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Updated October 6, 2021 - 9:56 PM EDT
Biden: US Will Defend Senkaku Islands From China
  Taiwan's President: 'Catastrophic' Consequences if China Takes Island
IDF Chief Says Israel Will Continue to Attack Iran
  US Tells Israel It Will 'Turn to Other Options' if Iran Diplomacy Fails
  Mossad Kidnapped Iranian General in Hunt for Missing Pilot
  Iran Urges IAEA to Condemn Israeli Sabotage of Karaj Site
Rural Afghans: 'Everyone Here Hated the Americans'
  British PM's Envoy Holds Talks With Taliban Govt in Kabul
State Dept Discloses Number of Nukes in US Stockpile
  US Counterterrorism Operations Touched 85 Countries in 3 Years
80 Killed in Battle Between Yemeni Army, Houthis in Marib
  Missile, Drone Strikes Kill at Least 30 at South Yemen Airbase
item Could Ancient Warrior Joe Biden Inaugurate New Age of Diplomacy?  by Doug Bandow
item Lithuania Wants to Be the New Eastern Outpost for US Empire  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item The Unexpected, Predictable End of the War in Afghanistan  by Katherine Mangu-Ward
item The Bankruptcy of 'Great Power Competition'  by Daniel Larison
item Stop Calling the Military Budget a 'Defense' Budget  by Norman Solomon
item Assange Kidnapping Plot Casts New Light on 2018 Senate Intel Maneuver  by Ryan Grim & Sara Sirota

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Congress Has the Power to Rein in Presidential Military Overreach
by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
& Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (ret.)
Kerry: Biden 'Had Not Been Fully Aware' of Submarine Deal's Impact on France
Marine Officer Scheller Freed as Legal Struggles Continue Over Viral Videos
US Weapons, Now for Sale in Afghan Gun Shops
'Virtual Siege': Palestinians Urge Paypal to Stop Denying Service
Al-Aqsa: Dozens of Israeli Settlers Storm Mosque After Jewish Holidays
Assailants Tried to Attack Wounded Palestinian Child Inside Ambulance, Israeli Police Say
Rearrested Palestinian Prisoner Begins Hunger Strike
Israeli Forces Arrest Two Palestinian Journalists in West Bank
Jewish Settlers Assault Palestinian Shepherds in Jordan Valley
Palestinian Factions in Gaza Call to End Latest UNRWA-US Deal
Two Palestinians in Hospital as Hunger Strike Over Israeli Administration Detention Continues
'He Wakes Up Crying': Palestinian Families Traumatized After Israeli Settlers Attack Village
Israeli Court: Sheikh Jarrah Families Can Stay in Their Homes for 15 Years as 'Tenants'
Abbas Stresses Importance of Palestinian-US Ties Following Biden Snub
Palestinian Citizens of Israel Reject Shin Bet Working With Police to Fight Crime
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Iraqis Set for Early Parliamentary Election Amid Multiple Crises
Iraq Kataib Hezbollah Leader to Stand for Election in First for Group
Youth in Iraq Protest Hub Vow to Boycott 'Rigged' Polls
In Iraq Kurdish Town, Many Undertake Smuggling Route to Europe Via Belarus
Iraq to Buy Air Defense System and Narrows Down Candidates to Three Countries
Iraqi Kurdish PM Grants Erbil Christian Neighborhood Administrative Control
Syria Govt Shells, Imposes Siege on Town in Daraa Province
UAE Doubles Down on Restoring Economic Ties With Assad During Expo 2020
Lebanon Can't Dictate Terms in Sea Border Talks With Israel: Minister
Israel 'Ready to Renew Efforts' on Lebanon Dispute Over Possibly Gas-Rich Mediterranean Waters
Lebanese Army Seizes Over 28,000 Kg of Ammonium Nitrate in Town Near Syrian Border
Middle East
Top US Envoy Says Brought Up Khashoggi Murder in Talks With Saudis
UN Envoy Visits Yemen for Talks With PM, Separatists
Bahrain Suppresses Protests Against Visit by Israel's Lapid
Kuwait Launches Dialogue To End Standoff With Parliament
