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Updated October 12, 2021 - 9:12 PM EDT
Iraqi Cleric Sadr's Bloc Emerges as Kingmaker
  Shia Parties Reject Results as Armed Group Threatens Violence
China-India Talks To Defuse Border Tensions Fail
  Underwater Arms Race: China, AUKUS, and a Deepening Sub Rivalry
  UK Says Increasing Asia 'Footprint' as Warship Docks in Singapore
  China's Envoy Tells US to Drop 'James Bond' Theatrics, Repair Ties
US To Provide Food Aid to Afghanistan via Taliban
  Taliban Won't Work With US to Contain ISIS
Ben & Jerry: Settlement Ban Not a Boycott of Israel
Israeli PM Plans To Quadruple Population of Golan Heights
item Biden Tells Supreme Court That Publicly Documented Torture Is a State Secret  by Marjorie Cohn
item The Pentagon's New Catchphrase Sounds a Lot Like Its Old One  by Jeff Schogol
item Georgia: Another Dangerous, Loose-Cannon US Client  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Afghanistan Laid Bare the Value of Military Judgments  by Paul R. Pillar

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German Election Chaos in Berlin – What Happens Now?
Russian Nationalists Ransack Slain Kremlin Critic's Memorial to Protest US Visit
Biden's Pick for Envoy to Greece Panned by Former Diplomats
Violent Crimes Rise in Mexico; 94.8% Go Unpunished
Israeli PM: 'A Palestinian State Would Mean a Terror State'
Israel's Knesset Launches Abraham Accords Caucus, With Gantz Claiming Credit for Deals
Report: Israel Ignores Prisoner's Urgent Need for Treatment
Eyeing Prisoner Swap Deal, Hamas Appeals to Families of Captured Israelis
Police, Palestinians Clash by Damascus Gate for Third Consecutive Night
Israel Said to Approve Residency for Hundreds of Undocumented Palestinians
Army Prevents Palestinians From Picking Olive Trees, Abduct Three, Near Salfit
Extremist Settlers Injure Cop in Clash Near Flashpoint West Bank Settlement
Israel Forces a Palestinian to Demolish His Home in Kafr Qassem
Israel Demolishes Jordanian Graves to Build Biblical Park
Palestine: Beita Residents Reach Lands for First Time Since Settler Takeover
Israel Develops Tech Capable of Detecting Live Objects Behind Walls
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Iraq Captures Alleged ISIS Finance Chief in Operation Abroad, PM Says
Lebanon's Hezbollah Chief Urges Government to Seek Sanctions Waiver for Iranian Fuel Imports
'Unprecedented' Hunger as Fuel Crisis Hikes Food Costs
Huge Fire Extinguished at Oil Facility in Southern Lebanon
Turkey to Take 'Necessary Steps' in Syria Following YPG Attack, Says Erdogan
Assad's Uncle Rifaat Returns to Syria to Avoid French Prison
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's Biggest IPO Since Aramco Surges in Debut
Saudi Arabia 'Rehabilitates' Hundreds of Citizens in Alleged Bid to Combat Radicalization
US Encouraged Turkey to Modernize Fleet of F-16 Jets
Western Balkan Groups Call for US Engagement to Counter Serbia
Serbian President Says Will Not Move Embassy to Jerusalem
Guatemala Transfers Prosecutor Who Pursued Former Dictator
Suspected Cartel Gunmen in North Mexico Kill 3-Year-Old Boy
Ghani's Power Monopoly, Fleeing Caused State Collapse: Abdullah
Afghan Clerics Seek Protection for Mosques Following Kunduz Blast
Afghanistan: Identity Card Centers to Resume Operations Soon
US, UK Citizens in Afghanistan Warned of Threats to Kabul Hotels
Afghanistan: Airfare to Pakistan Spikes, Flights Halted for Past 3 Days
Humanitarian Crisis in Focus as Italy Hosts G20 Afghan Summit
Pakistan's Khan: US Must Engage With Taliban or Face Chaos
UN Chief: Afghanistan Faces 'Make-or-Break Moment'
A Bird Stars in Rare Feel-Good Tale About Afghan Evacuations
TV Journalist Killed in Targeted Attack in Southern Pakistan
Pakistan PM Khan: India Drawing Inspiration From Israel in Kashmir
China Says It Carried Out Beach Landing, Assault Drills in Province Opposite Taiwan
China Lodges Stern Protests With Australia on Taiwan Comments
Suspected Rebels Kill Five Soldiers in Kashmir: Indian Army
Thales to Provide Cyber Security Solutions for Indian Army
India's Adani Ports to Stop Handling Containers From Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan; No Reason Given
North Korean Leader Says US, South Korea Threaten Peace With Military Buildup
Philippine Navy Receives Mistral 3 Surface-to-Air Missiles From France
Tigray Forces Say Ethiopia Has Launched a Major Offensive
Mozambique's Police Kill Leader of Armed Splinter Group of Main Opposition Party
Burkina Faso Opens Trial on 1987 Sankara Assassination
Egypt, South Sudan Presidents Discuss Ethiopia Nile Dam Dispute in Cairo
Tunisia: Prime Minister Names Cabinet Loyal to Saied
US Army Sending Aviation, Assistance Brigades to Europe
Greece Boosts Border Guards Over Afghan Migration Fears
EU, Ukraine to Discuss Military Training and Cyberthreats
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