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Updated September 30, 2021 - 9:56 PM EDT
Taliban Says US Violating Airspace With Drones
  Top General: Taliban Asked if US Wanted To Handle Kabul Security
China Wants US Talks on Arms Control for Space
  Commerce Secretary: US, Europe Need To Slow China's Innovation
  Chinese Air Force Chief Challenges US Military Goal to 'Scare China'
US, Qatar Coordinate on Sanctions Against Hezbollah
Senators Want To End Drone Strikes Outside of War Zones
US Public, Especially Younger Americans, Want Less War
Russian Fighters Intercept US Bomber Near Disputed Island
item If We Fight a New Cold War,
Who Are We Fighting It With?
 by Ted Snider
item The US' Forgotten Forever War in Korea  by Suh Jae-jung
item Dissenters From US Foreign Policy on Russia in the 1980s and Today  by Gilbert Doctorow
item A Bald Man Loses His Toupee  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item America's Litany of Lethal Lies  by Andrew Mitrovica
item The Untold Story of Why Palestinians Are Divided  by Ramzy Baroud

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US Sanctions Spur China and Russia to Build Up Cross-Border Links
Troops Go to Court Seeking Vaccine Exemption for Those Who've Had Covid
Milley Says He Wouldn't 'Tip Off the Enemy' to 'Surprise' Plans
Biden Rejected Meeting With Palestinian President at UN
Palestinian Toddler 'in Critical Condition' After 'Unprecedented' Israeli Settler Attack in Hebron
Several Palestinians Injured as Masked Settler Mob Attacks Hebron Villages
Israeli Forces Shoot, Critically Injure Palestinian Teenager Near Hebron
Children Rights Group Petitions UN for Release of Palestinian Boy, Detained by Israel
Police Arrest Three Jewish Suspects in Attack on Palestinians in South Hebron Hills
Israeli Soldiers Harass, Detain Palestinian Schoolchildren Near Nablus
Israel 'Violating' Palestinian Islamic Jihad Prisoners After Gilboa Escape
Israeli Settlers Stab Goats Near Hebron, Killing Four
Nearly 700 European Financial Firms Backing Businesses Involved in Israeli Settlements
West Bank: Israel's High Court Postpones Hearing on Demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar
Lapid Set to Inaugurate Israeli Embassy in Bahrain on Thursday
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed
Talk of Iraq Recognizing Israel Prompts Threats of Arrest or Death
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Calls for High Voter Turnout
Syria's Assad and Russia Seek Future Gains From US Gas Deal
Putin, Erdogan Sit Down for Talks on War-Torn Syria
Turkey and Russia to Preserve Status-Quo in Syria's Idlib, Turkish Official Says
Middle East
Rivals Iran, Saudi Arabia Hold New Round of Talks in Iraq
Saudi Crown Prince Discusses Yemen Plans With US National Security Adviser: SPA
Jordan Fully Reopens Main Crossing With Syria
France Accuses Britain of Holding Fishermen 'Hostage' for Political Gain
Jersey Grants 95 Post-Brexit Fishing Licences to French Boats
Communists Sue, Say Online Voting in Moscow Was Rigged
Russia's Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile Completes Ship Tests
Ukraine Offers Healthcare, Online Schooling to Residents in Annexed Crimea
Ukraine Signs Memorandum on Training and Maintenance Centers for Turkish Drones
EU Urges Kosovo, Serbia Talk on Disputes, Lower Tensions
US Envoy Says Belarus Shooting Provides Further Evidence of Rights Abuses
At Least 116 Dead in Gang Battle at Ecuador Jail; Six Beheaded
EU to Deploy Election Observation Mission to Venezuela
US, Chinese Military Officials Hold 'Frank, In-Depth' Talks: Pentagon
China Pushes Back Against Xinjiang Criticism in Event Hosted by Its UN Delegation
Chinese Student Held Over Two Days in US Then Deported, Says China's Embassy in Washington
Efforts to Continue Former Afghan Govt Are Useless: Taliban Official
Defense Secretary Blames State Department for Delay in Afghanistan Evacuation
Afghan Central Bank Drained Dollar Stockpile Before Kabul Fell
Reduced to Rubble, an Afghan Village Struggles to Rebuild
Use of Shah-Era Constitution Not Final: Afghan Source
Afghans Share Stories of Escape, Fear and Hope
US Says It Is Seeking Information on North Korea Tests, Remains Open to Talks
North Korea's Kim Offers to Restore Inter-Korean Hotline, Slams US 'Hostile Policy'
Philippines, Australia Conduct Joint Navy Exercises
Manny Pacquiao Retires From Boxing to Chase Philippine Presidency
Pakistani Soldier Killed in Cross-Border Fire From Iran: Army
Muslims in India's Assam in Shock After Deadly Eviction Drive
Fumio Kishida to Become Japan's Next PM After LDP Leadership Vote
Prominent Rohingya Leader Shot Dead in Bangladesh Refugee Camp
Egypt Leader, Biden Adviser Hold Talks on Regional Tensions
Egypt Detains Professor Critical of Pro-Govt Media
In Cairo, Jake Sullivan Discusses Gaza Reconstruction With Egypt's Sissi
International Forces Meet Egypt Military Officials at Gaza Rafah Crossing
Five Gendarmes Killed in Attack on Mining Convoy in Mali: Army
International Community Will Stop Supporting Mali if It Brings in Mercenaries: France
US Passes Bill Enabling Sanctions on Foreign Actors in Libya
Jihadist Group Claims Killing of Six Sudanese Intelligence Agents
Summary Killings, Human-Rights Abuses Surge in Eastern DR Congo
Nigerian State Shuts Down Phones, Bans Motorbikes in Bandit Crackdown
Western Sahara: Court Annuls EU Deals With Morocco Over Disputed Territory
Lawmakers Allied to Uganda Opposition Leader Charged With Murder
Tunisia's President Saied Appoints First Woman Prime Minister
Former PM Questions Whether Australia Can Maintain US Subs
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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

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The FBI vs.

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