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Updated September 23, 2021 - 9:43 PM EDT
House Votes End Support for War in Yemen
House Gives Israel Extra $1 Billion in Military Aid
US, Israel Secretly Talked Possible 'Plan B' for Iran
  Iran's President: Sanctions Are Washington's 'New Way of War'
USAF Official: China Might 'Strike From Space'
  China's Ambassador Says 'Confrontation' by US Hinders Cooperation
Florida To Boycott Ben & Jerry's Parent Company
Ex-Bagram Inmates Recount Stories of Abuse, Torture
Turkey Sends More Troops to Idlib Ahead of Meeting
item The Space Force Is Transforming the Final Frontier Into a Battlefield  by Andrew Corbley
item Why the 'War on Terror' Has No Clear Ending  by Ibrahim al-Marashi
item Who Represents Afghanistan: Genuine Activists vs. 'Native Informants'  by Ramzy Baroud
item From Marshall to Milley  by Col. Douglas Macgregor
item Biden Says America Is Not at War. That's Just Not True.  by Scott Shackford
item Will Military Failures Touch Off 'Revolution From Below'?  by Jeff Groom

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Police Creating 'Surveillance State' With Software That Scans Social Media
US, Russian Military Chiefs Meet in Helsinki for 6 Hours
US Coast Guard Trains With Indonesia's Maritime Security Agency
Haftar Stands Down From Military Role Before Libya Polls
Israeli Settlers and Police Officers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque on Sukkot
Israel Reopens West Bank Crossing Near Gilboa Prison
Prison Break: Israeli Forces Carry Out Arrest Campaign in West Bank Raids
Hamas Rejects Palestinian Authority's Call for Municipal Elections
Palestinian Youth Injured by Israeli Forces in East Jerusalem
Nominee for US Israel Envoy Tells Confirmation Panel He Backs Iron Dome Funding
Iran Minister Expressed 'Very Clear Intent' to Return to Nuclear Talks: Ireland
Iranian Minister Meets Saudi, Other Arab Officials in New York
Iran Eyes Normalization as Covid Vaccination Drive Accelerates
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Official: Over 800 Villages So Far Vacated in Iraqi Kurdistan Amid Turkey-PKK Conflict
US Stryker Brigade Takes Over Base Support and Force Protection Ops in Iraq, Sans Strykers
Jordan and Syria Put Politics Aside and Begin Rebuilding Diplomatic Links
US Announces Appointment of New Syria Policy Chief
Turkey's Top Islamic Cleric Moves Center Stage, Irking Secularists
Turkish Warship Warns Greek Ship Not to Enter Its Waters
Donors Pledge Additional $600 Million to Avoid Yemen Aid Cuts
US Providing Over $290 Million in Additional Humanitarian Assistance for Yemen: Blinken
Middle East
Lebanon Fuel Crisis: Prices Rise Again as Subsidies Lifted
Saudi Arabia's King Salman Expresses Hope for Direct Talks With Iran in UN Speech
Morocco's Premier Akhannouch Announces Coalition Agreement
Moroccans Want English to Replace French as Country's First Official Foreign Language
Ethiopia's Tigray Rebels Accused of Shelling, Shooting Civilians
US Blasts 'Dangerous' Rhetoric by Ally of Ethiopia PM
Nine Chad Villagers Killed in Jihadist Assault
Algeria Closes Airspace to All Moroccan Planes
Tunisian President Moves to Cement One-Man Rule
Sudan's Military Say Politicians to Blame for Repeated Coup Attempts
The War at Home
Twelve Former Security Officials Who Warned Against Antitrust Crackdown Have Tech Ties
Former Air Force Contractor Sentenced for Taking Classified Information
Pentagon Unveils New Sexual Assault Response Plan – With a Deadline of Up to Eight Years
Intl Envoys Discuss Inclusive Govt With Afghan Caretaker Cabinet
Taliban Asks to Address UN After Afghanistan Takeover
Taliban Names Afghan UN Envoy
Kabul's Holdover Mayor Says He Finds Taliban 'More Tolerant'
Five Killed in Five Attacks in Jalalabad
Kabul Restaurants Owned, Staffed by Women Now Closed
Pakistan's Imran Khan Warns of 'Civil War' in Afghanistan
China Senior Diplomat Says Economic Sanctions on Afghanistan Must End
Amnesty Intl, Watchdogs Say Taliban 'Dismantling' Human Rights
Month After Taliban Takeover, Ukrainians Stranded in Afghanistan
Sunni Scholars Who Left Afghanistan Hope Islam's Tolerant Message Survives Taliban
Taliban Sacks Afghan Cricket Board CEO Hamid Shinwari
Uncertainty as Afghan Pilots Await US Help in Tajikistan
UN Releases Funds to Save Afghan Health System From Collapse
China Should 'Fine-Tune' Nuclear Weapons Policy Amid US Pressure, Ex-Diplomat Says
Taiwan Applies to Join Pacific Trade Pact Week After China
US Takes New Step on Delisting Chinese Companies From Stock Exchanges for Audit Violations
Tough Road Ahead for Kashmir Separatist Movement After Geelani Death
Threat to New Zealand Cricketers Came From India, Says Pakistan
India Signs Contract for 24 Second-Hand 'Mirage' Aircraft
Myanmar: Whole Town Flees Amid Fierce Fighting
France-Australia Sub Row
Biden Discusses AUKUS Alliance With France's Emmanuel Macron
Macron To Send French Envoy Back to US After Biden Call
Biden, Macron To Meet in Europe in October: White House
France's Macron Expects Biden's 'Clarifications' on Sub Spat
'Get a Grip': British PM Urges France To Move on From AUKUS Row
AUKUS Fallout: Malaysia Plans China Consultations as Anxiety Simmers Over Defense Pact
Denmark's Premier Defends Biden in French Submarine Dispute
Kosovo PM Urges Mutual Car Plate Recognition With Serbia to Ease Tension
Shots Fired at Car Carrying Ukrainian President's Aide
Next-Gen Tech Investments, Platform Upgrades Lead France's 2022 Defense Budget
US to Give $336 Million in Aid to Venezuelans: State Department
US Sanctions Sinaloa Drug Cartel, Once Run by 'El Chapo'
Colombia Dismisses Nicaragua's World Court Claims Over Maritime Boundaries
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Remembering Hiroshima

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New Triangular Axis in Greater Middle East: Turkey, Israel, and Azerbaijan

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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