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Updated November 12, 2021 - 9:08 PM EST
Afghanistan: Blast Hits Mosque in Nangarhar
US, UAE, Bahrain, Israel Drill in Message to Iran
  US Envoy Heads To Meet Iran's Rivals Ahead of Nuclear Deal Talks
US Officials Claim Russia Might Invade Ukraine
  Belarus' Neighbors Warn Migrant Crisis Could Lead to Military Clash
US Frustrated It Has No Spies Close to China's Xi
  Xi Jinping Says China Ready to Work With US to Repair Relations
Yemen's Houthis Detain US Embassy Employees
  Saudis Say 125 Houthis Killed in Maarib, Bayda
Top Iran General: Iraq Election Must Be Respected
US Absolves Drone Killers and Persecutes Whistleblowers  by Jeremy Scahill
How Turkey Quietly Influences Washington  by Sky Berry-Weiss
How the Israeli Occupation Ravages the Environment in Palestine  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Risks of Nuclear Modernization  by Starté Butone
item How Many Wars Does Joe Biden Want to Fight?  by Doug Bandow
item Biden Rejects Claims That He Wants to Return to the Iran Deal  by Bernhard

More Viewpoints

Biden, China's Xi Expected to Meet Virtually on Monday
Veterans Have Become Unlikely Lobbyists in Push to Legalize Psychedelic Drugs
Israeli 'Wargame' Sees Kids Suffering Vaccine-Resistant Covid Strain
Justin Bieber Urged to Cancel Saudi Concert
Joe Biden Signs Law Blocking Chinese Telecoms Firms Like Huawei, Zte From New Equipment Licences
Communist Party Passes Resolution on History to Elevate Xi
China's Xi Is Expected to Invite Biden to Beijing Winter Olympics, CNBC Reports
Rivalry With China in Pacific Need Not Lead to New Cold War, Says US Security Advisor
US Indo-Pacific Command Chief in Japan, Reaffirms Commitment
Japan Seeks Good China Ties, 'Responsible Behavior': New Minister
Beijing Urges Tokyo Not to 'Complicate the Situation' in East China Sea
Pakistan Hosts US, Russia, China for Talks on Afghanistan
Taliban Reacts to India Conference
Afghanistan War Vet Helps Afghan Refugees Resettle in US
Taliban To Form Military Court
Iran Deporting Thousands of Afghan Refugees
Kabul Airport Is Functional but International Flights Scarce, Expensive
Afghanistan to Import 100 Megawatts of Electricity From Iran
Pakistan Takes Islamist Leader Off Terrorism List Under Deal to End Protests
Seven Killed as Bangladesh Votes for Rural Councils Amid Boycott
US, South Korea Discuss How to Resume Talks With North Korea
Cambodia Dismisses US Sanctions as 'Politically Motivated'
Philippines President's Daughter Joins New Party as Election Deadline Nears
Neighbors of Belarus Say Migrant Crisis Risks Military Clash
Ukraine to Deploy Troops, Helicopters to Guard Belarus Border
Russia Sends Nuclear-Capable Bombers on Patrol Over Belarus
Belarus Threatens to Cut Off Transit Gas Flows to Europe
Russia Denies Role in EU Border Crisis, Calls Aeroflot Sanctions Idea 'Crazy'
EU Considers Sanctions on Minsk Airport Over Migrant Crisis
I'll Not Sacrifice Peace for Republika Srpska, Bosnian Serb Leader Says
Russia Demands Closure of Leading Human Rights Group Memorial
Turkey Parliament Extends Turkish Peacekeepers Presence in Azerbaijan
Venezuela Judge Grants Appeal Hearing to Jailed US Oil Execs
US Calls on Americans to Leave Haiti Amid Worsening Crisis
El Salvador's President Deploys Military Amid Surge in Homicides
Israel Won't Let US Open Jerusalem Consulate, Bennett Said to Tell Visiting Dems
Settlers Said to Assault Two Farmers, Kill Sheep in Latest Attack on Palestinians
Pegasus: Palestine Says NSO Spyware Found on Phones of Three Senior Officials
CEO-Designate of NSO Spyware Firm Quits Following US Blacklist
Israel Convicts Spanish Woman of Funneling Aid to Banned Palestinian Group
East Jerusalem: Sheikh Jarrah Families 'Determined' Despite Lingering Uncertainty
Calls Mount for Israel to Free Palestinians on Hunger Strike
UN Experts 'Express Alarm' at Rising Settler Violence in Occupied Palestine
Israel: Settler Attacks on Palestinian Olive Harvest 'Most Dangerous in Years'
Israel: Palestinian Prisoner Ends Hunger Strike After 113 Days
Hezbollah Chief Slams Saudi Arabia for Lebanon Diplomatic Rift
Lebanon: Drugs Cheaper Than Food for Palestinian Refugees
US Mediator Said to Give Israel, Lebanon Deadline to Reach Maritime Agreement
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Iranian Commander Says Israel Can Start the War, but Iran Will End It: Tasnim
US Calls on Yemen's Houthis to Release Local Embassy Staff
Turkish Lira Slides to New Low Against the US Dollar
Emirati Companies to Build Solar Power Station in Syria
Sweden Charges Lundin Energy Executives With Complicity in Sudan War Crimes
Sudanese General Tightens Grip on Power, Two Weeks After Coup
Sudan Military Leader Burhan Announces Creation of New Government
Sudan's Military Rulers Draw on Bashir-Era Vets to Tighten Grip
Prominent Sudanese Activist Mohamed Nagi Al-Assam Arrested: Doctors Union
Ethiopia Govt Outlines Terms for Possible Tigray Ceasefire Talks
Ethiopia Says UN Staff Will Face Penalties if They Break the Law
Ethiopia's Detentions of Tigrayans Snare US, UK Citizens
300 Pro-Haftar Mercenaries to Quit Libya at French Request
Power Politics Take Center Stage in Paris as Libya Edges Towards Elections
Blinken to Visit Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal Next Week
Mali May Ask Russia for 'Help' Given Current Security Situation
Algeria Welcomes 'Reasonable' French Comments Amid Row
Clashes Flare Again Over Tunisia Landfill Site
Mozambique to Appeal Court Ruling on Extradition of Ex-Finance Minister to US
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The Perils of Forgetting: Learn From the Afghan War or Repeat It!

Sheldon Richman
Afghanistan Aftermath: No Firings? No Resignations?

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Dave DeCamp
Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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