Libya's Rival Parliamentary Chambers in Renewed Election Dispute as Tripoli House Rejects Law
Libyan Legislative Elections Delayed Until January: Parliament
Mozambique Crisis: Rwandan Troops Find Sex Slaves and Destroyed Mosques
Child Soldiers Liberated in Mozambique, Says UN
Tunisia President Describes Opponents as 'Insects', Refuses to Backpedal on Power Grab
Military Helicopter Crashes in Tunisia, Killing Three Soldiers
Suspected ISIS Members Killed in Sudan Security Raid
Gunfire Disrupts Cameroon Prime Minister's Visit to Separatist Region
Drop Israel's Observer Status, Rights Groups Tell African Union Leaders
In Mexico, Nearly 100,000 People Are Missing
Venezuela, Colombia Reopen Border After Years of Closure
Haiti Top Diplomat Asks UN Security Council for Help With Gangs
US Provisionally Approves EA-18G Growler Sale to Australia
The War at Home
Government Secretly Orders Google to Provide Data on Anyone Typing in Certain Search Terms
Marine Officer Scheller Freed From Brig as Legal Struggles Continue Over Viral Videos
Pentagon Mandates COVID Vaccine for Civilian Workers
Rep. Bowman Says Voting for Extra Iron Dome Funding Won't Stop Him From Fighting for Palestine
Pentagon Begins 'Continuous Vetting' of All Troops for Insider Threats, Extremism; Social Media May Come Next
High Court Rejects Lawsuit Over Canceled Pentagon Contract
Biden's Bold Antitrust Agenda Faces Early Test With Defense Industry
Hypersonic Missiles: The Alarming Must-Have in Military Tech
US Marines Buy Israeli Rifle-Mounted Counter-Drone Systems
Fort Bragg Soldier Killed in Humvee Wreck as Congress Weighs Safety Overhaul
Biden Says He and China's Xi Agree to Abide by Taiwan Agreement
Taiwan's Special Defense Budget to Go Mostly on Anti-Ship Capabilities
Jake Sullivan to Meet Top Chinese Diplomat as Taiwan Tensions Soar
US to Ask for Public Comment on Reinstating Tariff Exclusions on Chinese Goods
US Suspends Shipping of Nuclear Materials to China's CGN Amid Arms Build-Up Concerns
French Senators to Visit Taiwan Amid Soaring China Tensions
US-China Trade: Who Will 'Targeted Tariff-Exclusion Process' Help More, Chinese Factories or American Buyers?
China Energy Crunch Forces Beijing To Resume Buying Australian Coal
'Everyone Here Hated the Americans': Rural Afghans Live With the Taliban and a Painful US Legacy
Passport Department Resumes Services to Afghans
Taliban Introduces New Members of Caretaker Cabinet
Afghan Carpet Exports Fall as Air Corridor Stops Operating
Afghan Radio Station Heads Allege Takeover by 'Taliban' Commander
G20 Must Send Taliban Message on Recognition Price: France's Macron
UN Calls to Implement Solutions to Contain Afghan Crisis
Marine Corps F-35Bs Are First Fighters to Fly From a Japanese Carrier Since World War II
Japan's Kishida, Biden Agree to Cooperate on China, North Korea
Japan Defense Minister Hopes China-Taiwan Tension Can Be Resolved Through Talks
India Redirects Pakistan-Facing Troops, Tanks Before Latest China Border Talks
Son of Late Philippines Dictator Marcos to Run for President
Sri Lanka Indicts ISIS 'Mastermind' Over Easter Sunday Bombings
US Senators Suggest Expelling 300 Russian Diplomats Amid Embassy Dispute
Communist Leader Asks Putin to Call Off Party Crackdown, Voting Reforms
Ukraine Imposes Sanctions on 95 People After Russian Vote in Annexed Crimea, Report Says
Romanian Government Falls After No-Confidence Vote
Azerbaijan Shutters Mosque Linked to Iranian Supreme Leader
Blinken, Macron Meet in Paris Amid AUKUS Tensions
Court Jails Serb Former Policeman for Kosovo Killings
Poland Calls for Enhanced EU-NATO Cooperation Amid Russian Buildup
Slovenian Police Clash With Protesters Ahead of EU Summit
Estonia Eyes Artillery, Missile Defense, Drones in Modernization Drive
Czechs Sign $630m Deal for Israeli-Made Air Defense System
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