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Updated November 11, 2021 - 9:29 PM EST
Saudis Say Report of Yemen Pullout 'Baseless'
  Houthis Report 178 Fighters Killed in Yemen's Maarib
Xi: China Set to Work With US to Repair Relations
  China Calls on US to End Official Contacts With Taiwan
Drone Strike Targets Militia on Syria-Iraq Border
  Turkey Kills Three in Drone Attack on NE Syria
Iran Reaches Out on Nuclear Deal Ahead of New Talks
Biden Signs Bill That Calls for New Sanctions on Nicaragua
Afghan Family Decimated by US Drone Awaits Justice
When Politicians Buy Never-Ending War, We Get What They Make Us Pay For  by Thomas Knapp
The Government Lies About Its Secrets  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The 'Uyghur Tribunal' Is US-Backed Anti-China Propaganda  by Brian Berletic
item Electing Biden: One Year Later  by Ted Snider
item US Special Ops Are in 33 of 44 Countries in Europe  by Nick Turse
item The History of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is Still Being Kept Secret  by Nicholas Goldberg

More Viewpoints

US Changes Vote From 'No' to 'Abstention' at UN on Palestinian Right of Return
Biden, Putin May Meet for Talks in Person in Early 2022: Kommersant
House Democrats Slam $650 Million Weapons Sale to Saudi Arabia
The War at Home
Report Finds Pompeo Broke Law by Delivering 2020 Convention Speech From Israel
Tens of Thousands of Air Force Personnel Report Dealing With Mental or Physical Harm
Armed Services Haven't Been Properly Handling Sexual Assault Cases, IG Finds
This Is Why the Army's Reservists Have Until the End of June to Get Vaccinated
Marines Reactivate Aviation Support Squadron After 27-Year Hiatus
India Hosts Talks on Afghanistan, but No Afghan Official Invited
'Dozens' of Troops' Family Members Still in Afghanistan, Pentagon Estimates
'When Are My Parents Coming?' – 1,300 Afghan Children Evacuated to US in Limbo
In Test, UN Skirts Taliban to Pay Afghan Health Workers
Taliban Urge Ex-Afghan Military Pilots to Stay, Serve Nation
Afghan Pilots Fly Out of Tajikistan on US-Brokered Flight
Tajiks Blame US Bureaucracy for Delay Evacuating Afghan Pilots
ISIS-K 'Under Control,' Say Taliban
600 ISIS-K Members Detained in Past Three Months: Officials
Unpaid for Months, Afghan-Japan Hospital Staff Goes on Strike
Unemployed Afghan Journalists Becoming Street Vendors
Afghanistan Stone Quarrying and Processing Industry Drops 90%
China Conducts High-Altitude Drills Near India Border
Xi Jinping, Speaking at APEC, Pledges Market Reforms in Bid to Join Asia-Pacific Trade Bloc
US Trade Chief Katherine Tai Says Getting 'Traction' With China in Phase One Deal Talks
China and US Announce Deal to Boost Cooperation on Climate Change
Former Australian PM Paul Keating Urges Canberra Not to Provoke China
India Sends Thousands More Troops to Restive Kashmir
India Dialogue Participants Call for Anti-Terrorism Cooperation
Myanmar Charges US Journalist With 'Terrorism' and Sedition
US Sanctions Cambodian Officials Over Alleged Corruption at Ream Naval Base
Pakistan Court Questions PM Over Peace Talks With Militants
Bangladesh Sentences Former Chief Justice to 11 Years in Jail
Belarus & Neighbors
Poland Accuses Turkey of 'Synchronizing' Refugee Crisis With Belarus and Russia
EU Envoys Say 'Hybrid Attack' Is Legal Basis for New Belarus Sanctions
Poland Detains Refugees, Increases Troops at Belarusian Border
UN Rights Chief Urges 'De-Escalation' of Poland-Belarus Crisis
Former Leader Says Sub Deal Protects US, Not Australia
Iraq Daily Roundup: 12 Killed
Uneasy Calm in Baghdad After Assassination Attempt on Iraq PM
Israel Wants Funding Cut Off for Palestinian Activists Hacked With NSO Spyware
Pegasus: Israel Designated Palestinian NGOs 'Terrorist' to Cover Hacking Tracks, Report Says
Visiting US Lawmakers Press Israel to Explain Palestinian Groups' Terror Listing
Palestinians Rally in Support of Six NGOs Branded 'Terrorist' by Israel
PA Says US Doesn't Need Israel's Permission to Reopen Jerusalem Consulate
Israeli PM Meets With US Lawmakers, Including Some on J Street-Sponsored Trip
Two Palestinians Said Wounded After Settlers Open Fire During West Bank Clashes
Palestinians Demand Israel Release Prisoner on 112-Day Hunger Strike
Not a Game Show: Ex-TV Star at Center of Lebanon-Saudi Row
No Longer a 'Cash Cow', Saudi Squeezes Lebanon's Ruined Economy
Diplomats Concerned Gulf Spat Could Harm Lebanese in Region
Yemen's Houthis Detain 25 People Working for US in Sanaa: Report
UN Security Council Blacklists Three Houthis in Yemen
Taken Director Makes UAE-Backed Film About Yemen War
Middle East
Syria Records World's Worst Landmine Casualty Figures: Monitor
Aid Group Says 4,000-5,000 Afghans Crossing Into Iran Daily
Turkish Defense Firm to Test Sea-Based Drones as Orders Swell
Saudi Arabia: Cousin of Detained Minor Ali Al-Nimr Released From Prison
UN Says Ethiopia Detained 72 Drivers Working for World Food Program
Tigray Rebels Raped Women in Ethiopia's Amhara Region: Amnesty
Nearly 30 Killed in Violence Across Nigeria's North
US Judge Postpones Haftar Lawsuit Over Libya Election Disruption Concerns
Explosive Attack on Cameroon University Lecture Hall Wounds 11
Sudan's Civilian Coalition Rejects Negotiations With Military
Tunisia: Amnesty Sounds Alarm Over Military Trials for Civilians
Family of Murdered Kenyan Woman Sues UK Army to Demand Answers
Gambia Elections: Meet the Men Running for President
Maduro Ally Secretly Met With US to Give Intel on Venezuelan Government
Cuba Accuses US of 'Destabilization' Ahead of Opposition Protests
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Electing Biden: One Year Later

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Dispensing With Indispensability: The US Failed To Improve the World

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US Arrogance Encourages Sino-Russian Military Alliance

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Some Light Is Being Shed on the Dubious Origins of the Russia Collusion Scandal

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Words Without Action: The West's Role in Israel's Illegal Settlement Expansion

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Against Intervention and Regime Change: A Debate with Bill Kristol

Ray McGovern
NYT Gives Russia-Gate CPR – WSJ Pronounces It Dead

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The Perils of Forgetting: Learn From the Afghan War or Repeat It!

Sheldon Richman
Afghanistan Aftermath: No Firings? No Resignations?

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Dave DeCamp
Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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