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Updated September 14, 2021 - 8:46 PM EDT
Pentagon Paid Arms Industry $4.4 Trillion Since 9/11
  Corporate Beneficiaries of the Post-9/11 Pentagon Spending
  1,700 Former Acquisition Officials Moved on to Defense Contractors
Report Falsely Claims Iran Close To Having a Nuke
  Iran To Resume Nuclear Talks in 'Near Future'
  Iran Sends Fuel to Crisis-Hit Lebanon
Israeli Warplanes Destroy Poultry Farms in Gaza
  Israel Hits Hamas Targets in Gaza as Hostilities Escalate
Biden to Host In-Person Quad Summit With Eye on China
  China Asks US Not to Allow Taiwan to Rename De Facto Embassy
Blinken: New Afghan Aid, but Afghan Funds Still Frozen
item Ukraine, USA, Russia, and Spheres of Influence  by Ted Snider
item How Many More Palestinians Must Die for Israel's 'Security'?  by Ramzy Baroud
item How 9/11 Enabled a Preconceived Vision of an Imperial US Foreign Policy  by Jim Lobe
item Saigon 1975, Kabul 2021, Baghdad 2024?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Ending the Post-9/11 Forever Wars  by Rep. Barbara Lee
item The Afghan War Is Over, Military Leaders Try to Hide Their Failures  by Jeff Schogol

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FBI Agent Spills Guts on Terror War
Will Congress Ever Repeal Its Post-9/11 War Authorizations?
Facebook Documents Reveal a Secret Elite That's Exempt From Its Rules
Biden Plans To Withhold, Restrict Some Military Aid to Egypt
The War at Home
Apple Fixes Flaw Exploited by Israeli Firm's Pegasus Spyware
The 'Pegasus' Saga: All iPhone Devices Were Exploited by Israeli Spy Tech Firm, Report Indicates
Activists Rally in US Cities in Solidarity With Palestinian Prisoners
Marine Corps Recruit Dies on His First Training Day at Boot Camp
US Army, Allies Kick Off Saber Junction 21 Exercises
US Missile Defense, Boeing Demonstrate Missile Interceptor
Pentagon: No Plans to Send Investigators to Afghanistan to Scrutinize US Drone Strike
At Least 20 Civilians Are Believed to Have Been Killed by Taliban in Rebel Stronghold of Panjshir, Report Says
Afghans Sell Possessions Amid Cash Crunch, Looming Crisis
Afghans Still Fleeing Rural Homes Despite Fall in Violence: UN Migration Agency
The CIA Reportedly Carried Out Secretive Evacuation Missions in Afghanistan
Kabul Airport Employees, Including Women, Return to Work
Qatar to Act as 'Bridge' Between Taliban and World
153 Afghan Media Outlets Cease Operating in Less Than a Month
Taliban Claims to Find $6.5 million in Cash at Former VP's House
Afghan State Hospitals Lack Medicine, Say Families of Sick
Afghanistan: Private Sector Warns of Economic Collapse
Family of US Hostage Held by Taliban Calls for Envoy's Firing
First Foreign Commercial Jet Since Taliban Return Lands in Kabul
Taiwan's War Games Begin With Response to Simulated PLA Biochemical Attack
China Weighs in on Canada's Election After Conservatives Promise to 'Stand Up' to Beijing
North Korea
White House Says It Remains Prepared to Engage With North Korea
China Calls for Restraint as North Korea Tests Cruise Missile Able to Reach Japan
Blinken Says US Will Assess Pakistan Ties Over Afghanistan's Future
Pakistani Journalists Rally Against Proposed New Media Law
Indonesia Arrests Key Leader in Al-Qaeda Linked Group
Japan Calls Out Russia Over Alleged Airspace Violation
Russia Summons US Ambassador Over 'Election Interference'
Norway's Center-Left Opposition Wins Election, Projections Show
Czech Republic to Sign $396 million Weapons Deal With Nexter
Recaptured Palestinian Gilboa Escapees 'Risk Being Tortured'
Israeli Ministers to Ask More Restrictions on Palestinian Prisoners
Israel Detains Relatives of Palestinian Prisoners on the Run as Manhunt Continues
What Fate Awaits the Rearrested Palestinian Prisoners?
Israel's Bennett Holds Talks With Egypt's Sisi on Iran, Disarming Hamas
Number of Jewish Americans Moving to Illegal Israeli Settlements Increases 'Dramatically'
Israel Demolishes Two Palestinian Houses in Lod
Israeli Forces Shoot Palestinian Near Bethlehem-Area Settlement
Jerusalem: Two Israelis Wounded After Alleged Knife Attack by Palestinian Man
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish Soldier Among 23 People Killed
Iraq, Iran Agree to Cancel Visa Requirements
Iraqi Army Arrest Officers Who Escorted Election Candidates
US Offers $7 Million for Information on Hezbollah Foreign Office Head
Lebanon Tribunal Secures Funding to Hold Hariri Case Appeal
15 Injured in Landmine Explosion in Yemen's Hodeidah
Anti-Government Riots Caused Fires in Yemen's Mukalla as Public Services Collapse
Turkey Detains 33 Over Alleged Links to Failed Coup
Landmine Explosion in Libya Causes Serious Injuries to Eight Members of the Same Family
Turkish Military Cargo Aircrafts Land in Western Libya
Photographer Freed in East Libya After Three Years in Jail
Gunmen Attack Nigerian Prison; 240 Inmates Freed
Nearly 70 Students Freed in Northern Nigeria
Nigeria's Central Bank Denies It's Threatening to Seize Dollar Accounts
Burkina Faso
Three Gendarmes Killed in Burkina Faso, Several More Missing
Burkina Faso Humanitarian Response Risks Lives: Agency
Deal Allowing Russian Mercenaries Into Mali Is Close
'Gross Abuses': Armed Groups Killing, Recruiting in Niger
Algeria Arrests More Members of MAK Separatist Group
Probe in Ethiopia's Tigray Did Not Reach Site of Axum Attack: UN
Peru: Dilemma Over What to Do With Body of Shining Path Leader
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New Triangular Axis in Greater Middle East: Turkey, Israel, and Azerbaijan

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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The FBI vs.

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