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Updated September 16, 2021 - 9:56 PM EDT
Gantz: Israel Could Accept US Return to Iran Deal
  Iran Removed IAEA Cameras Damaged by Israeli Sabotage
80 Houthis Killed in Yemen's Maarib in 48 Hours
  Separatist Protests in South Yemen as Conflict Cripples Economy
US, UK, Australia Announce Military Pact to Counter China
  Taiwan FM Says Island Is a 'Sea Fortress' Blocking China Expansion
After Afghan Pullout, Some EU Officials Want to Form Army
South Korea Unveils New Missiles After N. Korea Launch
Syria: Israeli Airstrike Kills 3 Shi'ites; ISIS Kills 8 in Ambush
New Jersey To Divest From Ben & Jerry's Parent Company
item Top US Generals Lied About Afghan and Iraq Wars to Advance Their Careers  by Paul Antonopoulos
item The Somme and the Global War on Terror  by Casey Chalk
item The US Is Turning Oil-Rich Nigeria Into a Proxy for Its Africa Wars  by TJ Coles
item To Counter Terror, Abolish War  by Kathy Kelly
item Guantánamo Must Close  by Miriam Pensack
item Lockheed Martin Ads Resurface on the Politico Foreign Policy Newsletter  by Ben Armbruster

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Afghan Killed by Drone Praised by Co-Workers in US Aid Group
Claims of Milley's 'Secret' Calls to Chinese Leaders Exaggerated, Sources Say
White House Defends Milley After Woodward Report
The War at Home
US Lawmakers Make Last-Ditch Effort to Undo Nord Stream 2 Sanction Waiver
Vermont City Council Member Halts BDS Measure After Pro-Israel Backlash
Facebook Should Have Independent Palestine-Israel Bias Review, Board Says
New Army Office to Take Sexual Assault Cases From Commanders
White House Says Ongoing Discussion With China on Biden, Xi Engagement
Former National Security Officials Warn Antitrust Bills Against Tech Giants Could Help China in Tech Race
Two Upcoming Documents Will Reveal How the US Navy Should Fight in Great Power Competition
A Month After Kabul's Fall, Taliban Stares at Humanitarian Crisis
Taliban Says It Will Build Regular Army, Include Former Members
Combined Teams Working to Reestablish Kabul Airport Operations
Taliban's Baradar Says Reports He Was Hurt in Internal Clash Are False
Afghan Envoys Marooned Abroad After Taliban's Sudden Return
House Prices Fall in Kabul Amid Widespread Migration
Afghan Journalists: Reporting Hindered by Lack of Govt Sources
Iran Resumes Commercial Flights to Afghanistan
Taliban Order Afghan Squatters in Kandahar Out
Germany Says It Will Grant Visas to 2,600 Afghans
Pakistani Security Official Urges US to Engage With Afghanistan
China's Top Diplomat Urges Democrats and Republicans to Help Heal Ties Between Two Countries
China Blasts US 'Cliques' Before Planned Meeting With Japan, India, and Australia
Taiwan Drills Military as Concerns Over China Grow
Taiwan Lands Fighters on Highway as Annual War Games Reach Peak
Germany Says China Has Refused Port Stopover by Warship
EU to Ban 'Forced Labor' Products, Taking Aim at China's Treatment of Uygurs
North Korea Says Recent Missiles Were Test of 'Railway-Borne' System
Kim Jong Un's Sister Warns of 'Destruction' of South Korean Ties
China's Top Diplomat Slams US Move for South Korea to Join 'Outdated' Five Eyes Alliance
South Korea Announces Micro-Satellite Reconnaissance System
Shootout in Northwest Pakistan Kills 7 Soldiers, 5 Militants
International Court Backs Probe Into Philippines' 'War on Drugs'
US, Britain, Norway, and Finland Came to Monitor Russia's Arctic Exercises: Interfax
The US Army's Iron Dome Could Be Headed to Ukraine
Spain, Catalonia Still 'Far Apart' on Independence as Talks Resume
Paris Attack Suspect Says Death of 130 People 'Nothing Personal'
US Discusses Support for Lithuania Amid China Pressure
Kosovo War Crimes Suspect Slams 'Gestapo' Court as Trial Opens
Haitian Official Steps Down Over PM's Possible Ties to President's Assassination
Biden Says Venezuela, Bolivia Not Doing Enough to Meet Counternarcotics Obligations
Thousands of Salvadorans March Against President Bukele
Two Mexican Guardsmen Wounded in Michoacan Fighting
London Arms Fair
DSEI: London Arms Fair Where Middle East Deals Are Made
London's Arms Fair Opens Its Doors to the World's Most Repressive and Violent Governments
Britain's 'Robust' Arms Export Controls Are a Fiction
Using Students to 'Manufacture Weapons of Tomorrow': The Arms Fair Protests
Thousands Say No to Arms Fairs in Liverpool and London
UK Arms Fair an Unwelcome Guest in East London
Hundreds in Prayer Vigil Outside DSEI Arms Fair
UK Bishops Stand With Campaigners Against Arms Trade
Netanyahu Assails Government After Gantz Says Open to New Iran Deal
Benny Gantz War Crimes Case Goes to Dutch Appeals Court
Palestinian Prisoners Call Off Hunger Strike After Israeli Authorities Agree to Their Demands
Gilboa Prison Break: How the Palestinian Escapees Survived on the Run
Gaza: Disabled Palestinians Recount Horror of Israel's May Offensive
Bulldozers Bring Heartbreak to Silwan
Blinken to Honor Abraham Accords With Israel, UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco Ministers
Qatar Resumes Aid to Thousands of Gaza Families
Israeli Soldiers Beat Up, Detain 13-Year-Old Palestinian in Ramallah
'Re-Arrested Palestinian Prisoners Have Been Tortured': Lawyers
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed, Including Peshmerga
Iraq Asks World's Help to Recover Stolen Funds
Lebanon's Ex-PM Flees to US Despite Subpoena for Deadly Port Blast
Survivors, NGOs Call for International Probe Into Beirut Blast
Qatar Campaigning Open for Nation's First-Ever Shura Council Election
East Libyan Forces and Chadian Rebels Clash in Southern Libya
Prosecutor Threatens Libya FM With Legal Action for 'Abusing Her Power'
DR Congo
Chinese Mining Firms Told to Stop Work and Leave Democratic Republic of Congo
DR Congo Police Beat Reporter in Crackdown Against Opposition Protests
Tunisia Leader Vows to Fight 'Traitors' and 'Mafia' in Incendiary Speech
Tunisia Coup: Opposition MPs Decry 'Retaliatory' Military Tribunal
UN Withdraws Gabon Peacekeepers From Central African Republic Over Sex Abuse Claims
Macron Says French Forces Killed ISIS Leader in Sahara
Bennett-Sissi Meeting Shows Egypt Wants to Expand Israel Ties, but Up to a Point
HRW: Eritrean and Tigrayan Forces Killed and Raped Refugees
'Serious Decisions': West African Leaders to Hold Summit on Guinea Coup
Algeria: Prominent Journalist Arrested Over 'Terrorism' Accusations
Morocco Supportive of De Mistura Nomination as UN Envoy for Western Sahara
One Million Nigerian Children to Miss School Due to Mass Kidnappings, UNICEF Says
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