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Updated September 17, 2021 - 8:33 PM EDT
Pentagon Admits Drone Strike Killed 10 Civilians
  Khalilzad: Ghani Fleeing Afghanistan Ruined Last-Minute Deal
  With Foreign Funds Frozen, Afghan Aid Groups Stuck in Limbo
More US Troops, Aircraft to Be Sent to Australia
  France Furious Over US-Australia Nuclear Submarine Deal
  China: Australia's Nuclear Sub Deal May Spark Arms Race in Pacific
50 Killed in Heavy Fighting in Central Yemen
  South Yemen Separatists Declare Emergency Over Protests
Eye on Iran, Israel Steps Up Presence in Red Sea
  Iran Faults 'Unprofessional' IAEA in Complaints on Uranium Particles
Democratic Lawyer Indicted in Russiagate Hoax
Court Tosses Years-Long NSA Lawsuit, Citing 'State Secrets'
US Approves $500 Million Deal To Maintain Saudi Helicopters
item Biden Shelves Diplomacy to Confront Russia and China  by Ted Snider
item By Letting Saudi Arabia Off the Hook Over 9/11, US Encouraged Jihadism  by Patrick Cockburn
item Palestinian Prison Break: Israel Has Every Reason to Fear This Bold Move  by Jonathan Cook
item A Simple Name Change or Flirting With Disaster?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item A Reckoning for US Foreign Policy Elites Is Long Overdue
 by Andrew Doran
item Could ICC Try Palestinians While Israel Gets Away With Murder?  by Maureen Clare Murphy

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The New Warrant: How US Police Mine Google for Your Location and Search History
New UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss Pushed for Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Sahel: French Forces Kill ISIS Leader Wanted by US
Ukraine, US to Hold Joint Military Drills
Friction Among Taliban Pragmatists, Hard-Liners Intensifies
UN Envoy Meets New Afghan Interior Minister Wanted by US
Streets Become Flea Markets as Afghans Sell Belongings
Black Market Visa Business Booming in Afghanistan
Afghan Students Anxious as Schools Remain Closed
Afghanistan: Herat Regional Hospital Lacks Medicine
Afghanistan Likely to Stabilize if Govt Is Inclusive: Pakistan's Khan
Afghan Govt Employees Face Closed Offices, Unpaid Wages
IMF Warns of 'Looming Humanitarian Crisis' in Afghanistan
Taiwan Eyes $8.7 Billion More for Arms as It Warns of 'Severe Threats'
China Applies to Join Asian Trade Deal Abandoned by Trump
Pakistan Braces for More 'Islamization' After Taliban Victory
Indonesia Increase Patrols After Foreign Vessels Detected
Armenia Files Suit Against Azerbaijan at World Court
Dutch PM Rutte to Invite Britain to Join Defense Deal With EU
EU Unveils Indo-Pacific Strategy, Tries to Allay China Fears
France Is So Mad About the Australia Submarine Deal That It Canceled a Big Party in DC
Venezuela, Bolivia Reject US Accusation of Non-Cooperation on Drugs
Venezuelan Ex-General Discussing Possible Plea With US: Prosecutor
Advocates 'in Utter Disbelief' After Biden Resumes Haitian Repatriations
Haiti PM Henry Replaces Justice Minister After Sacking Prosecutor
El Salvador Drafts Controversial Constitutional Changes
US Treasury Sanctions Colombian Drug Trafficking Queen
The War at Home
Army Reveals Details of Soldier's Court-Martial Stemming From Syria Firefight
F-35 Fighter Jets May Fall Behind Adversaries, House Panel Warns
Court Rules Pro-Palestinian Protests at Michigan Synagogue Protected by First Amendment
EU Parliament Resolution Urges Sanctions on Lebanon Officials
Lebanon Gets IMF Funding Injection. How Much Will It Help?
Judge Seeks Arrest of Ex-Minister Charged in Beirut Blast
Gantz: Israel Will Not Take Down Any Settlements From West Bank
Israel's Army Chief: Raiding Jenin Could Become Inevitable Choice
Infant Among Many Palestinians Injured in Ya'bad
Israeli Student Seeks Asylum in UK to Avoid Committing 'Crime of Apartheid'
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed, Including Peshmerga
US Combat Troops to Start Leaving Iraq in October, Iraqi MP Says
Hundreds of Iraqi Women Run for Parliament
Iraq Elections: Hundreds of Thousands of People With Disabilities Deprived of Vote
Iraq Signs Initial Agreement to Build Oil Refinery in Northern Province
Iranian Press Review: Media War Breaks Out Over Taliban Takeover
Nigerian Air Force Strike on Village Civilians Kills 9, Injures 23
Nigerian Air Force Probes Reports It Killed Civilians
Jihadist Ambush Kills 18 Nigerian Security Forces: Military Sources
Egypt: Sisi Set to Open Country's Biggest Prison
Egypt Signs Flurry of Deals With Libya's Unity Government
Egypt's El-Sisi Backs December Elections in Libya
Egypt: Security Agencies Using 'Intimidation' to Silence Activists, Says Amnesty
Tunisian President Says Border With Libya to Reopen
Tunisia: Court Refuses to End Military Investigation of Opposition MPs
Somalia Crisis Deepens as President Withdraws PM's Powers
Burundi Rights Abuses Worsening Under New Govt: UN
ECOWAS Resorts to Sanctions Over Guinea and Mali Coups
How Morocco's King Dealt a Blow to Political Islam
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