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Updated September 15, 2021 - 9:44 PM EDT
Taliban Vows Won't Let Militants Attack Nations
  Taliban Welcomes Int'l Aid, Pledges to Distribute Transparently
  Pentagon Defends Deadly Drone Strike in Kabul
  US Spy Chief: There Are Greater 'Terrorist Threats' Than Afghanistan
  Lawmakers Threaten to Subpoena SecDef Over Afghanistan Mistakes
Drones, Likely Israeli, Attack Iraq-Syria Border
  Putin Slams US, Turkish Presence in Syria in Meeting With Assad
Singapore To Work With China After US Charm Offensive
  US Coast Guard Spots Chinese Warships Off Aleutian Islands
Saudi Airstrikes Kill 43 Houthis in Yemen's Maarib
Report Falsely Claims Iran Close to Uranium for a Nuke
item Egypt Murders Its Citizens With Little Complaint From Washington  by Doug Bandow
item Living with Vietnam and Afghanistan: What You Do Now  by Camillo Mac Bica
item 9/11 and the Ineffable Innocence of US Empire  by Philip Weiss
item Shut Down the Drone War  by Daniel Larison
item Wars of Unintended Consequences  by Rajan Menon
item A Modest Proposal: Fire All of the Post 9/11 Generals
 by Andrew J. Bacevich

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US Army Special Forces Suspend Training Support for Guinea After Coup

Will US Contractor CACI Finally Be Punished for Abu Ghraib Torture?

Lebanese Cancer Patients Desperately Search for Meds Amid Economic Crisis
Prosecution Witness in Netanyahu's Corruption Trial Killed in Fiery Plane Crash
The War at Home
Soldiers Have Three Months to Get Covid Vaccine or Face Discharge, With Few Waiver Options
Rand Paul Grills Blinken on Whether Drone Strike Hit Aid Worker or ISIS-K: 'You'd Think You'd Kind of Know Before You Off Someone'
Former US Operatives Agree to $1.68m Settlement Over Mercenary Hacking Charges Related to UAE
Lockheed Nabs F-35 Sustainment Contract Worth Up to $6.6 Billion
Biden to Address UN General Assembly
Microsoft Takes Further Action Over NSA Cloud Contract
Bennett Says He Won't Meet Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian State a 'Terrible Mistake'
Israeli Forces Attack Primary School Students With Teargas Canisters
Israel, Egypt Leaders Meet to De-Escalate Gaza Tensions
Father of Cancer-Stricken Child Among 23 Palestinians Arrested by Israel in West Bank Raids
Palestinian Prisoners Recaptured: Lawyer Visits Denied, Allegations of Torture and Mistreatment
Mothers of Rearrested Palestinian Prisoners Anxiously Await Answers on Their Safety
Palestinian Prisoners to Begin Hunger Strike to Protest Israeli Collective Punishment
Lawyer Allowed to Visit Four Recaptured Palestinian Prisoners
'No Humanity or Respect': Israel Detains Palestinian Father of Cancer-Stricken Child
Jerusalem Police Clash With Ultra-Orthodox Locals Defending Hazardous Sukkah
Israel's Bennett to Address UN General Assembly on September 27
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Iraqi Election Candidate's Convoy Targeted by Explosion
Thousands of Iraqi Militia Fighters' Contracts Restored Ahead of Crunch Election
Iran Replaces Deputy Foreign Minister Araqchi Who Led Nuclear Talks
New Six-Part Book by Former Iranian FM Zarif Details Iran Nuclear Negotiations
Saudi Arabia
Pegasus: iPhone Hit by NSO Group Spyware to Hack Saudi Activist
Saudi Arabia Considering Israeli-Made Missile Defense Systems
Middle East
UN Investigators Say Syria Not Safe for Refugee Return as Violence Worsens
Bahrain's First-Ever Envoy to Israel Presents Credentials
The UAE Want Quick Trade Talks and Negotiations With Eight Countries, to Sign Deals Within a Year
Venezuela Names US Fugitive to Team Negotiating With Foes
Guaido Says Venezuela's Access to IMF SDRs to Be Part of Political Talks
EU Says It Has No Option but to Talk to Taliban
Afghanistan's Muttaqi Urges Countries to Engage With New Govt
Once Inmates, Taliban Now in Charge in a Kabul Prison
Qatar Refuses 'Responsibility' for Kabul Airport Without Taliban
UNESCO Asks Taliban to Preserve Gains in Education
Fallen Afghan Govt Urges UN to Probe Taliban Rights Abuses
'Why Are You Out?': Women Journalists Recall Taliban Sweep
Taliban Deny Their Deputy Prime Minister, Mullah Baradar, Is Dead
Chinese Students Hit by US Visa Rejections Amid Tension
Chinese Ambassador to UK Barred From Parliament
Chinese Firms Should Face Faster US Stock Delisting Over Audit Rules, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Tells Lawmakers
South Korea, China Hold Talks Over North Korea Missile Test, Stalled Diplomacy
Japan, US, South Korea Urge North Korea to Return to Talks
US Soldiers Warned Army Base in Japan Could Be Infiltrated by Wild Monkeys
US Trade Chief Urges ASEAN Envoy to Visit Myanmar Soon, Promote Dialogue
Rights Groups Unimpressed With Biden's New Conditions on Aid
Jailed Activist's Appearance in Court Raises Health Concerns
Egypt's Sisi Calls for International Support to Mediation Between Israel, Gaza
Several Civilians and Soldiers Killed in Mogadishu Suicide Attack
480 Civilians Killed in Burkina Faso Attacks Since May: NGO
France Warns Mali Against Russian Wagner Mercenary Deal
Egypt's Sisi Meets Libya's Eastern Commander Khalifa Haftar in Cairo
Nigeria Recaptures 108 Inmates After Prison Outbreak
Tunisian President Ignoring Parliament, Says Opposition
Rwandan Ex-Army Officer Gunned Down in Mozambique
Guinea Coup Leaders Begin Transitional Government Talks
Ukraine Says Soldier Killed by Separatists in Fresh Fighting
Ukraine Expects Next IMF Tranche of $750 Million in December, PM Says
Is Russia's Defense Chief Emerging as Putin's Possible Successor?
Group: Turkish Drones in Cyprus Endanger Commercial Flights
Germany Arrests Man Suspected of Shipping Equipment for Iran Nuclear, Missile Programs
Haiti Prosecutor Replaced After Calling for PM to Be Charged in Killing
Gunmen Kidnap 20 Foreigners, Likely From Haiti and Venezuela, From Mexico Hotel
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