambassadors Confirmed
US Military
The 9/11 Terror Attacks Are Losing Recruiting Power With Today's Troops
US Government Is Looking Into Ways to Slow the Growth of Military Pay
US Paratrooper Found Dead in Italy
The Air Force Is Testing a New Ship-Killing Guided Bomb
Israeli Authorities Reinforce Wall on Border With Gaza
Israeli Forces Crack Down on Prisoner Solidarity Rally in Hebron
Israeli Soldiers Fire Tear Gas, Live Rounds at Palestinian Workers Entering Israel Near Ramallah
'Nothing Changes': Gaza Fishermen Balk at Israel Blockade Moves
Hundreds March in Ramallah in Solidarity With Palestinian Freedom Fighters
Israel Arrests More Family Members of Palestinian Prison Escapees
Palestinian Teen Recalls Alleged Beating, Torture at Hands of Settlers
Palestinian Killed During 'Day of Rage' Solidarity Protests for Prison Escapees
After a Decade of Escalations, Some in Gaza Find Themselves Homeless for a Fourth Time
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Doctor in Jerusalem
Israel Captures Four of the Six Palestinians Who Escaped From Gilboa Prison
Prison Escapee Hospitalized Due to Brutal Beating by Israeli Police Upon Recapture
Israel/Palestine & the US
Nearly 200 Americans Moved to West Bank Settlements Last Year, Govt Figures Reveal
Biden Officials Privately Pushed Abbas to Shelve ICC War Crimes Probe Against Israel
'PA Not Strong Enough to Lead Gaza Reconstruction,' US Senator Says After Visit
New UN Envoy: Yemen Is Stuck in 'Indefinite State of War'
Yemen Govt Says Houthis Hit Red Sea Aid Port
Mysterious Death of a Visiting Expatriate Sparks Uproar in Yemen
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish Soldier Among 23 People Killed
Iraq's Youth Skeptical of Proposed Return of Military Service
Drone Attack Hits Near US Forces in Erbil, Northern Iraq
Iraqi PM Kadhimi Becomes First Foreign Leader to Meet Iran's Raisi
Four Turkish Soldiers Die in Cross-Border Ops in Syria and Iraq
Turkey Rejects Arab League Statement That It Is Interfering in Region
Turkey Talks With UN Over Returning Syrian Refugees
Middle East
Lebanon Agrees on New Government After Year-Long Political Paralysis
Uneasy Calm in Syria's Daraa After Truce
Covid-19 Deadlier for Iranians Than Iran-Iraq War, Says Minister
US Navy SEALs, Cyprus Special Forces Hold Anti-Terror Drill
Five People Stabbed in Italian Resort, Somali Man Arrested
Two Ukraine Soldiers Die in Clashes With Separatists
Russia Says Two Militants Killed in Anti-Terror Raid in Dagestan
Thousands of Catalans Rally for Independence in Barcelona
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