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Updated September 22, 2021 - 9:40 PM EDT
House To Vote on Ending Support for War in Yemen
  House Vote Could End Support to Saudi in Yemen
  Antiwar Groups Urge Congress to End Support for Saudi War in Yemen
Taliban Says ISIS-K Not the Same as Mideast ISIS
  SecDef Orders Review of Kabul Drone Strike That Killed 10 Civilians
  Taliban Announces More Cabinet Members, Include Minorities
Iran's Raisi: Sanctions Are DC's 'New Way of War'
  Iran Says Nuclear Deal Talks Will Resume in the Next Few Weeks
Extra $1 Billion for Israel Stripped From Funding Bill
  Groups Urge Congress to Strengthen Rules on Defense Lobbying
At UN, Biden Claims US Not Seeking a Cold War With China
South Korea's President Calls To Reconcile With North
item US Can't Save the World: That Includes Lebanon  by Doug Bandow
item US Drones Still Fly Over the Afghan Horizon  by Edward Hunt
item Congress Wants to Put Even More Troops in Russia's Backyard  by Anatol Lieven
item Don't Forget About Yemen  by Daniel Larison
item Why Do the Media Cover for the MIC?  by Bradley Devlin
item The Profits of War
 by William D. Hartung

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US House to Approve $6.3 Billion for Afghan Refugee Resettlement
Libya's Eastern Parliament Withdraws Confidence From Unity Government
Assange Extradition Case Has Cost British Public Over £300,000
UN: Taliban Ask to Address the UN General Assembly
Girls to Return to Secondary Schools 'Soon as Possible': Taliban
Taliban Expand Economic Team as Afghan Crisis Deepens
Military Aircraft, Vehicles Were Taken Out of Afghanistan
Qatar's Ruler Urges World Leaders Not to Boycott Taliban
Afghan Media Face Budget Issues, Lack of Access to Information
After Afghans Fell From Plane, Families Live With Horror
Sales of Cheap, Low-Quality Fuel Increase on Kabul Streets
China's Xi, Like Biden Hours Earlier, Turns to Calm Language
US-China Technology FDI Crashes but Decoupling Is 'Not Imminent'
Taiwan Welcomes Planned Visit by French Senators in October
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Pleads Not Guilty in Incitement Trial
France-Australia Sub Row
France Rallies EU as Trust in US, UK, and Australia Wanes
EU Official Says Aussie Trade Deal Delayed by French Snub
Philippines Supports Australia Nuclear Sub Pact to Counter China
France's Macron and India's Modi Vow to 'Act Jointly' After Submarine Dispute
Australian Documents Showed French Submarine Project Was at Risk for Years
Australia PM Says No Opportunity for Meeting With French President in New York
UK Data Breach Puts Hundreds of Afghan Interpreters 'At Risk'
UK Apologizes for Email Error Revealing Afghan Interpreter Details
US Court Dismisses Torture Lawsuit Against Former Egyptian Prime Minister
UK Family Settles Damages in US Diplomatic Immunity Case
Russia Holds Anti-Terror Drills With China, Missile Exercises
Euro Court Says Russia Responsible for Killing Ex-KGB Officer Litvinenko
Ex-French Ambassador Says Biden 'A Big Disappointment All Over Europe'
Belarus Leader Lukashenko to Discuss Transfer of Some Powers
Swedish Security Police Detain One on Suspicion of Espionage
Lithuania Says Throw Away Chinese Phones Due to Censorship Concerns
Argentina Plans to Spend $664 Million on Fighter Jets, Possibly From China or US
Venezuela Says Colombian Drone Violates Its Airspace as US Admiral Visits
The War at Home
House Takes Up Progressive-Led Defense Spending Cuts This Week
US Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem Files Supreme Court Petition Over 'Kill List' Lawsuit
Biden Meets With Leaders of Australia, Iraq Before Departing UN General Assembly
US Espionage Prosecutions 'Discriminatory' Against Chinese and Asian Defendants, Says Committee of 100
Biden Nominee for Key China Export Post Expects Huawei to Remain Blacklisted
Biden to Nominate Former House Staffer as Army Acquisition Boss
Space Development Agency Approves Design for Satellites That Can Track Hypersonic Weapons
Poll Finds 80% of Palestinians Want Abbas to Resign
Hamas Presents 'Clear Roadmap' for Prisoner Exchange Deal With Israel
Israel Illegally Annexes 11 Acres of Palestinian Lands in Bethlehem
Nearly 2/3 of US-Based Middle East Scholars Say Israel Is Practicing Apartheid
Report: 'Dangerous Implications' for Palestinian Refugees in US-UNRWA New Funding Framework
Diabetic Palestinian Prisoner Refuses Insulin to Protest Administrative Detention
On 'Flag Day': Palestinian Flag Flies Outside Denmark Parliament Building
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
US to Formally Return 3,500-Year-Old 'Gilgamesh' Tablet to Iraq
United Arab Emirates
UAE Welcomes Regional Rivals at Major Natural Gas Conference
Sudanese Officials Say Coup Attempt Failed, Army in Control
Sudan's PM Says Coup Plotters Were Military, Non-Military
Sudan Says Thwarted Coup Attempt Linked to Bashir Regime
Burundi Grenade Blasts Kill at Least Five, Injures 50
Burundi Probes Grenade Blasts, Pledges to Stamp Out 'Terrorists'
Tunisia Party Says President's Power Grab Risks 'Dismantling State'
Tunisia Military Judge Jails Two Members of Parliament
Namibians Protest as MPs to Vote on German Genocide Deal
Talk of Wagner Mercenary Deal Shines Light on Mali Power Politics
US Blasts 'Dangerous' Rhetoric by Ally of Ethiopia PM
South Africa Resumes Zuma's Protracted Arms Deal Trial
In Pictures: Protesters Against Vaccine Mandate in Melbourne, Australia Clash With Police
New Zealand Steps Closer to Tighter Terrorism Laws After Supermarket Knife Attack
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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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The FBI vs.

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