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Updated October 18, 2021 - 9:12 PM EDT
Colin Powell, Who Lied US Into Iraq War, Dies at 84
  'He Lied': Iraqis Still Blame Powell for Role in Iraq War
Sadr Lays Out Conditions for Dealing With US
  Protests in Iraq as Losing Parties Reject Results
Israel Accused of Killing Syria Official With Sniper
  Report: Israeli FM Misled Blinken on US Consulate in Jerusalem
165 Houthis Killed, Gains Made Around Maarib
Venezuelan Diplomat Extradited to the US
US, Canada Send Warships Through Taiwan Strait
Iranian Lawmaker Says Nuclear Talks to Be Held Thursday
ISIS Mosque Bombing Kills 65 People in S. Afghanistan
Gitmo Prisoners Cleared for Transfer Remain Stuck in Prison
item Daniel Ellsberg on the CIA Plan to Kidnap and Possibly Kill Assange  by Dennis Bernstein
item Addicted to Military Keynesianism  by Joan Roelofs
item Dem Lawmaker Wants to Expand Trend of Ceding War Powers to the President  by Elizabeth Beavers
item Iran's Nuclear Program Advances Do Not Justify War  by Doug Bandow
item Dissecting North Korea's Missile Tests  by Mel Gurtov
item Lithuania Spoils China's Taiwan Narrative in the EU  by Weimin Chen

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US Nuclear Submarine Accident Sparks Safety Fears in South China Sea
October 17, 1961: Massacre of Algerians in Heart of Paris
British Typhoons Conduct Operations From Austere Middle Eastern Base
17 American Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti
The War at Home
Pentagon, State Department Square Off on Afghanistan Accountability
Nun Imprisoned Over Peace Activism, Megan Rice, Dies at 91
US Army to Stage Largest Robot Tank Experiment Ever
Navy to Prototype Fish-Inspired, Autonomous Robots With 'Self-Healing' Parts
Professor Cleared of Inappropriate Relationship With China Offered Position Back at University of Tennessee
Kandahar Mosque Attack Victims Buried
Taliban Says It Will Tighten Security at Shi'ite Mosques After Bombing
Taliban Downplays Claims That ISIS Is Emboldened
Taliban Denies ISIS Presence in North
Vibrant Afghan Radio Reduced to Religious Relic
International Backing for Afghanistan Food, Farming Programs Halted: UN
Afghanistan: Mortality Rate of Children Under Five Has Increased
Electronic ID Card Center Reopens in Kabul
Afghan, Uzbek Officials Pledge Increased Connectivity
China/Hong Kong
Chinese Military Newspaper Calls for 'People's War' to Counter US Spies After CIA Sets Up New China Unit
China Tests New Space Capability With Hypersonic Missile
Hong Kong Activists Jailed for Unauthorized Protest in 2020
Deadly Surge in Indian Kashmir Violence Leaves Six More Dead
In Kashmir, Militants Target Minority Civilians, Stoking Fears of a Return to Violent Past
Israel Is 'Our Most Trusted Partner,' Says India's Foreign Minister in Jerusalem
India to Move Some Migrant Workers in Kashmir to Army Camps After Killings
No Invitation for Myanmar Military Govt Leader at ASEAN Summit
ASEAN Downgrades Myanmar Presence in Summit in Major Rebuke
Two Hindu Men Killed in Fresh Bangladesh Religious Unrest
Son of Somali Ex-Political Aide Held Over UK Lawmaker Stabbing
Revealed: Newcastle Chairman's Links to Saudi 'Anti-Corruption' Drive
German Military Planes Fly Over Jerusalem for 1st Time Since WWI in Show of Ties
During Farewell Visit, Merkel Says Germany Will Continue to Work With Turkey
France's Macron Calls 1961 Massacre of Algerians an 'Unforgivable Crime'
French Ambassador Ordered Out of Belarus
Czech PM Babis Heading for Opposition After Losing Election
Officials: Up to 17 American Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti
Thousands Protest Against Bukele in El Salvador as Grievances Mount
Iranian Supertanker Departing From Venezuela to Transport Heavy Oil
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
Turnout in Iraq's Election Reached 43%; Sadr Won't Challenge Results
Symbol of Rebirth at Iraq's Historic Al-Nuri Mosque
Syrian Government Shelling of Rebel-Held Idlib Kills Four
Syrian Government, Opposition to Start Drafting Constitution
Army to Investigate Soldier Who Appeared in Video Shooting Protesters
A Who's Who of the Groups Involved in Beirut Violence That Left Seven Dead
Lebanese Christian Group Says It Did Not Plan Beirut Bloodshed
Low Turnout as Lebanese Mark Two Years of Protests
How Judge Bitar's Probe Shook Lebanon Leaders
Families of Beirut Blast Victims Back Pressured Judge
Iranian Warship Fends Off Pirate Attack in Gulf of Aden
Iran Delays Execution of Man Convicted of Murder as a Teenager
British-Iranian Aid Worker Loses Appeal on Second Iran Jail Term Without Court Hearing
Iran's Ex-Central Bank Chief and Officials Sentenced to Prison
Erdogan Says Turkey in Talks With Washington to Buy F-16s
As Erdogan Set for Another Tour, Turkey Deepens Ties With Africa
Neglect of Palestinians in Israel Fuels Killing Spree
Settler Attacks Wreak Havoc on Palestinians During Olive Harvest
Israeli Settlers Assault Palestinian Farmers Near Salfit
Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Homes Near Nablus
Government Moves to Expand Warrantless Police Searches to Fight Arab Crime
Settlers Light Fires, Throw Rocks Towards Palestinian Home During Clashes
After Reports on Jewish Prayer, Minister Insists Temple Mount Status Quo 'in Place'
IDF Nominally Censures Officer Who Used Excess Force on Protesters, Palestinian
Swedish Foreign Minister Visits Israel in Major Step Toward Rebuilding Ties
Sadat's Nephew Negotiates Way Out for Egypt Prisoners
Egyptian Activist Referred to Trial After Two Years of Provisional Detention
Protesters Demand Military Rule Amid Tough Economic Reforms and Political Crisis
Sudan Transition Facing Its 'Worst Crisis', Prime Minister Hamdok Says
US Lawmakers Slam Tunisia President Kais Saied as He Cements One-Man Rule
Tunisian Court Jails Lawmaker Over Corruption Charges
Tunisia in 'Advanced Talks' With Saudi Arabia, UAE for Financial Aid
'God Have Mercy': Tigray Residents Describe Life Under Siege
DR Congo Protests Turn Violent as Lawmakers Select Electoral Commission Chief
Morocco Said Set to Approve Aviation, Culture and Sport Agreements With Israel
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