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Updated September 20, 2021 - 8:28 PM EDT
Pentagon Admits Drone Strike Killed 10 Civilians
  Apology 'Not Enough': Survivors of US Drone Attack in Kabul
  ISIS Attacks Taliban Targets in Afghanistan
  Secretary-General Guterres Calls for UN Engagement With Taliban
US Imposes More Iran-Related Sanctions
  Iranian Scientist and A.I.-Assisted Weapon Israel Used To Kill Him
Iran Is Ready to Sell Oil To Lebanon Directly
  EU Threatens Sanctions on Lebanon Amid Economic Crisis
Israel Rearrests Last Two Palestinian Jailbreakers
How Submarine Deal Sparked a Major Diplomatic Crisis
ISIS Claims Credit for Attack on Syrian Gas Pipeline
item Afghan Withdrawal Enhances Long-Term US Credibility  by Doug Bandow
item Afghanistan: A Poster Child for Foreign-Aid Failure  by Steve H. Hanke
item Biden Doubles Down on China Confrontation With AUKUS Nuke Sub Deal  by Ethan Paul
item A Bright Future for Weapons and War  by William J. Astore
item Old Soldier Mark Milley Should 'Fade Away'  by Ray McGovern
item Despite Its Exit, the US Will Continue to Wage War on Taliban  by Jonathan Cook

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Erdogan Visits US Amid Disagreements With President Biden
Ocasio-Cortez Submits Amendment to Block Arms Sale to Israel
Iran Leader Reasserts Ban on Sports With Israel
Libya's Haftar Rejects Attending US Court Session
Taliban Leader Seeks Foreign Assistance for Displaced Afghans
First Tied to ISIS, Then to US: Family in Drone Strike Tarnished Twice
Fate of Afghanistan's Embassies Unclear
Afghan Family Ravaged by Drone Strike Mistake Asks US: 'Take Us Out of Here'
Afghan Activists Protest Lack of Women's Affairs Ministry
Ghani's Fleeing Caused Current Crisis: Afghan Politicians
Kabul Women at Protest Demand Schooling, Govt Inclusion
Qatari Plane Carrying Aid Lands in Afghanistan
Pakistan PM Khan 'in Dialogue' With Taliban Over Inclusive Govt
UNESCO Calls to Reopen Afghan Girls' Schools
Mike Pompeo Says Military Officials Faced 'Political Pressure' With Drone Strike
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Enters Taiwan Air Defense Zone Day After Army Budget Rise
China to Step Up Pressure on US and Taiwan Over Mission Office Name Change – Up to a Point
Hong Kong Elite Selects Powerful New 'Patriots Only' Committee
Indonesia's Most Wanted Militant Killed in Jungle Shootout
Indonesian Navy Adds Five Vessels to Secure Natuna Sea
Boxer Manny Pacquiao to Run for Philippine President in 2022
Protesters Call to 'Kick Out' Thai PM on Coup Anniversary
Pakistan Police Officer Deployed on Anti-Polio Team's Security Shot Dead
France to Work With India to Promote 'Truly Multilateral' Order
France and Russia Make a Stand Over Which Country Will Have the Greater Influence in Mali
French Minister Heads to Sahel Amid Talk of Russian Hired Guns for Mali
Mali Says It Can Seek Military Help From Anyone, Despite French Concern
Sudan's RSF Seize Libya Arms After Clash With Smugglers
East Libya Forces Say Two Helicopters Crashed, Killing Two
Guinea Refuses to Allow Deposed President to Leave the Country
Burundi Rebel Group Claims Airport Attack
Morocco Islamist Party Decries 'Violations' at Polls
Dueling Tunisian Protests Erupt Over President's Power Grab
Bandits Release 10 Students Kidnapped Two Months Ago From Nigerian School
In Somalia, an Intelligence Officer's Disappearance Has Blown Open a Government Crisis
Putin's Party Expected to Keep Control of Lower House Amid Fraud Complaints
Jersey Fishing Row: French Protest Over Access on Power Cable Beach
European Union-Style Bloc Pitched for Latin America, Caribbean
Latin American Leaders Divided on OAS at Regional Meeting
Infographic: How Many Palestinians Are Imprisoned by Israel?
Israel Carries Out Mass Arrests of Palestinians After Jailbreak
Israeli Forces Wound Hundreds at Anti-Settlement Protests
IDF Officer Seen Shoving, Injuring Left-Wing Demonstrator Let Off With 'Censure'
Palestinian Prisoners' Group Urges Accountability Amid Reports Israel 'Beating' Captured Escapees
Ambassador Erdan Slams Ocasio-Cortez for Her Bid to Block Arms Sale to Israel
IDF Soldiers Injure Left-Wing Activists at West Bank Protest, Drawing Outcry
Israeli Forces, Settlers Beat Elderly Palestinian Woman in Hebron
Jerusalem Police Clash With Haredi Rioters Over Dangerously Built Sukkah
'Globalize Intifada': Pro-Palestine Protesters March in New York
What Iran's Membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Means
Iran Nuclear Chief Wants Fast Overhaul of Arak Reactor
Iran Appoints New Air Force Commander
Lebanese PM Says Oil Shipments From Iran Were 'Not Approved' by His Government
Clashes in Ain Al-Hilweh Palestinian Refugee Camp After Islamist Handed to Lebanese Army
Lebanese Authorities Seize 20 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate in East Lebanon
Erdogan Says Turkey 'Not Closed' to Dialogue With Armenia
Turkish President Erdogan Says to Meet Greek PM in New York
Yemenis Opt for Longer Route to Northern Airport Fearing STC Violence on Road to Aden
Yemen Houthis Say Nine Executed Over Political Leader's Killing
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Twelve Killed
Syrian Regime Bombardment Kills Child in Idlib
AUKUS Submarine Deal
France Accuses Australia, US of 'Lying' in Escalating Crisis
Australia Says France Knew of 'Grave' Submarine Concerns
France Cancels Defense Meeting With UK Over Submarine Disagreement
North Korea Says US Submarine Deal, Alliance Could Trigger 'Nuclear Arms Race'
Hundreds Arrested Following Clashes With Australian Police at Anti-Lockdown Protests
US Military
US Navy Successfully Tests Trident Missiles Off Florida Coast
Army Begins Civilian Overhaul of Investigative Division After Fort Hood
Russian-Made MI-17 Helicopter Flown by Secretive US Unit Lands in Farmer's Field
Military Training Jet Crashes in Texas, Injuring Both Pilots and Damaging Homes
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Saigon 1975, Kabul 2021, Baghdad 2024?

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