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Updated October 4, 2021 - 8:46 PM EDT
US, British Surveillance Planes Circle Kaliningrad
  US and Russia Agree to Continue Arms Control Talks
  Russia Says AUKUS Threatens Nuclear Non-Proliferation
US Hypes China Military Flights in Taiwan’s ADIZ
  China Feared US Was Trying to Provoke a War in Last Days of Trump
Iran FM: US Must Unfreeze $10 Billion for Talks
  UK Base Linked to US Drone Strike on Iranian General Soleimani
Satellite Images: No Foreign Aircraft at Bagram
  Taliban Raids ISIS-K Hideout North of Kabul
Two Koreas Restore Hotline Despite North's Missile Tests
Separatist Clash With Islamists in South Yemen, 10 Killed
item 750 Bases in 80 Countries Is Too Many for Any Nation: Time for US to Bring Troops Home  by Doug Bandow
item Five More Afghan Strikes the US Should Apologize For  by Adam Gnych & Jessica Purkiss
item How the MSM Covered for the Generals on Afghan War Testimony  by Ronald Enzweiler
item NYT Gives Russia-Gate CPR – WSJ Pronounces It Dead  by Ray McGovern

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Boko Haram Moves Into North-Central Nigeria in Apparent Expansion
Saudi Arabia Confirms First Round of Talks With New Iranian Government
Some Afghan Evacuees Leaving Military Bases in US Before Resettlement
Kabul Mosque Bomb Attack on Memorial Service Kills at Least Eight
Afghan Cultural Ministry Says No Chinese Troops at Bagram
Gunmen Kill Two Taliban, Two Civilians in Eastern Afghan City
Four Afghans Killed in Attack in Nangarhar
Over 100 Factories Halt Operations in Herat
US 'Sooner or Later' Must Recognize Taliban: Pakistan PM Khan
Hunted by Taliban, Former Judges Are Disguising Themselves and Going Underground
Culture Ministry Denies Imposing Restrictions on Afghan Media
Afghan Media Activity Faces Sharp Decline: Report
Pakistan Army Says Militants Kill Five Troops Near Afghanistan
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Gunning Down Sikh in Pakistan
Islamabad Engages in Afghanistan-Hosted Talks With TTP Militants
Philippine President Announces Retirement, Daughter Will Run
Five Things to Know About Philippine President Duterte's Daughter
North Korea Threatens UN Security Council
South Korea Looks to Germany for Reunification Pointers
At Least Eight People Killed in India Farmers' Protest
China-EU Relations: Europeans Seek Face Time With President Xi Jinping to Help Soothe Ailing Ties
Libya's Foreign Minister Confirms Departure of Some Foreign Fighters
US Lobbying Firms Terminate $1 Million Contract With Haftar
Libyan Raid Against Migrants Kills One and Wounds 15, UN Say
Libyan Coastguard Intercepts 500 Migrants in Latest Clampdown
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Blast in Mali's Troubled North
Mali Receives Four Helicopters and Weapons From Russia
Morocco/Algeria/W. Sahara
Western Sahara Situation 'Significantly Deteriorated', UN Chief Says
Algeria-Morocco Standoff Threatens Spain Gas Supplies
Algeria Recalls Envoy to France After 'Inadmissible Interference'
Morocco and Israel to Sign Kamikaze Drone Deal
Sudan Running Out of Essential Medicine, Fuel, and Wheat Due to Port Blockade
Sudan Factions Form New Alliance as Splits Deepen
Sudan: US Presses Leaders to Make 'Swift Progress' Toward Civilian Rule
Ethiopia Detains Former Official From Tigray Interim Government
Ethiopia's Oromo Protest, Demand Freedom for Jailed Leaders
Thousands Rally in Support of Tunisian President Saied
Parliament Website and Remote Meeting Accounts of MPs Blocked in Tunisia
Tunisia Arrests MP and TV Host Over Comments Against President: Lawyer
One Policeman Killed, at Least Ten Civilians Wounded in Chad Opposition Protest
Blinken: 'Sheikh Jarrah Could Lead to War' in Israel
'This Is Not Kabul': Israel Struggles With Extremists Defacing Images of Women
Israel Formally Charges Six Recaptured Palestinian Prisoners
Wounding of Palestinian Child Is on You, Left Tells Gantz, Bar Lev
Israeli Court Rejects Appeal to Release Hunger-Striking Prisoner
Israeli Soldiers Shoot a Child in Kufur Qaddoum
Abbas Receives Israeli Delegation in Ramallah
Israel's Stance on Breast Cancer Awareness Month Hypocritical, Say Palestinians
Scores of Activists March South of Hebron Demanding Water Rights
Jewish Settlers Destroy Scores of Olive Trees Near Nablus
UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees Faces 'Existential' Budget Crisis
Government Move to Enlist Shin Bet To Fight Rising Crime Splits Arab Israelis
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
UN to Deploy Election Observers to Iraq
Third Iranian Fuel Tanker Nears Suez Canal En Route to Lebanon
Biden Confidant to Mediate Israel and Lebanon's Maritime Border Dispute
Two Workers Killed by PKK Explosives in Eastern Turkey, Says Turkey's Interior Ministry
Turkey Sentences Deceased Kurdish Politician to Eight Years in Prison
Turkey to Open 1,000 Markets to Counter High Inflation, Erdogan Says
Seven Yemeni Illegal Migrants Killed in Crossfire Near Saudi Border
Houthi Missiles Hit Yemen City, Kill Two Children
Voting Ends in First Qatar Legislative Elections
No Female Candidates Elected in Qatar's First Legislative Polls
Middle East
Khashoggi Widow Urges US to Hold Saudis Accountable Three Years After Brutal Murder
UAE Official Says Time to Manage Rivalry With Iran and Turkey
Jordan's King Receives First Call From Syria's Al-Assad in Decade
Serbs Lift Roadblocks in Kosovo as NATO Moves to End Car Plate Row
NATO Troops Patrol Kosovo-Serbia Border After Truck Blockade
Is Lithuania-Built Camp Herkus the Next US Military Base in Europe?
Georgia Ruling Party Wins Local Election After Arrest of Ex-President
Protesters Denounce Bosnian Serb Leaders, Claim Corruption
Could a European Court Force France to Bring Home Families of ISIS Fighters?
The War at Home
Trump Asks US Judge to Force Twitter to Restore His Account
US Charges Jihadist Behind ISIS Propaganda Clips, Including Journalist Beheadings
US Air Force's First Europe-Based F-35A Squadron Activated
Demonstrators in Mexico City Clash With Police
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